These Arsenal fans think they have found who will replace Mikel Arteta

Some Arsenal fans think Andrea Pirlo might replace Mikel Arteta after the former Juventus manager reportedly said he was in London.

The Old Lady sacked Pirlo at the end of last season after he struggled to get them into the Italian top four. They had won the previous nine league titles.

For a rookie manager, he still finished the campaign with the Italian Cup and the Italian Super Cup, which are good first season achievements, but are they good enough to make him the next Arsenal manager?

The Gunners have made their worst start to a season in decades, with Arteta now under pressure to get them a first win of the campaign as soon as possible.

Considering that they have spent the most money by all the clubs in the Premier League this season, it is understandable that some fans now think he should be sacked, and Pirlo’s trip to the English capital has got them believing he will replace the Spaniard.

Pirlo posted on social media that he was in England with the caption: “London Calling”

And some responses to the post include:


“Next Arsenal manager.”

“Here we go, Arsenal’s next manager.”

“Welcome to Arsenal.”

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  1. Great player but next arsenal manager ? Not for me! If he wants to come out of retirement though he’d slot into that Arsenal midfield effortlessly, still better than anything we have 😆

  2. I would prefer Laurent Blanc…..he won trophies with PSG……..the only manager available who could take the Arsenal job…….!

  3. Yawn! Another in the long line of false rumours designed to get clicks, though without a shred of truth in it

  4. talk about an out of the frying pan into the fire proposition…sadly, that kind of fits our MO

  5. You must be joking and it will never happen, but with our owners track record you never know. If any Arsenal fan thinks Pirlo will do a job at Arsenal your seriously stupid and deluded and you should stop supporting us.

    The guy couldn’t win the Italian farmers league with one of the best squads in Europe and the best player in Europe. Why Locotteli wanted to go to Juve so bad is beyond me. It just showed a complete lack of ambition wanting to stay in one of the poorest competitions in Europe.

  6. Well, looking at the track record of the Arsenal Board, I would say Pirlo must be a shoe in.

    His management experience consists of one short stint at Juventus, from which he was fired.

    Goodness, I can see the Arsenal board simply drooling over such a management resume as this.

    I can’t wait to see how much worse than Arteta he would be!!!!

    Which idiot proposed this as an option.

  7. Please no!

    It will be interesting to see who we go for should Arteta be sacked. In regards to transfers, we spent more money than any other club on Earth this summer, showing massive ambition. Will will show the same ambition when appointing Arteta’s successor?

    Zidane, and Conte are available. I would love any one of those two.

    My preference has always been Simeone though. He knows exactly how to work on a tight budget, defend properly, and create the right mentality.

    Arsenal’s biggest problems for well over a decade have been poor mentality and discipline, and shocking defending. Simeone would be perfect to rectify all that.

    1. Zidane is a no cause he likes to spend to win and Reals profile allows him to buy anyone plus I don’t think he’s that good without prime Ronaldo. Conte probably would want the same spending power as above so it would be difficult for us to get

  8. it’s massive to see arteta sacked,give time he will archieve because he,s better than pirlo come on goones.

  9. Getting pirlo to replace arteta, is like a local saying in Nigeria; from fry pan to fire.
    We don’t need him, even juve got rid of him after an underwelming one season in charge. Such step we should have follow to replace arteta with a new manager before the season commence

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