‘These are two players we needed a lot from’ Wright slams Arsenal men for their FA Cup performances

Ian Wright has criticised Nicolas Pepe and Willian for their performance in Arsenal’s 2-0 win over Newcastle United yesterday.

Both players have been underperforming for a large part of this season, and they hadn’t been in the starting XI in the last few games.

They, however, were given the chance to impress in the match against the Magpies, they failed to take that chance.

Arsenal struggled for much of the game until Mikel Arteta introduced the likes of Emile Smith Rowe, Bukayo Saka and Alexandre Lacazette, whom he had originally wanted to rest.

Despite being signed for £72million, Pepe missed another opportunity to show Arsenal that he belongs at this level.

Willian has won multiple trophies in England, yet he showed again why Arsenal was wrong to think he would bring something to their team.

The Brazilian is making £220,000 a week at Arsenal and he will do that for two more seasons which is terrible to think about.

Wright says both players have missed their chance to impress. He told BBC Sport as quoted by Sun Sports: “Very, very poor from [Pepe] today.

“Same with Willian. These are two players we needed a lot from, and we are just not getting it, to be honest.

“In the end, Mikel Arteta had to bring on his best guys because the guys he brought in, just didn’t do it in the first half.

“That was the opportunity for Newcastle to take advantage but they just didn’t have the quality.”

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  1. I am fully agree why the manager let them start Pepe and Willian they are underperformed there are younger players who can be use to play Ian Wright is correct

  2. Wright, as so often, is spot on. Both Willian and Pepe are a total disgrace this season and I would be very happy if both never wore our shirt again.

    Simply put, both are lazy, uninterested, will not track back, play without any intensity, and look, even by facial expression, as well as body language, to be totally uninterested in what they are supposed to be doing. No excuse whatever for this appalling attitude.


    BTW, even when at Chelsea, I always privately used to call Willian , ” the Scowler “. He must have a miserable life, having to pretend to earn ALL THAT MONEY. Not for me, as his attitude stinks!

    1. Jon I agree; Pepe & Willian are mercenaries, and I’ve yet to see the desire expressed by our youngsters coming up.

      They seem content to cash their checks regardless of effort, while the youngsters are full of energy, intensity, and desire.

      Shameful that Willian and Pepe WILL NOT match the intensity of ESR, Saka, and Martinelli. I say will not because they have had numerous chances, yet lack that extra effort.

      If I didn’t know better I would put it down to contentment; idleness brought on by laziness or arrogance that they are good players ONLY IN THEIR MIND.

      I for one have seen enough of those two, and would be happy to move them on for a loss; to clear wages and roster space.

      Edu should be fined for recruiting Willian, as he offers no competition to anyone; except Arteta for best head of hair.

  3. Absolutely Wright. Willian was total rubbish. Nothing like the player he used to be at Chelsea. Pepe wasn’t as bad and gave it a go, but he needs a lot of coaching & work if he’s ever going to fulfill his potential in this league.

  4. The problem with the Arsenal fanbase

    Auba misses keeper to beat after being clean through

    Ian Wright: that’s just how he finishes but maybe he should have tried with his left foot.

    Pepe beats two defenders and misses from outside the box

    Ian wright: very poor from Pepe, not what we expected.

    Saka shoots over the bar just a minute later

    Ian Wright:🙊

    The words were said pretty much verbatim by Ian. Thing is, effort at Arsenal is appreciated based on who’s putting it in. Auba had a less lively game than Pepe, but he gets a pass. Saka pretty much did what Pepe did but he’s one of the favourites so he gets a pass. Pepe will only ever get credit if he scores. Not even if he assists because if he assisted Auba, Ian would praise Auba for scoring. Of the players on the pitch before Saka and Rowe came on, Pepe was our closest chance to get a goal.
    I would expect a person like him to at the very least appreciate effort.

    1. God bless you Joe, I don’t know what is wrong with arsenal fans, if they dislike any player, there is no amount of effort he put in the team, they can never be satisfied…. Imagine the way John attributed both Willian and pepe that they were not interested, their body language etc….. These players chose us offer other teams asking of them, they didn’t play very well or not inform didn’t mean that they are useless or not interested.
      Imagine the performance of xhaka yesterday who controlled and balanced our midfield with the great shot on target and good pass given to Tierney, nobody said anythingabout that but if its there favourite player, they praise and rate him more than most players in the team…
      Pepe gave assist ( the one willock head but their keeper saved it) and made a lot of attempt just to score and also helped Cedric in defensive role but because they dislike him, they can never see that….
      But when saka entered and roof the ball over nobody complained, even the goal Smith scored was the effort of lacazette because pepe has given Auba and some of our players that kind of ball but they didn’t utilized it…..
      Please fans let’s support our team and these players in order to boost their confidence….
      We have these set of players in every football team, look at mhiki, we down graded and abused him that he left us to another club and decided not to come again and he is their best player now… Chelsea could not calm down for Salah and debrune, they left them and look at what they turn to now…. Please let be patient with our players and allow the coach to decide his team. In terms of selling and buying, allow the coach and the board to do that, its their job and they are the one that know what they need.

    2. U would always see and notice the improvement when saka was brought on,pepe had all the dieing moments but wat did he make use of it for:wasteful in front of goal,making bad decisions and so on,I never thought of him putting on Arsenal jersey anymore,those three players(willock,pepe,willian) are complete waste.

  5. We have the makings of a very good team soon,
    But Pepe and willian won’t be a part of it.
    The likes of Bellerin, holding, Gabriel, Tierney,
    ESR, martinelle, saka, will be around for a number of years,
    Have to admit how well xakai was when he came on Saturday night he was so calm and assured also mari he is so calm.

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