These three pundits don’t believe Arsenal will finish inside the top four

Arsenal is in the race for the top four in this campaign and they have earned a number of statement wins in it.

It seems Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea will secure the top three places on the Premier League table by the end of the season.

This means the likes of Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester United and West Ham are all battling for one spot inside the top four.

Spurs and United are a part of the traditional Premier League top-six and will do all they can to secure that spot.

Former Premier League stars, Rio Ferdinand, Michael Owen and Robbie Savage all predicted their top four sides at the end of the season.

The trio predicted on BT Sport that the same three clubs listed above will finish in the top three.

However, when they predicted the next four spots on the league table, none believed Arsenal will finish fourth.

Ferdinand predicted 4th to 7th as Manchester United, Tottenham, West Ham, Arsenal.

Savage believes it would be United, Arsenal, Tottenham, West Ham.

While Owen expects it to be Tottenham, Manchester United, West Ham, Arsenal.

Just Arsenal Opinion

I think it is a good thing that pundits and fans hardly believe we will do well in this campaign.

It takes the pressure away from our players and helps them to thrive.

Considering our form in recent seasons, it is not ridiculous to predict West Ham will finish ahead of us, but it would be nice to see our players prove these pundits wrong at the end of the campaign.

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  1. So two of these great footballing brains think West Ham will finish above us, despite us being 1 point behind with 2 games in hand, and WH yet to play City Pool Chelsea Tott and ourselves.

    1. That’s the same Robbie Savage who had the audacity to bring out an autobiography as if anyone would find anything about what he has to say interesting 😂

  2. I still find it difficult to explain why these lazy ex-players called pundits are paid to sit in the studio and spit balderdash. Where AFC finishes at the end of the season is their opinion anyways and shouldn’t matter but it is also a psychological game they are playing when they keep saying things like this over and over. It’s like casting spell if you get it.

    Utterances like this sometimes get into the referees head as shown by their bias when refereeing our games. It is becoming clear that AFC finishing the season in 4th place is starting to worry those folks.

  3. Could BT hire anyone more obnoxious and annoyingly dimwitted as Owen and savage both barely have a brain cell between them and their voices just need muted.

  4. I wish someone would ask any pundit that never played for utd the same question not the 3 guys with anti Arsenal venom in there blood from losing to Arsenal a lot in there careers

  5. of course, it’s way too early to predict who will finish in fourth, but one real long-term concern I have regarding our pursuit of a European position is the propensity of our manager to opt for negative tactics even under the best of circumstances, let alone when the going gets tough

    I just can’t imagine MA creating an environment ripe for the kind of offensive development we so desperately need, especially if this “process” is to be believed

    as of right now, I have a sickening feeling that we’re going to be spending a lot of time talk about eking out results, the need for clean sheets and “scrappy” affairs

    of course, on occasion, that’s certainly not the end of the world, in fact it could be quite positive from a character building perspective, but if this is the case week in, week out, it could be the most frustrating 16 weeks ever, with little to nothing to show for it come season’s end

    1. I don’t think Arteta had choice when it comes to being overly negative, because our defending had been a joke for well over a decade. Arteta himself has personal knowledge of this having played for us during our dark decline.

      Even the likes of Watford were popping off 20 plus shots at our goal just before Arteta came.

      He had to focus on our defending first. Everyone knows you cannot build a successful team without solid foundations and creating a strong spine.

      And one can also see that Arteta does want to play more offensively, and we have done. Just look what we did to City. He has transitioned from a back three, and let’s not forget he’s only signed two offensive players so far (Odegaard, Willian), only one of them a current Arsenal player.

      Arteta has massively improved our defense with his signings, and I would like to see what he can do with our attacking with more of his signings. I do feel our young talent is developing nicely under his management at the moment though.

      1. In order for anyone to actually believe what you’re claiming one would have to undergo some sort of “spotless mind” procedure, as what you’re professing doesn’t jive whatsoever with what has actually transpired here since his arrival…the overtly negative tactics really emerged when things went sideways and his primary focus drastically shifted towards the development of a plan that would best save his proverbial ass, thus the rise of the “process” narrative

      2. Because our defending had been a joke for well over a decade .

        20/21 GC -39
        19/20- 48
        18/19- 51

        Going by wengers awful decade his defensive record is still on par with Arteta,even better actually.

          1. Half a season yes but I’m still struggling to see how the defence as improved as the Goals conceded say other wise especially when some one says are defending was a joke for a decade which it clearly shows it was on par with the last 2 seasons

        1. @Dan kit

          So you don’t think our defending was our weak point under Wenger during those 9 trophyless years? Or all those thrashings against top teams domestically and in Europe was not because of our defending? Conceding 8 in just one game wasn’t poor defending? Losing 5-1 three times in a row against the same team was not because of defensive issues?

          I think you may need a trip to specsavers!

          1. So you bring up 4 matches 3 of which were against one of the best teams in the world in 21 years of matches .
            Regarding the defence comment I’ve just given you our records for the past decade as you said it was a joke ,now tell me how I need to go to spec savers because form where I’m sitting I’ve backed my comment up with facts ,you have just given an opinion .

            1. I am not going spend all day writing out EVERY shocking defensive performance under Wenger, and you should know of them anyway, unless you were not watching Arsenal back then I guess.

              Genuine question then. If you think our defending was always good, then why so many big defeats? What do think was the main issue for the long period of failure under Wenger?

              For me, there were multiple issues, but the vast majority of them stemmed from Wenger’s poor decision making.

  6. As I said at the start of the season no one predicted Arsenal would get top 4. After we went 0-3 only one person on JustArsenal gave us a bolters chance of top four. That poster was Fairfan. 5/6 was always the realistic goal for Arsenal. Westham has EL games and the FA Cup which will drain them. United has the best squad by far but most of them are Ozils brothers so can Rangick get a tune out of those prima donnas? Can Conte prevent Totts from being Spursy again? Can Arteta brow beat our 11 man squad over the line another dozen times times? A great battle looms.

        1. Oh, I don’t know! Seemed the right thing to write at the time
          Finishing in the top4 would be truly excellent but Fairfan ‘ s head might blow up by virtue of the genius of his predictions

                1. FFs predictions always come after the event. He tries to hoodwink us he knows it all, when in truth, he blows his own trumpet for WHAT?

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