These stats show that Arsenal fans are right to question Arteta

Arsenal fans are right to question Arteta’s project


Arsenal Football Club is a knife that has lost its sharpness over the years. Amid the empty seats and fake crowd noises that have defined this season, the club’s supporters are still making their voices heard through the one and only channel that is available to them: social media.

The Arsenal faithful can easily explain that expectation and disappointment are rarely comfortable bedfellows.

Sometimes, they have expected too much from a team that actually is a mid-table side.

After Mikel Arteta 50th match ended in an awful performance, there was one statistic that was doing the rounds last night.

After 50 games, Mikel Arteta has won just 21 games, drawn 12 and lost 17 (72 goals scored).

While Unai Emery in his his first 50 won 25 and lost and drew 13 times each (91 goals scored).

Whereas, Arsene Wenger had the best record of the three, winning 27 in his last 50 matches (96 goals scored).

Speaking after the game Mikel Arteta said, “”First of all, I apologise to our supporters for the display and the show that we saw today that I am very, very disappointed about,” he told Arsenal Media. “When you don’t do the basics right against a team like Liverpool, you don’t have any chance even to complete in the game, which is exactly what happened.

The only positive the Arsenal fans can take away after Mikel Arteta was appointed as the head-coach of Arsenal is their record against the “big six.” The rest of it has been extremely below standards.

The Gunners were knocked out of the Round of 32 in the Europa League in Arteta’s maiden season in charge. This year, the London side crashed out of the FA Cup in the fourth round against Southampton.

The start to the current campaign was also the worst in 46 years. Even though Mikel Arteta’s purists would argue that they have been unlucky finishing off games, they cannot ignore that it is only the team’s fault to not have scored in those games.

If Arteta wins the Europa League, all this criticism will vanish into thin air. If he doesn’t then it would be interested to see what the Arsenal board has a say on it.


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  1. The stats look awful, but let’s not forget that we just went through the most difficult phase in this season and the players got five red cards. In that difficult phase, we managed to beat Leeds/ Leicester/ Tottenham convincingly and proceed to the next phase of EL

    Emery went one and half seasons without trophy, then got fired. Lampard also went one and half seasons without trophy despite getting new 200+ M players, then got sacked

    Arteta has given us two trophies, so he should at least get two seasons. I know the two trophies are just minor trophies, but they’re better than nothing

    All fans need to think logically before forcing Arsenal to fire Arteta now, because beating the likes of Leeds/ Leicester/ Tottenham convincingly isn’t an easy task and the likes of Ancelotti/ Mourinho/ Solskjaer haven’t produced any trophy till now. If we replace Arteta in December, we could use the money to buy a popular player like Odegaard

    1. Got No Idea- firstly the Community Shield is NOT a trophy. It is a pre-season friendly.
      Yesterday, in yet another of your nonsensical posts, you actually said theFA Cup does not count as a trophy. The only Cups worth winning are the EPL , CL and EL.All of a sudden the FA Cup is now a proper Toronto and Arteta should be credited with winning this trophy LAST SEASON
      What’s it to be tomorrow ? The Boat Race?

      1. Please don’t twist my words, because I’ve never said “FA Cup doesn’t count as a trophy”. I said FA Cup is just a minor trophy, but it’s still a trophy

        Arteta has given us two minor trophies, so he should get at least two seasons. Emery/ Lampard produced no trophy and were given one and half seasons, whereas Ancelotti, Solskjaer and Mourinho haven’t given their clubs any trophy yet

        We’re not an oil or super rich club like Man City, Chelsea and Man United that can replace their managers every year. Man United were patient with Solskjaer and look at their position in EPL now

          1. To each, his own. For me, the fact that our greatest manager of all time couldn’t win any of EPL, CL and EL in his last thirteen years at Arsenal, has clearly shown the difficulty level of those competitions

      2. Phil
        So us who have won the fa Cup the most time stands for nothing?
        I bet you was jumping for joy when it was lifted. Of course its a proper trophy. Most ludicrous thing I have read
        It also go us in to the Europe which until it is mathematically impossible for us to win we are still in with a shout
        As for the community Shield..of course it is a trophy that counts.
        Another ludicrous statement

          1. FA Cup and Community Shield trophies are definitely proper trophies, hence I consider them better than nothing

            To each, his own. But for me, the fact that our greatest manager of all time couldn’t win any of EPL, CL and EL in his last thirteen years at Arsenal, has clearly shown the difficulty level of those competitions

    2. Sorry, but I don’t think Odegaard is the answer for our midfield. He’s far too easily dispossessed. He’s a bit similar to Ozil in style but what I think we need is a Cazorla or Fabregas kind of player one who could dictate our play. I hope he proves me wrong though.

      1. The jury is still out on whether Odegaard is the ultimate CAM. If I were the manager, I wouldn’t use a CAM and would use other attacker types that can make faster impact

        A good no 10 isn’t rare and we’ve actually got many players who can play well in that position. We lack players who can give us plan B

        1. Some Arsenal fans have the memory of a gold fish. We already have beaten Liverpool and Chelsea and Tottenham and United and even City under Arteta.
          The team didn’t play well, actually it played very very bad, and what? Lets sack the manager? That is such a clever decision to all our problems… Actually it wasn’t even Arteta’s first choice team as the most important players for our attack were missing due to injuries – David Luiz included.

          Arteta already proved he can win big matches and already proved his tactics are working, when the players want to. What he hasn’t proved yet is whether he can make them do their work consistently. But honestly I just think some of the players are not up to the task, regardless of who is the manager.

          I just hope we would have the strength to win EL, so Arteta would receive some money to bring whoever he wants. Otherwaise dark times are coming for Arsenal.

          1. @R- you really are being very naive if you feel the wins you mention are in any way Arteta’s redemption for losing the number of games we have this season, especially bearing in mind not only the teams we lost to but also how we played when losing. Some of our performances this season have been as bad as I can remember, and I have been a season ticket holder since 1968.
            Some point to how Arteta has made us so much more defensively intact to how we were. The stats, and performances show otherwise. These statistics also show we make less chances and score less goals. So, bearing in mind you tend to win more games by scoring more and conceding less, exactly where have we improved as a team, squad and club under Arteta?
            Some will again point out that he inherited a squad full of deadwood and he needed time to get his own players in. Well, those “ Deadwood” players posted better win/loss statistics, and Arteta has had SEVEN signings of his own choosing since taking charge. Add to this the extensions given to both Luiz and Aubamayang, it seems he is so far off track that we are being steered aimlessly. Arteta rewarded Holding with a new contract. After yesterday’s performance can anyone seriously believe William Saliba would not have been a better option? It was also Arteta who insisted on signing an aging Willian on a THREE YEAR CONTRACT. Just how good a decision does this signing look now?
            Balogun can’t get a look in on a bench that includes Nketiah every game. Just what signal this gives out to the youth team players is anyone’s guess. Martinelli ? What must this kid actually do to get a game? Am I alone in seein more in Martinelli’s brief appearance than Aubamayang absolute cows dung of a performance ? Yet Arteta not only continues to play him, he retains the captaincy and is force-fed wide left because our inspired coach is totally incapable of putting in place a system that gets the best from a player who is, given every chance, a finisher of the top order. Yet yesterday, Aubamayang spent more time concerned about covering a totally out of form Trent Alexandra than what should have been the other way round. Or am I missing something?
            Arteta is toast, he will not be here next season. Of this I am sure

          2. @Phil

            I certanly agree about Martinelli. Arteta must give him more playing time.

            But what you said about some of our displays being pretty bad is basically confirming my argument about the consistency. The easiest and most obvious example would be the West Ham game. In one and the same game, the same players went from Mr Hyde for 30 minutes into Dr Jekyll for 60 minutes. And the change happened even before the break came in.

            This also shows that the tactics of Arteta is not the problem, because the players scored 3 goals by doing exactly what he wanted them to do.

            With that being said, ofcourse there are issues, if there weren’t we would’ve been on top of the league.

            My argument is that Arteta has proved that he is capable of winning against big teams, and he is capable of playing good attacking football without sacrificing the defense phase in the process (contrary to Mr Wenger who would sacrifice the defense altogether).

            Arsenal is in crysis, and it started long before Emery showed up. It just got worse with him. You are the naive one if you think we are still somehow entitled to top 4. Do you honestly believe that by sacking Arteta it would solve anything? I don’t think he will be sacked unless he loses the dressing room and the majority of the remaining matches. If we win EL it is a no brainer, but if he loses, then what do you think will happen? They will sack him and bring in a big name manager for big money to coach a team outside of European tournaments with 10mln to spend and doing what exactly? Compete for Premier League?

            Yes? No?

            We are smarter than that. This is a crysis and we should endure it. Arsenal board already commited to Arteta’s ideas, if they didn’t work out we are in a very very bad place my friend. So instead of calling for our manager’s head, lets hope our team starts playing more like the second half against West Ham, and less like against Liverpool.

          3. firstly we beat liverpool when it mattered little to liverpool. they had already won the league and foot was off the gas pedal. We were awful against man utd and won by a lucky penalty, ESR was clearly difference maker against chelsea that gave us that win. Without the 2 academy players in Saka and ESR who knows where this team would be now. I believe those guys saved artetas job that day. Tottenham was a good result for arteta, the man city win in fa cup was a one off, teams just didn’t have enough time to figure out arteta ABC tactics. so arteta have beaten top 6 teams yes but which team in EPL haven’t beaten top six team. newcastle draw with spurs today,does it make them world beaters. arteta tactics are easy to figure out, and the other team managers know it.

          4. Agree with you, R. Arteta is the man to take us forward just that he does not have the right personnel to carry out his plans. Tuchel lost to Big Sam, does that make Tuchel a bad manager? Does that make Big Sam an attack minded coach? Klopp lost badly to Villa too. Common PALs, get off the back of Arteta, this season was a write off even before game 1 kick off, glad that we are 10th with the rubbish he started with (mind you not one of those has shined at their new clubs – maybe Willock with his two goals) Judge Arteta in August, based on the dross he retains or ships out.

            As a footnote, when Wenger came to our shores, the PL was a two horse race, now with so many investors, the competition has increased, so it is indeed a shame to be reminded that Wenger did not win 23 of his first 50 games.

          5. @ kori

            But what you are saying about our wins agains Chelsea and City being luck because of other teams not having time to adapt to Arteta’s tactics is firstly a pure speculation, and secondly wrong, because might I remind you that the team was playing a different tactic back then with 3 defenders and two wing backs, playing a lot more defensively and acoring on counter attacks. Where from the start of the season we are playing with 2 defenders and 2 full backs and we are playing attacking control football, with the possession being our biggest priority but not by passing around the box but by passing vertically back and front and opening chances in the process whoch are two completely different playstyles. And the current one is the better one, Arteta just needs a few better players in the squad to make this work properly. You alone recognized this by recognizing the importance of ESR and Saka for the current squad.

        1. You have mercilessly mocked him recently This is a fan site with varying degrees of intellect from those writing in every day. GAI has never to my knowledge been malicious towards another poster, I sometimes agree…or not, and you just scoff in the most condescending fashion
          By all means put your point across but to score points all the time is counterproductive.

      1. @R-a very reasoned reply. Thank you. I’m afraid I have no confidence in Arteta. I agree his results, and performances against the big six look good, but only on paper.
        City- wiped the floor with us both games
        Liverpool- Ditto
        Man Utd- A disciplined performance at OT. 3 points
        – An acceptable performance at home
        Chelsea- A very very good performance and result
        Spuds- Very disappointing tactics at The Toilet Bowl
        – A very very very good 75 minutes at home.
        Leicester- Sucker punched at home
        – a very good performance away
        Saying City and Liverpool are the two best teams in the League is not unreasonable, and we were dominated from start to finish in all four games, so very little to be encouraged about with those matches. The others? With only Chelsea away to play, they are acceptable results, nothing much more.
        And in regards the WHU match, I agree the attacking football played from the 35th minute was very good. What oncerns me was how totally flat we were from the start, and the abysmal defending we witnessed. This to me can never be deemed as an improved season while we are so inconsistent

        1. @ Phil

          I share many of your concerns including whether Arteta is willing to give more chances to our young lads, and why he is not doing it right now.
          But I can see what he is trying to build. Yes, It is currently not working at least for big chunks of the playtime, but when it does it is beautiful and reassuring. I can bet that Arteta is even more frustrated than we are for some of the teams displays 🙂
          If we go into analysing the stats we can find other facts that can be cited in favour of Arteta, for example the red cards, VAR calls, the unprovoked individual errors and so on, so I don’t want to get into that. What I am saying is that I actually have some confidence in Arteta because he is loving Arsenal and is doing everything that he can, to instil the club’s values into the players heads, and he is demanding and certainly he is tactically prepared by working so closely with Pep.
          And also I do not believe that assigning a new manager will bring any major change in the next 2 years, so why don’t we just give Arteta a little bit more time and see whether he can realise his plan, because we already know, that when his tactics work – they work. We just need him to make the whole thing work most of the time and we will be back in top 4.

          Thanks too for the nice discussion 🙂

  2. Arteta try something else to do in Life, coaching is not for you.Job security in football management depends on results not oratory skills.You have failed and you will continue to fill because team performance shows these players have learned nothing from you so far.

    1. He’s still got EL to save his job, so let’s keep supporting the team and stop making any unconstructive noise until we get kicked out of EL. Unless you don’t care if your comments demoralize the team now, as long as Arteta leaves

      1. What if he fails to win EL and fails to qualify for EL through League position??
        In that scenario do you think he should be sacked??

        1. he should be sacked even if we win Europa league. a club with ambition only wants to move forward. What would Arteta do in UCL besides fail miserably. He’s way out of his league and it doesn’t take much to notice this. A ruthless club would say let him finish the season but he’s a dead man walking. the reality is that he will be here halfway into next season before he finally gets the sack.

        2. If Arteta can’t show any progress in December, i.e. make us sit in top 6, then he obviously should be replaced

  3. Well, for everyone who does not know, it was the same set of players who who took Arsenal to the relegation zone at the beginning of season before Bukayo Saka, Martinelli and Emil Smith Rowe brought us back to mid table. When I saw the line up yesterday without Saka and Smith Rowe, I was afraid and later I was not disappointed. On the case of Martinelli…. Arteta has shown his ego and pride again about this young and talented player. The only reason he paid him at the later part of the game was because Willian was not on the bench. well let’s wait and see what is happening at Emirates stadium

    1. Martenelli should demand a loan move to a pl team if Arteta will be here next,the young talent is being destroyed by a clueless coach who was not half his talent as a player.

    2. Lies, damned lies and statistics.
      Quote them enough and someone will believe them eventually.
      Remember Einstein did not ever say “madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result” but people associate him with that quote so often many now believe he did.
      But statistically the writer is correct when he points out that if the team wins the EL all will be forgiven the players will be heroes and the Manager will be the Messiah.
      So Thursdsy is when our season really begins. Its a chance for a fresh start a new lease of life.
      As Robie Lyle says We’re gonna do this😊

  4. Emery showed he wasn’t up to the job and now Arteta is going down the same path as him .
    There is no way he will be here in the long run if this continues and it would be best if the club gave him his P45 at the end of this season IMO.

    1. Dan- I bet those ( well one in particular)are a bit quiet today. Most saw this coming. Most probably did but were hiding from the reality that Arteta is incapable of managing this football club, as the expectation levels that are demanded are very clearly too much for him to deliver.
      On a positive note mate- I’ve played 7 rounds in 7 days. Just need the Clubhouse open and life will not be quite so bad

      1. Phil@
        I’m all for given him till the end of season but it’s obvious now he as limited experience ,time for all party’s to move on in may .
        Didnt even know courses were back open until the 12th 😂
        How long have they been back open ?

        1. Yea just looked 29th March ,didn’t even know cheers mate ,get a few rounds in now before the shit weather next weekend

        2. Yeah Dan – Arteta will get to the end if the season simply because someone had to see us through the final games so it might as well be him. But it is inconceivable the board are not already instructing Vinny to do his job and sound out alternatives.
          For me its Naglesman.Thd right profile for Arsenal insofar as he will bring on the youth and will provide an attacking mindset. That debacle last night was the final straw with me and Arteta

    2. Dan the players let Emery down they downed their tools and he was sacked so lets get the facts right OK

      1. @ Toweny
        So did the players down tools also on Arsene or just where it suits ?
        Let’s not talk bullshit 2 managers have tried since mr Wenger and it looks like they can not hold a candle to him as much as I said he had to go ,give Arsene the players that these two managers have had and we wouldn’t be where we are

        1. Dan, the truth be known in his last two seasons, the players did let Arsene Wenger down.
          Your antagonism towards Unai Emery won’t let you acknowledge the truth that the core of the Arsenal squad underperformed for Wenger, Emery, Ljundberg and now Arteta.

  5. To my mind Arteta will never be a great manager,be can’t pick a team so even if you buy better players he will continue tinkering with the lineup because he doesn’t have the football knowledge of a quality manager.If winning europa league will keep him here I would rather we get knocked ou,I detest the man,he’s was never arsenal quality as a player and now as a coach he’s worse than he was as a player, at least as a player he was a avarage.

  6. Would be very interesting to hear from the Arteta fan club on how they can possibly still defend the manager on that performance which is one of the worse I have seen from a Arsenal team could not string more than 3 passes together it was shocking and the manager has to take the full responsibility he is not good enough to be manager of this club he has to be shown the door!

    1. I own up, put my hands up, and say that I have been very much in support of Arteta.

      That doesn’t mean that I can’t recognise a bad game and a terrible result when it happens. Dreadful, awful and not good enough spring to mind from manager and players

      I expect the Chelsea faithful are feeling pretty much like the rest of us are today. Hardly the result that highly rated, top managerTuchel was expecting against a likely to be relegated club like West Brom.

      I am not saying Arteta is the second coming, but I have at least recognised the bigger picture surrounding this club. Therefore, I am not ready to throw him out on the off chance that some other flavour of the month manager can do any better in record time. I will put my hands up at the end of the season if there is no improvement but until then I will wait to see how it pans out

      Unfortunately, I don’t think if there is a new manager that he will have an easy time of it either and then what?

      1. big difference in that Tuchel’s record has been unblemished until yesterday, plus playing with 10 men since before the 30 minute mark

          1. And you’d expect the hot manager against a so called bottom feeder might not have let in 5 goals. Sorry an unblemished start is irrelevant

          2. not sure why my response would have evoked a “rude” word on your part, but to suggest having an unblemished record up to that point is irrelevant, seems a little ridiculous

          3. strange argument, to say the least…you obviously have an axe to grind with me, so why don’t you just say what it is so we can put an end to this charade…I actually thought we had some reasonable and well-intentioned interactions in the recent past

          4. TRVL
            Per se I have nothing against you at all. You frequently write well putting out your point of view
            I struggle to warm to you when you take on a superior attitude to others which you probably don’t realise you are doing. Not everyone has your ability with the written word

  7. Frankly, I do not rate Arteta, I never did and probably never will not as a player and not as a coach but season is not over and fans should hold their complaints to the end of the season.
    We have EL to win and a better position to acheive in PL. Support the team, hopefully, they would give us the up phase of the rollercoster and do well from now on.

  8. Well happy but sad Easter comrades.

    I was lost for words at the starting defence.

    That defence this gambler picked yesterday was just about the least comfortable on the ball in the WHOLE LEAGUE!

    – Chambers – Simply not Arsenal material

    – Holding – Not Arsenal material

    – Gabriel – a complete and utter waste of supporter’s hard-earned money. How many times did he “hoof” the ball forward with absolutely no pressure???

    That’s why I keep saying bring back MAVROPANOS who is MILLION MILES ahead of these guys…

    – Tierney – over-rated. Aside from crossing, there isn’t anything more he offers back there.

    I actually didn’t think there would come a time when I missed Monreal.

    But all this comes from the MANAGER. WHY PICK THESE GUYS???

    I expected a defence comprising of Cedric, Holding, Mari and Tierney. Holding is just there because there wasn’t another right-footed defender.

  9. Pregame interview he talked about going for it and taking off the handbrake.

    What happened?

    Arteta and his typical negative football happened. He always planned to play the game defending in our final third.

    0-0 at halftime and in 2nd half one manager brings on Jota and one brings on Elneny.

    How long before Arteta is considered deadwood? Mustafi and Sokratis less than a year. Willian about 7 months, is Arteta deadwood over 14 months in?

    5 shots; the players were never positioned to do anything but defend. Another 90 minutes of timid, defensive, uncreative morass.

    If Arteta can’t deliver Europa trophy he has to go. Worse results, concerning regression, and some of the worst uninspiring football I’ve ever seen at Arsenal.

    I see nothing of Pep or Wenger in his tactics or methods, I see Big Sam, a Spanish Tony Pullis.

    Taking a risk on a player like Pepe; doesn’t work out bench him. Sub appearances, but can’t hurt team; maybe sell for a loss.

    Take a risk on inexperienced manager with no resume or experience building anything?

    Very harmful to the club; players regress, youth is not being developed, millions wasted in funds, rebuild stalls or even gets more difficult.

    So sorry but Arteta and even Edu should worry about their jobs. Absolute pony under those 2, and I see nothing from them to suggest a brighter future or anything turning around.

    Same tactics, same approach, same negative subs & negative football in general.

    Rinse and repeat.

    1. How long are we to ignore our position in the table?

      Also are we to ignore a 50 game comparison between the 3 managers?

      Ignore that Wenger & Emery were more successful with less funds and worse players. Better results with players Arteta ostracized.

      On pace for another year finishing worse than the previous year. Just think 2 experienced managers Wenger and Emery got fired for that.

      What, if anything, is considered unacceptable from Arteta?

    2. How can a manager who was Arsenal’s most boring player, and who actually started the ‘sideways’ culture football at the Emirates in his playing days, be in charge of our beloved club. We have the most boring football culture, that was started and is being kept alive by Arteta. He has cleared out most of Emery’s signings and now is ‘killing’ Martinelli too. Watching him put ‘vengance’ in front of the club’s welfare is pathetic. Justice would see him resign.

      1. Name one Emery signing? As “head coach” not manager, he was expected to coach players scouted and bought by others. It is well documented who he wanted and who he got.

    3. Great comments that nail it perfectly Durand. And if Arteta goes, Edu should be following him out the door.
      I don’t care what anyone says about David Luiz, it says everything that we missed his presence yesterday. As for Saka and ESR? Again, two young kids that were missing made it harder. Finally Xhaka? Such limited ability, but such a loss for the side when he is not playing. And to the poster, who knows exactly who he is,, and who was rejoicing the fact both Bellerin and Xhaka were not playing before the game, how do you feel now? Arteta’s No1 go to guy is Xhaka for a reason. He does a job. He is not anywhere near the quality we need, and I cannot wait for the day he is replaced by someone better ( hopefully Azeez ) but until that day arrives live with the fact he is the very best we have at this time, which includes a very disappointing Partey

      1. Well said Sean and Phil…👍. We hired Arteta to do the job and benefit the club not other way around. Man city will most probably win more than one trophy this season atleast that will put to rest another conspiracy theory that Man City previous success was all because of Areta not pep.

      2. So depressing Phil,but I think you’re right. How did it come to this when, Arsenal are so relient on two journey men like Xhaka and Luiz. These are mediocre times indeed. That said, I am now convinced the manager has to go. Europa will save him but it’s pointless waiting till December, when things could be do fire that a mister fix it will be required.

      3. Phil, with respect to Partey he was arguably Arsenal’s best player against Liverpool, admittedly on a low baseline. It was obvious in the second half that he was shaking his head in disbelief at the lack of effort in tacking, missed passes of those around him, as well as “running out of gas” himself. He certainly needs a full preseason to get himself fit enough for the EPL. However he must be wondering whether the money he is paid was worth leaving Atletico Madrid for this “sh#t show.”

        1. Yeah I saw that OG- On numerous occasions Partey was looking around in disbelief at the shambles that was happening. Imagine coming from the ultra disciplined machine at Athletico to this?
          I thought Partey was disappointing but as you say the whole bar was set very low and he alone would never have made a difference

  10. Arteta is as clueless as they come. I mean which player has he improved? He does like player with “character and fight” in them, selling Martinez for a mere pitense and has frozen out Martinelli, Maitland-Niles, Guendouzi and Torreira in favour of Elneny, Xhaka and the likes.. Abaumeyang’s form has plummeted. Despite signing several defenders goals continue to leak in. Arteta simply must go. Bring back Arsene Wenger as caretaker coach till end of the season; he just might deliver a top six finish.

  11. Sometimes I wonder how people will come here and proudly say Arsenal has improved under Arteta. ..unless I don’t understand what improvement means any more. Yesterday was the hight of it.

  12. Everyone wants in immediate success. Arteta’s first 50 games were worse than Emery’s first 50, which were worse than Wenger’s last 50. This allows continuous decline, and I’ll bet Wenger’s previous 50 games were worse than his last.
    The big difference between Arteta and Emery is that MA has made some major changes, whereas poor Emery probably didn’t know what was going on and just went along with the way the club was being run. Big changes might cause some issues like we’re seeing, but it doesn’t mean it was wrong to make them. If the changes are good, and if he is a good manager, things will turn around, it’s just a matter of time. I don’t think any of us truly knows for sure, but I do think we are making the right changes, but there’s so much rot to clear out.

    1. big changes? Like getting rid of Ozil who was already on a massive decline, for a better creative player in Odegaard, and STILL failing miserably? What big changes, you’ve got to tell me. because the mentality of this team is worse than ever so it surely cannot have anything to do with mentality. Or results. What was the game plan yesterday by the way? Because it looked to me like the 20th game of the season our team just looks aimless, lethargic and clueless.

      1. The biggest change is that we aren’t going to cater to player power, and instead try to build a proper team. Arteta hasn’t been perfect in implementing this, but I think we are getting there
        We’ve seen the improvements manifest in plenty of games. Like I said, it would be foolish to expect the changes to fully hit home overnight. I think the toxic culture we’d built up over the years was most evident in ozils overt attitude, but he wasn’t the only one and I’m starting to think players like aubamayeng have similar mindsets – it’s all about them, not the team.
        On aubamayeng, would Emery’s record have been any better than Arteta’s had EA not been on such good form? Is it MA that had caused his loss of form, or his age, it his attitude? In any case, I think it’s fair to say we were heavily reliant on him to keep us relatively high up in the league
        On last night, I can’t answer you. I won’t defend Arteta for everything, and he has to take responsibility for another bad performance but I suspect certain players are still throwing their toys it the pram and aren’t fully focused on following the gameplan

  13. Chelsea had a man sent off!! 11 v 11, they would’ve beaten West Brom. I’m not buying that…
    How many short were we?? 4? 5? We might as well have been…
    All I ever want is to watch my team play well and if they lose fair enough, but at least they’ll have given everything. When was the last time this happened?? Last night was shocking… at home! Our 12th PL defeat… we’ll be lucky (very lucky) to finish in the top half…
    Just watched Saints v Burnley.. end to end stuff, 5 goals. Why can’t we play like that??

    1. Well said sue
      You know me I’ve been in Artetas corner since last season but it’s pretty fcking obvious he is not up to the job .
      Like you said why did t we have a go at th
      Seeing they have been constantly beat the last few weeks .
      I said in a previous post about his shouting on the touch line and I listened to it last night and it was very basic .
      Apparently though if we say different we are young know it all’s with no life experience with no patience .
      Unless your over 60 you are not allowed an opinion 🤔no offence to those over sixty who actually have a Brain .

      1. Ha, that’s the one, Dan, been spewed on here constantly – you know it word-perfect!!

        Tbh, I don’t even know if we’ll see a reaction on Thursday… worrying times for sure.


    I have always maintained he was not the right man for the job. Premature for him.

    He should have gone to a smaller club first.

    If we want a young cheap manager next Steven Gerrard, Henry or viera next.

    Gerrard as he has learnt his trade and cut his teeth in a real roll. Same with the other 2.

    Better options IMHO the ajax manager or Julian Nagelsmann from rb. These guys are doing alot with not so huge clubs.

    Lastly a quick fix with money would be allegri. But my gosh arteta sorry mate

  15. Well said Davi.When you analyse our current pool how many would be sought after by the likes of Man City, Man Utd and Liverpool.? Apart from Tierney,Saka and perhaps ESR and Martinelli for the future, I cannot think of any player that would appeal to them.If I am correct,how can we hope to match these sides, when we are bereft of quality and of finances to match their budget?The answer is, we cannot at present regardless of who is our Manager.Our Board recognise this and are supporting MA for the time being in the hope of a material improvement next season.If this is not forthcoming , Arteta is likely to be shown the door.This is where we are. A very average mid table team at best, with aspirations to do much better next season.To me the lack of pace and energy in the current player pool is alarming to the extent that I would use the remaining league matches to experiment with promising youngsters.It would be unfair to throw them in at the deep end in Europa Cup matches, but we have nothing to lose by giving them a chance in the EPL.

    1. What a silly and blinkered way to state that no team would want our players. When they are coached properly and performing, plenty would but at the moment teams in league one wouldn’t have them because as a team as a result of poor guidance they look awful.

      1. I know we have fallen out in the past Reggie ,but your opinion these players do think we should be going for top 4 ?

        1. Dan, there is obviously a good debate as to wether this squad is good enough for top 4 and i am not 100% sure they are. Im 100% certain we should be challenging top 4, 100% certain they are top six, a 100% certain we are way below where these players should be in the league. They are coached badly.

          1. Should we? Really?
            Arsenal certainly have some talented players but consider the ‘spine’ of the team. How many of these players would you back to perform in any team in the top four? How many of these players have shown that they have the necessary ability and will to be the very best?
            This team still has Xhaka as one of its most important players. As long as this remains the case Arsenal will remain outsiders for a top 4 place whoever is the manager.
            I have had my doubts about Arteta and he has made mistakes. However, I still feel that the criticism has been unduly harsh. Given the situation he has had to deal with it was inevitable that there would be bad days. Unfortunately, yesterday was one of those.

        1. No Sue, i didn’t misread, i think we have plenty of players who are talented and top teams would want them. If the coach gets them trained and focussed, we have some top players. Its strange that when we have a good result, our players are as good as anyone but when we have a bad result, they are dire, according to some. That is not the case, a good coach can get the best out of ordinary players and even more out of top player. Many a coach have ruined individuals and also ruined good teams with the wrong or innept coaching.

          1. I’m astonished Benjamin that he was actually able to hold down his job coaching at ManC if he was no good

  16. Like them or hate them, Xhaka and Luiz are two of our most important and influential players. We missed them badly yesterday. By the way, that’s probably the worst I’ve seen Arsenal play since the 8-2 loss to Man Utd.

    1. Twig, we’ve had shockers with them both in the squad so i completely disagree. Xhaka is a bad player. He’s been here 5 years and our midfield has been at its worse within those 5 years. he’s not a good player. Luiz is inconsistent. If he was in the squad he just as well couldve given up three penalties, so not a player I’d laude over either.

      1. @RSH

        Google “Granit Xhaka crowned Arsenal’s best player of the season so far”. Obviously, people watch football games differently. We can certainly upgrade on his position but he has been one of our best performers this season without doubt.

        1. thats an awful opinion whoever thinks he’s been our best player this season when it is very clearly Saka.

          1. well said…no need to mince words, his bang average history at this club speaks for itself

  17. I’m becoming numb to these hurtful performance not the result. We could win our next five matches or even qualify for cl or el it won’t change my view about our present coach. Can some with more knowledge about football tell me what exactly is our/ Arteta pattern of play. We can’t defend. We can’t attack. We can’t dominate. We can’t strings passes together. We are slow, lethargic, show no desire, can’t mark, can’t tackle even we a player with best tackling stats in laliga. Arteta needs to do self appraisal to realize he is at best an assistant. Anybody that stayed with Pep for 3 years and took any knowledge about playing attacking football is a failure.

  18. I remain convinced to this very day, there was more to the Unai Emery sacking than meets the eye – think “the downing of tools”.

    1. AJ you are correct in your assessment. Unai Emery was on course for a top four finish and the Europa League, when players downed tools. Stupid sending off’s (Xhaka), missed penalty (Aubameyang) and woeful team performances at the end of the League season and the Europa League final, when the team didn’t turn up. Mezut Ozil’s display in that game in Baku was the most disgraceful I have seen from a “professional” footballer of his status.
      Emery lost the dressing room and player power won out.

        1. @ozziegunner.

          Thanks, and I agree with with all you have added.

          @SueP & @Ozziegunner.

          I seem to be in a minority when I say I actually found Emery an interesting choice as Arsenal manager, and yes, would have liked to have seen him given longer.

          With the squad at the time, he took us on a 22 game unbeaten run after losing his first 2 games against Citeh & Chelski.

          I think we would all agree, a 22 game unbeaten run in all competitions is no mean feat for ANY manager of ANY side.

          As for SueP’s question.

          Player Power.

          In my opinion part of Emery’s intention & remit was to bring much need discipline, and a way of behaving as an Arsenal player to our place.

          Ring a bell ?

          Our lot of over inflated ego’s could not cope with such a new regime over them, and over time began to “dislike” playing under such a manger and his staff.

          Perhaps we should should look at who Mikel has off-loaded since …. co-incidence ?

          Yes, wages and lack of value to the squad on the playing front of course is a huge factor.

          However, disruptive influences around the camp come to mind – they’ve may have now gone, but were they undermining Emery at the time ?

          I refuse to believe we were incapable of gaining a single win in eight at the end of the season in question – this from as side that were capable of a 22 game unbeaten run.

          And as for the “BAKU Final” – there was clearly problems, look at Mr Ozil’s body language all night for instance ……………………… in a final, nah !

          This manager had won THREE E C’s on the spin with …..SEVILLA !

          Now, we all know the tournament was not as strong the as it is now – but the above remains some feat by any measure.

          I also believe the “language barrier” is what some players USED as an excuse, to cast doubt over the guy’s ability to remain at Arsenal football club.

          Thrown “under the bus” in my opinion.

          For me the

        2. SueP as I said in my post, elaborated on by AJ “player power” won out. As I have stated many times the Arsenal Board found it cheaper to throw Emery under the bus at the time, than support him to discipline players. People may remember the uproar when Emery dropped Ozil and then was forced to reinstate him. Ozil under Wenger was used to being cozzled, playing when he wanted, not going to away games, taking time out due to mysterious injuries and couldn’t take the disciplined requirements from Emery to put in at training and on match day. It was well known that he was supported by his fellow Germans, Mustafi and Kolasinac.
          Arteta when he came in tried giving Ozil another chance and was again let down; however when he dropped Ozil he was supported by the Board and Ozil was paid out. It is interesting to see how the careers of Ozil, Mustafi and Kolasinac are faring away from Arsenal – not too well; however the damage was done in undermining the coach/manager of the Club.

  19. The pressure is on. The media is now scoping on Arteta. It is now do or die for the coach. I believe that his future will be determined by how Arsenal performs from now until season ends.

    1. they’ve been very very soft on him for the entire season. seems pundits are just starting to realize how truly awful we have been.

      1. Strongly agree. And it is amazing how Arteta can’t make full use of the situation. Any other manager would cherish having the media off their backs when building a team.

  20. If we had a owner with any sort of ambition other than filling his own pockets with as much money he can then Arteta would have been sacked ages ago!!

    1. Well that is what the bigger picture is all about.

      Our owner doesn’t have ambition. If he actually understood what his executives had been doing then Arsenal would have been in a better position. In fact, Arteta wouldn’t have been sacked because an ambitious owner would have hired a proven elite manager in the first place

      Kroenke may understand his North American portfolio but sadly he doesn’t over here.

      1. If it goes wrong, Kronke is to blame. If it goes right, credit goes to Arteta. Arteta is not Arsenal material, whether as player or coach, PERIOD

          1. SueP, my argument about Kroenke and KS&E has been their ineptitude in the selection/retention, particularly of Gazidis and other Board members and senior management.
            It all started with forcing David Dein out of the Club, retention of the late Sir Chips Keswick and Lord Harris of Peckham, the engagement of Ivan Gazidis and the failure to allow Usmanov a place on the Board, so that he would financially contribute.
            I see the appointment of Tim Lewis as a non executive director and Richard Garlick, as Director of Football as positive steps to address the gross mismanagement of financial and player assets at Arsenal FC. It is believed that the investigations by Tim Lewis led to the departure of Raul Sanheili.

    2. I don’t know why everyone is hung up on stats. Your basic senses can tell you all you need to know about our team, no need for any analysis or number crunching. Managers and players have come and gone in recent seasons but one fact remains…… it’s the same old story. A lacklustre team with no real direction from whoever’s in charge. That’s the only constant for us at the moment! I don’t think we’ve really had a proper ‘team’ for a long while. We’ve just had a collection of individual players who nine times out of ten, are all pulling in different directions and who when the going gets tough, just capitulate.

      I think at the height of the Wenger reign we were a good football team and entertainers to boot. The premier League has evolved since those good ole days but we haven’t. We still think we can just turn up put a couple of passes together, look good and that’s enough. We need a team again, not a group of individuals. We also need a coach who can turn the team into a single minded force! We don’t need stats to tell us that or confirm what the eyes can see !

      1. What I should’ve included is that I think Arsenal are too steeped in past glories and still trying to feed on that

  21. What z the promb with martinill being left out 4 all season becz mi think that gue can save us in scoring line bt he con nt use him way….(….)

  22. Danny, our Owner is not making money from his investment in our Club.You may not like to hear this but it is a fact.

    1. Well either way he doesn’t give a dam whether we win anything or not couldn’t wish to have a worse owner than this yank! The idea of moving to the Emirates was to compete with the best teams in the world be regular challengers for prem and champions league instead we have gone into rapid decline and can compete for neither and are a million miles away from doing so we are nothing but a mid table mediocre club and that’s where we will stay until the right changes are made!!

    2. Hi Grandad.

      Both Stan and Josh take money out of the club.

      Their respective positions at Arsenal Football club entitle each to take a (albeit negligible in their world) amount of money per season.

      The above is a matter of record.

      Take care.

      1. AJ, if it is a matter of record, then how much each as Director’s fees?
        I believe KS&E haven’t taken its £3 million management fee for some seasons now.

        1. Hi ozziegunner.

          We all get our “facts” from different sources, which we try to make as robust / accurate as possible (if you are serious about the subject matter).

          Sometimes these “facts” are proved to be correct, sometimes not so.

          After research, I clipped and kept the following sometime ago as I happen to be in the camp that 1) think the Kroenke’s are an absolute disaster for our club and 2) he has not put a penny of HIS OWN wealth into improvement of the playing squad.

          It is worth mulling over the fact that in a “self sustaining model” the is a vast difference between “sanctioning” the spending of the club’s money (sourced through in house revenue streams) and laying down your own hard earned.

          Yes, the 3M per annum was stopped by the club a number of years ago, purely down to intense pressure from supporters groups so to do – namely the AST.

          The fact that the club even took note of this, and reacted, remains a real surprise.

          So there went 6M, with of course no pay back.

          To your point.

          The following report seems to indicate the 3M per annum you refer to was indeed ceased – this I knew at the time.

          That fee (3M) was purely for ” “Strategic and Advisory Services” (yea O.K.) and an ADDITION to other monies taken out.

          The report seems to SEPERATE out the figure of £3M from other ongoing payments made, and it is these to which I refer – read on;

          ” Stan Kroenke has taken a considerable amount of money from the club. Since joining the board of directors in 2008, he gets paid £25,000 per year in the form of flat directors’ emoluments for each full season worked. (Except he got 17,000 in his first season since he joined late). In December 2013, his son Josh Kroenke also joined the board of directors and has been taking 25,000 for himself for each full season worked. Stan Kroenke even pockets the money for rendering “Strategic and Advisory Services”, getting £3million for the rendering of these services, credited to KSE n 2013/14. It was given again in the following year except for this time it was shown as outstanding payment. It stopped in 201515/16 and has not been shown ever since.

          Ever since the 100% Privatisation of Arsenal Football Club took place in 2018, all transparency has been forgone. There are no Annual Glossary reports and any transactions between the Kroenke’s and Arsenal FC are harder than ever to trace. For example, the Directors’ salary paid to them that was clearly mentioned up until 2016/17 was not clearly shown after the takeover “.

          Sources such as the papers (remember them), in the majority claim Kroenke has not put a single penny of his “own money” into the club – but I would not quote “the papers”.

          I confess to not recalling where the report above was clipped from, but to bother to keep and quote it it was from as high a level of reliability I could reach due to our accounts being cloaked in non-transparency (hence my “matter of records” statement).

          Given the non-transparency aspect, do we really know – no.

          However, am I inclined to go with the statements made – yes.

          1. AJ, I was referring to post 2015/16, although I didn’t quote the year, but that is 5 years ago.
            KS&E now own Arsenal FC 100% after buying out Usmanov and in an act of bastardry compulsorily buying out all minority shareholdings including Arsenal Supporters Trust members and families, who had held shares passed from generation to generation.
            Thus Arsenal FC is theirs to do with as they see fit, within the rules of the FA and laes of the UK.
            KS&E have consolidated all Arsenal’s external debts and are in debt to the Government for a further £120 million loan (probably low interest, but still has be repaid).
            I don’t know about you, but I can’t raise £2 billion to buy the Club, so it is what it is.
            Also please see my response to SueP.

  23. Where is the forum sage when we need a word of wisdom? Because if I am being realistic, Arteta has turned Arsenal into a mediocre team. I would gladly take Wenger’s last year over this shit show dished out by Arteta.

  24. I refuse to put the blame on Arteta. Fact is the players are not doing their job, and Arteta has inherited a lot of them, including a certain captain who should be bloody embarrassed.

    No one in the world can fix this without more transfers in and out. It’s so easy to blame Arteta, but I don’t think that is justified at all. He did win the FA cup with a terrible team, and unfortunately that seems to have caused people to think the team is better than it really is, but a terrible team will always show it’s colors eventually.

    For those of you who blame Arteta over the team I just want to ask – Who among our players could be in the starting lineup of a Liverpool, Man City or Man Utd team? I would say not a single one, except Tierney who has no backup in his position at all. Hell even Spurs are better than us in most positions.

    The only things I am not happy about with Arteta is the fact that he took the blame for yesterday, and him still playing Auba over Martinelli. Auba might be captain, but he is a terrible one and currently he is also a terrible player.

    1. BEB- May I respectfully remind you who it was that appointed Aubamayang captain. And who signed him on a three year Ozilesque contract.

    2. Auba being signed on a 3yr contract – under Arteta, was an aberration but beyond that BEB I can’t disagree. However, I didn’t expect him to fold rather than fight when the goals dried up.
      Yes, it is a weakness that Arteta hasn’t removed him as captain and he should.
      Also Grandad mentioned in his post that we have virtually no one who could get into a top EPL team, good coach or not

    3. BEB, well that is the point made in the post with more addition to last squad Wenger had and what UE had. Arteta has actually produced less. I don’t understand your logic??? You want us to invest more money in a sinking ship called Arteta. The dude is failing on every front in the pitch but you want club to provide him more funds. The players you are blaming for our slump are mostly the same players who were also in UE team and Wenger team as well, actually we have added more quality since Wenger left and got rid of so called dead wood. Winning a single FA cup is no sign of a great manager, we have managers of smaller teams in past who have won fa cup by this logic they should be rated above Arteta.

    4. I totally disagree with u.. On paper, our team should be the third best team in england..behind Liverpool and man city… we have a 20goals a season striker(firmino,martial,abraham,vardy,antonio,jesus do not come close to his level) ,
      we have a proven second striker in laca,only Aguero and cavani maybe Giroud are better(origi,iheanacho,benhrama,viniciusnot even close),
      we have a successful willian only Salah,bale,(Moura,bowen,greenwood,barnes,ziyech not even close),
      a ligue one time best player in Pepe just son, mane, Mahrez maybe Rashford can compete ,
      we have one of the best DMs in the world partey only pogba,kante, Fernandinho can compete..

      We also have a David Luiz just virgil,maguire,alderw can step up to him..

      We have Saka and ESR just mount, foden can step up…

      We have experienced successful players, we have a team of national team captains….these players are playing crap tactics from a brilliant rookie that talks big….

      We can’t continue to call underperforming players crap or deadwood…. I know auba is world-class but look at him now, he is not even motivated to fight for golden boot as before..

      This is the modern era, a new decade, if a team is left behind recovery would be difficult for years… We are no title challengers anymore,no top four ,no Europa… Next might be relegation battle…we were close this season if not for saka, ESR revelation . God help us

      Arteta needs to be moved to assistant role and a true manager taking over.. Simple..

    1. Grandad and Phil

      Hope you 2 are keeping well
      If we didn’t tie aubes down then there would have been an uproar
      We didn’t Complain when he was lifting the cup and carrying the team lat season
      This season he has been.pants and MA does need to look at that
      MA would have recommended the contract and club being afc would have sanctioned it
      I have said it before MA is a very good coach learning his trade to become a top manager. What did we all expect when he was appointed. Instant success..not a chance
      Until he is sacked which is always inevitable at some stage weather it be at the end of the season or 10 seasons time.
      He is our manager and we should stand by him. He already has his ha ds full with the dross he has inherited so let’s cut him a break until the season is finished

      1. AB08, you are correct about the outcry if Aubameyang wasn’t offered the current contract – that was exactly the same position the club found themselves in with MO – yet we didn’t learn our lesson with regards to that obscene and grotesque salary.
        Regardless of who the player was, this should not have happened a second time and for the same period of time.
        So who do we blame this time?

        This dross he had to get rid of – the dross that, under UE, took us to 5th place and a European final and/or the dross that, under AW, kept us in a top four spot and won fa cups for all but his last season, have been systematically removed from the club.
        I believe it’s over 20 players who have left, while 17 have been brought in since January 2018, when gazidis took the reins.
        MA himself has signed 7 new players and where are we now?
        Out of both domestic cups and having our worst season in decades.
        Now, I do remember what he DID inherit – covid, player power, relegation issues, a toxic atmosphere inside and outside the club… he dealt with those in an excellent manner and won the fa cup against all the odds…. with these dross players that you seem to think are still at the club.
        So, two fa cup wins, a semi final and cup final in the Europa league, 6th and 5th placed PL places were the players he inherited – add his 7 signings and what have we got?
        Progress or a worse situation?
        The only reason to give him any more time, is because we only have a handful of PL games left and the possibility of a europa Cup win.
        I love the guy, his passion, his honesty and his Arsenal DNA and I wanted him to succeed, so let’s see what he achieves at the seasons end – but please stop hiding his faults behind dross players and other ex managers.
        I firmly believe he should never have been offered or given the power he now has by the way – it was too much for an experienced manager like AW and we know MA hasn’t got that experience… perhaps that might even be the reason he is struggling?

        1. Alanball08 & Ken 1645

          Yeah no arguments re Aubamayang. It was almost a carbon copy of the MO10 situation where the Club just could not be seen to back down. However, it seems to have backfired. The player is not scoring and looks lost at times. That is down to Arteta. He picks the side, he decides the tactics, and he coaches the players. Aubamayang almost single handedly won us the FA Cup last season, yet is barely worth his place in the side a year later.

  25. And the fans are Balmung owner for not investing!. If you are owner and you see such results after some heavy investment in last 3-4 years, ask your self would you go on and invest more money on such a failed project. Some ppl saying here that Arteta has had the worst squad in last 20-30 years are simply out of their mind. Actually Emery had worse squad then Arteta and Wenger at the end had worse squad then Emery. Still both achieved more than Arteta. Arteta winning FA cup was a fluke because he has failed big time in replicating same success or being any way near it. History is full of managers who actually won the FA cup with much more smaller teams than Arsenal. Arteta’s bad treatment of some players specially young ones, his complete ignorance of merit and his absolute loyalty to players like Willian has led him here. This club and job is too big for him. He should be either moved to an assistant coach role or sacked by club. This is a result driven business which yields more money to sustain the club, we won’t survive for long if we keep operating on being optimistic and sentimental about certain individual turning a blind eye to failures.

    1. Winning the FA cup was not a fluke – it was a brilliant piece of management by Arteta, against all the odds.
      Nobody beats City and chelsea, with “dross” players… it needs excellent management…. that’s why, with 7 new players and so many “dross players” now removed, some of us are questioning why / how it has all gone so wrong.

      It’s either the manager who has lost the plot, or the new players are not an improvement (worse maybe?) and/or the “dross players” weren’t as bad, as we were lectured on a never ending basis, they supposedly were.

      But to demean his cup win is just another example of our unbelievable fanbase.

      1. Agree Ken, Mikel Arteta deserves credit for getting the players up to win the FA Cup. No one should try to take that away from him; however the decline in performances is a great concern. To me losing to a Club like Liverpool 3-0 is not positive, but of greater concern (like the Europa League final in Baku) is the half arsed level of effort, lack of personal “professional” pride in the badge and the Club displayed in these on field performances. I expect highly paid “professional” footballers to give their best, each and every time they take the field, win, lose or draw. Even in its darkest days, you, Phil, Grandad, jon, I and others remember, players in the red with white sleeves gave 100%. Being not good enough is one thing, not giving a stuff is another, which I have never seen to this current degree over 2 seasons.

      2. If it was not a fluke than what has happened this season then? We got kicked out of two cups already and the way we are playing I am not so sure we will stay in EL as well. If you anaylize how we played in FA cup last season we are playing the same way. What took through were some brilliance piece of magic by Auba now that is diminished (Arteta made sure of it) we can clearly see his failed tactics. Winning FA cup was a fluke like Chelsea won champions League under Dematio, he struggled to produce results for Chelsea next season and so is Arteta.

  26. I feel sad that Arteta’s many failings are being disregarded. He just isn’t doing it…..admit it….it’s not working. He is making tactical mistakes all the time, and is getting rid of (or damaging) Emery’s signings, he is unable to inspire the players and has signed players like Willian who are beyond past it. He needs to leave before he damages the club and ruins our great club in just two seasons. Never have I seen as bad a performance as against Liverpool in all the years I have supported our once great club.

    1. Sean
      I believe Phil hit the nail on the head a d said he shouldn’t have been given the job.
      He is a man still learning his trade. A coach stepping up to be a manager and I said ot before. I think he will turn out to be very good in the future But have we the time a d patience to wait.
      Other teams have moved on and we stood still which is why we are so far behind.
      People keep bringing up stats between UE and MA and you can quote all you like but undernUE we had no structure no pattern of play
      Even though it went pop on Saturday I
      can see a pattern, a structure
      As I said at the beginning he shouldn’t have the job..someone like brendan Rogers should have lead us but again that down to the foresight of the club who are clueless.
      MA is the manager and for me he has my total support until such times we get to the point off the king is dead long live the king
      Onwards and upwards

      1. Alanball08
        Yep we should have signed Brendan Rogers. We are STUCK with Arteta until the end of the season. Then he should be given his P45 and the club examined from top to bottom. Maybe we could still get Brendan Rogers.?

        1. Sean and Alan, I wanted Carlo Ancellotti, who would have jumped at the chance to manage the Arsenal, because he was between jobs and had a house in London.
          It would have cost a lot to prise Brendan Rogers away from Leicester City.

  27. My ideal scenario now is to break it down and start again. First to go, Arteta and his incompetent team of advisors. They are too negative and restrict the players’ ability to think for themselves. Edu obviously has to go as does the guy above him. Someone who has simply been given the position for being in the right place at the right time rather than ambition is only a jobsworth and not ever going to make big decisions. Following that the player clearout needs to be ruthless, but at this stage it would include everyone except Partey, Gabriel, ESR, Saka, Tierney and Odergaard who should be our first signing. ( True he gave up the ghost in the second half, but would be better in a decent process, ha ha! ). Also bring back The loanees, some of whomwere driven out without being given the opportunity to either redeem themselves or show what they could do. New players coming in would also be on notice that they need to perform. There will be short term pain, but isn’t it better than the ten or so years of steady rot the club is currently undergoing. Only a suggestion mind, which ain’t ever likely to happen considering the cowardly way this club is bring run.
    . Does anyone see a silver lining after the dross we experienced yesterday? As Claude might have said, “they have to go and it has to start now”.

  28. What is needed is a pair of busy energetic midfielders to add options to our defenders and chances for the forwards. MA is lost without them. Liverpool was a disgraceful performance and the manager prepared the team for nothing. Thursday awaits MA or more changes will happen this close season.

  29. Dumping the responsibility solely. At the Manager’s feet is completely unfair. Are these players professionals or not? Look at their performance week in and week out. No manager can fix it. Because Arsenal players have been getting away with it for years.

    The biggest factor to consider here is the chemistry in the club. The chemistry between the players is not there. The chemistry between the Manager and the players is not there the chemistry between the players and the club is not there. The chemistry between the players and the supporters is not there. So who is the common denominator?

    We must start demanding answers from the players. It does not matter how many Managers we change, the players need to act like professionals and take the club serious.

  30. If we going to question, than let’s start with our players. Let’s start with our Captain. What example has he been since he became captain? Look at his performances, Coming late etc.

    #Player Power Must Fall!!!

  31. He didn’t inherit auba…as a fact he begged the boy for months on end to sign the contract…same to xchaka..
    same to luiz. Arteta has had seven signings….add that to saka, esr, martinelli, leno, tierney whom he inherited and u see a squad of over 15 players.
    By the way…how less deadwood are artetas signings…gabriel defender, mari, cedric, partey, runar Alex runarson, that goalie from briton, wilian… aren’t these worse than those b4 them?

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