‘These days, I don’t see them winning nothing any time soon.’ Brentford striker trolls Arsenal

Ivan Toney has trolled Arsenal after claiming that they weren’t at the level he expected them to be during their Premier League opener.

Arsenal started their campaign with a match against Premier League new boys, Brentford.

The Bees defeated their more illustrious opponents 2-0 in an exciting game, but Arsenal struggled for much of it.

In their defence, the Gunners were missing key players, including their two senior strikers, Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Arsenal couldn’t score with Folarin Balogun and Gabriel Martinelli struggling to break down a very organised Brentford side.

The Gunners went on to lose their next two Premier League matches against Chelsea and Manchester City.

They finally won a league game when they defeated Norwich City at the weekend, but Toney says they are so out of their depth that he doesn’t see them winning anything anytime soon.

The Brentford forward told Baller Talk: ‘Arsenal fans are going to batter me for this, but you see Arsenal at the moment and they’re not the best.

‘There was a difference (between the Championship and the Premier League), don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t crazy like: if you make a mistake, it’s going to end up in the back of the goal.

‘I didn’t really see that. They were good at keeping the ball, but it didn’t really affect us. 

‘They weren’t as crazy as I thought (they would be). I don’t know if it was (whether) they weren’t so good or we were just excited as it was our first game and it was Arsenal and Premier League (and) all these things coming into the picture.

‘I just didn’t see them how they used to be. You used to look at Arsenal and think (they were) crazy and they were going to win this game, win this game. 

‘These days, I don’t see them winning nothing any time soon.’

Arsenal will not be involved in European football during midweeks this season and their fans will hope that prepares them to be competitive during their weekend matches.

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  1. Perhaps he needs brush up on his English before commenting as
    “I don’t see them winning nothing” means he sees us winning something. It’s called a double negative Ivan Toney!

    1. You beat me to the punch Declan.I hope Brentford stay up this season but I am confident we will finish well above them in the League.The tight pitch at Brentford is a great leveller ,and they could upset a number of more skilful sides with their high energy ,high ball strategy . That said they seem to me more refined than Burnley and in Thomas Frank they have a very capable Manager.I won’t slag off Toney who will hopefully learn to be more diplomatic , as I like him as a player.

  2. And he had won what exactly? A Championship Play-Off Final. What a tosser. If this was Ronaldo then I get it. But he’s not. Never will be. And will never win anything of not in his second rate career.
    We are an easy target for these type of comments from wannabes and hasbeens and this has been the case for years now. It’s about time we started showing some of these nobodies something. But with Arteta in charge? Can’t see it

  3. He can keep his opinions to himself we are not interested in hearing them. He will be back to the championship anyway better to enjoy it while he can.

    I am now rooting for Brentford to be relegated.

    1. HH, Why? Simply because one of their semi(at most) literate players thinks we will win nothing? Rather a petty view of yours, I suggest!

      1. Lack of respect Jon! We are one of the few giants not only in English football but in the world, with enviable success and history.

        We might be going through a rough time now yes but we still should be given our deserved and well earned respect from Brentford players of all people.

        It is just football and three have to be relegated so for me one of them have to be Brentford so that their players can learn their proper place the hard way.

        It might be one player opinion but I don’t doubt that is what they all thought in their dressing room.

        1. HH, Sounds to me like you are fretting over nothing at all. This illiterate nobody and his daft opinions don’t matter an iota, so why let it get to you?

          Why on Earth does such obvious nonsense wind you up? There is no need at all. Forget it and him HH, and worry about what matters, like getting up the table.

          What illiterate nonentities say and think is of no matter at all and I fail to understand why it worries you, I really do!

          If you actually think non Arsenal folk should and must respect our club , then you are in for a big let down. Life and other clubs fans don’t work that way.

          Why should they anyway?

  4. Hmmm
    The hate is just too much against us. We’ve become an easy target for everyone. Pundits, fans are at us. Pundits who never won the league like Linekar and Danny Mills

    Arteta must be up and doing else we sack him.

    1. “Hate” ? What “hate”? Surely he was simply stating his opinion! I suggest you look up the actual meaning of the word “hate” before so dismally misusing it next time you post!

  5. What if an Arsenal fan said the same thing………………………………..we can win one of the cups..id prefer the FA cup…….getting into Europe is an achievement but doesn’t win anything…………O.K.Arsenal must win the FA CUP………………..Arsenal can win the FA CUP……………!

    1. Care to explain exactly what that means? This is a friendly question by the way and just want to understand your point.

    2. It is obvious to win any cup this season Arsenal have to beat the top EPL teams and I doubt they can do it……but next season Arsenal could……………………………. ……….The pic that is used at the top agitate peoples emotions……..😀

  6. Very true even if it hurts hearing the truth..
    The majority of us all have the exact sentiment and have had it for nearly a decade..

    It’s been a very frustrating 15 years..

    They say the truth hurts.

    1. You don’t appear to understand that he is actually saying we will win something soon and that he got his intended insult completely wrong.

  7. He didn’t say anything that is being said on this forum. Ivan’s grammar was weak but I didn’t find him disrespectful, kind of the opposite in fact – he said that he was surprised that Arsenal were as poor as they were.

    Still, if I were Arteta, I would be clipping that post and putting it on the bulletin board for the next meeting.

  8. Lol i don’t care about who made this statement or his improper use of English. I care about the message.

    We simply are not what we used to be and everyone will take shots at us at every given opportunity unless our players(and the manager) do something about it by consistently giving it their all.

    If i were Arteta, i will show the players the video and ask them 1 question, “what are you guys going to do about this?”

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