These Arsenal stars MUST be rested for QPR

There is always a danger at this stage of the season, especially if like Arsenal a club is under pressure and still fighting on three major fronts. It would be great if Arsene Wenger could happily play his best starting line up week in and week out, but I don´t think he has even been able to do that once this season with all the injury problems.

So it is about squad management for the Frenchman and after playing most of the same players for three games in a week, and with Man United away in the cup next Monday, the trip to QPR is a great chance for Wenger to rest some tired legs and ensure that we will be fresh and ready to go in the big FA cup clash.

For me, the boss has to rest Santi Cazorla and Alexis Sanchez, who have played the most games for the Gunners and have been looking a bit jaded. They are both absolutely massive for us and we want them to be full-on for next Monday. Wenger can bring in Welbeck and Walcott, play Ozil at number 10 and Rosicky or the Ox in the centre. He could even drop Ozil and push Rosicky into the number 10 position.

I would be tempted to give young Bellerin a break as well and bring Chambers in at right back and although this is quite a lot of changes, the Gunners should still have plenty of talent, pace and experience and should be able to take the points off QPR. What do you think?

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  1. Wenger must listen to the fans in terms of tactics, strategies and player selections

    the fans know best

    1. They can have their rest in May. Love the way us fans know who needs resting. Haven’t seen Mourinho rest any of his star players in the PL – nearly all of them have played more minutes than our guys.

      1. Exactly, and of course we know more than Wenger. It doesnt matter that most managers would keep the same eleven all season if they could and that he is at a disadvantage to ourselves as he must work with them closely. Its strange in how each and every fans opinion on here is the exact same regarding each and every player.. so hes right in saying we must know whats best. We all fancy the same formation for some weird coincidence and not to even mention our strategic tactical capabilities that a grand chess master would envy which again wieidly enough we are all on the same page with.

  2. Everyone must play but the big 3 (cazorla/sanchez/Giroud) need to be subbed early if we’re leading by a big margin. The truth is we will win 2-1 again and the subs will happen as scheduled around the 70th mark.

    As long as wenger doesn’t play cazorla in the deep role and Ozil in the #10 i’ll be fine. Also go with Walcott from the get go.

  3. I hope we don’t underrate QPR because they are fighting to avoid drop and they have been good at home this season. I don’t know why we can not play with the same approach when we play away from home. This is Arsenal, play with motivation nothing like home and away play to win every game with confident.

  4. Let’s not speculate about any squad rotation. We fans don’t have the resources, nor work with the players everyday to assess their condition, to make an informed decision. The only thing we can do is trust Wenger to get his selections right, based on his own assessment on the players’ fitness. If we rest cazorla and alexis and lose to qpr, the fans will come out saying why in hell did Wenger rest them? You realize how ridiculous we will sound since we ourselves are calling for them to be rested.

  5. Beilik made mistakes and causes a goal while Wenger is watching…

    terrible….what a flop signing…..

    world class players dont make mistakes

    we need proper talented young DM

    1. Right. Messi missed a penalty against man city and worse still, missed the follow up open goal. He’s not world class either.

  6. To face QPR I’d go for this:

    Bellerin Gabriel Koscielny Gibbs
    ———–Coquelin Rosicky

    By the way, why has Monreal been dropped for Gibbs all of a sudden? He’s been playing very well recently, is he injured?

    I like Welbeck, but I just can’t see him starting in our team. Giroud is usually Mr Dependable in terms of fitness, so I can’t see him playing as a striker, and as a winger he disrupts the entire balance of the team by playing too centrally, more as a striker.

  7. Rest is for a team sitting pretty ahead of the pack not for the chasing pack, I say we play our best available eleven. If a player doesn’t feel at his best, he ain’t no dummy, he should just say so to the manager or shoud the mager feel a player ain’t at his best, the manager should rest him simples, it is not our business as fans to pick players due for a rest.

    1. totally agree, even is they have to play 1 game in 2 days…they still have to

      No Rest for anyone

  8. Ospina, Monreal, Kos, Gabriel, Chambers, Coq or Flamini, Ramsey, Welbeck, Ozil, Walcott, Akpom

  9. Rosicky should start Wednesday night. He has said twice now, that he would like to be playing more often.
    Per should miss out again. Give Gabriel another start.
    Let welbeck play up front. Give Giroud a rest. Use Akpom.
    Wenger change it up a little!!

  10. The reason Gibbs played against Everton was Lukaku.. if you watched the earlier match against them he was deployed on the left to bully Monreal which he sure did. On Qpr game, rest Mertesacker as Gabriel needs to build momentum. The rest of the team Wenger is to pick based on fitness. One thing is sure though: we need the 3 points and thus every game should be treated seriously, there are no weak opponents in EPL.

  11. Sanchez hasn’t been playing well recently. That’s why he needs rest to get back to his best.

  12. I would like to see some rotation. If not for any other reason then we NEED to get the Cazorla/Ozil central midfield issue changed. It’s not working at all and it is gonna cost us if we keep it going into the Man Utd game. One of them has to drop out to allow for a more robust CM to step in. Also – if we’re playing Welbeck I really hope Wenger tells him to stay out of the frigging middle!

  13. don’t rest too many. We need a solid team to beat QPR and hope ” Shitty ” slip up

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