“These things take a long time to get over” Rio Ferdinand sends a message to Arsenal

Rio Ferdinand has sent a message to Arsenal’s heartbroken players after they missed out on winning the Premier League this season.

The Gunners were so close to being champions, having taken the title race to the final game of the season.

However, City did not allow their advantage to slip, and they became the champions of England for the fourth consecutive season.

Mikel Arteta’s side is now one of the best clubs in England, and everyone can see that they are very close to winning a major trophy.

The Gunners have been in fantastic form for much of Arteta’s time in North London, and they delivered their best performance yet under him this campaign.

It was not enough, and the players are understandably as heartbroken as their manager. Ferdinand has been there before and admits it will hurt.

He said, as quoted by Eurosports:

“There is no words that can be said that will be any consolation to these players, it’s a tough moment, they will have wounds that will be open for the whole summer. These things take a long time to get over, but you have to use every experience.

“A bad experience is not the be all and end all, you have to turn it into a positive. Mikel Arteta works a lot on the mental side of the game behind the scenes and he will be tuning into that going into the new season.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Our players are as heartbroken as we are and this is an important time in their lives, but we expect them to be fine and to continue working hard for us.

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  1. It’s just football. 22 not so smart kids running around in shorts and long stockings after a ball. Football isn’t the meaning of life. It’s just a bad substitute. Some kind of nothing. And that “we”-thing say everything about your immaturity. None of you have done anything for the achievements of the players and leaders of AFC. None of you. So how can you be so presumptuous that you say “we”?
    Grow up. There is an adult world out there! Go out and conquer it! Win your own silverwear in life! That “throphy” you all talk about all the time is just a teddy bear. Put it in the closet and face reality!

    1. It looks to me as though the ‘we’ that you’re objecting to, on a blog that you come to of your own accord, is the JustArsenal admin of Martin & Pat.

    2. For someone who voluntarily comes to a football blog to interact with other contributors and to comment on articles, you certainly seem a little pissed at the collective pronoun.

  2. As per Rio it takes a long time to get over, which i disagree with, from such a dissapointment. I wonder how long it takes from his logic to get over the horrible season United had, if ever!

    I mean for a club as United to not even qualify for UCL and possibly not even make Europe could result in PERMANENT PSYCHOLIGICAL TRAUMA then.
    Agree with Jack not everyone views football as a LIFE DEFINING ACTIVITY!!

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