These two Arsenal players reported to be definitely leaving this summer

According to Football Transfers, Aaron Ramsdale and Thomas Partey are getting closer to the end of their time with Arsenal.

Ramsdale has had a tricky league campaign. Everything changed for him after David Raya arrived last summer on an initial £3 million loan deal with the option of making it permanent for £27 million. It is as if Arteta saw something in his compatriot that caused him to overlook Ramsdale, who’s now more of a backup goalie.

With ambitions of being England’s number one, the 25-year-old is expected to push an exit from the Emirates Stadium. Arsenal may demand at least £26 million (€30.1 million). His exit might be mutual; he wants to play, and Arsenal may profit from his sale.

As for Thomas Partey, Arsenal may have grown frustrated with his frequent injuries. The Gunners have been awarding new long-term contracts in order to avoid losing important players, but Partey, whose contract is slated to expire in the summer, has yet to be offered a new deal. The Ghana international is definitely not in Arteta’s long-term plans; if he was, he should have already have had his contract extended. According to Football Transfers, Partey and Ramsdale will leave this summer for the right price.

These transfer exits might disappoint some Gooners. However, they are for the greater good. These two will simply make room for other, better players.

Darren N

Life is good for us Arsenal fans right now

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    1. Jon,if we received an offer of around 5m for Partey I would gladly take it in view of his injury record.My response to Darren was to highlight his apparent impression that better players than Partey are available to Arsenal.In real terms, during the past 5/6 years I have seen very few central midfielders who are as good as Partey when he is fully match fit.Rice is certainly one to rival him and hopefully he will stay clear of major injury in the season’s ahead.

  1. Maybe Arsenal could make a direct swap with Blues for Romeo Lavia, it’s like killing two birds with one stone.

    Arsenal would have aquire a young and dynamic midfielder and a sure way around FFP..

  2. With respect to the writer, it is unlikely that we will recruit a “better” player than Partey.The fact that he has become injury prone is a different issue, but in terms of quality, there are very few that are better”.

    1. Yes agree Grandad, a brilliant player past his best due to injuries and possibly other factors. I do think if Ramsdale is sold, he should fetch far more than £26 million!

    2. Agree with you Grandad and GB.

      There is far more to it than think we replace Partey with another midfielder. When healthy, Partey is one of the top midfielders in the world, with a resume’ to prove it.

      Unfortunately, he has been decimated with injuries and can hardly stay fit enough to play on the pitch for a string of matches.

    3. Partey is past it, not just because of injuries but also age, but also tendancy to not turn up on some [not all, but some] big occassions when we need him most, e.g. Crystal Palace two seasons ago that cost us top 4, and that was when he was top of his game, those days are behind him

      like it not no players lasts forever, or plays at the same standard forever, they all move on eventually and Partey’s time to move on is this summer

    4. GRANDAD, While I do not quibble with what you say, it is what you neglected, or at least chose NOT, to say that matters to me.
      And you neglected to mention that as an almost permanently injured player, ALMOST ANY OTHER FIT player is more valuable to us than him.

      You say his injuries are a “different issue”, thus showing you seem more interested in his theoretical usage to us than his ACTUAL usage.

      As an arch REALIST, I am always and only interested in what effective use ANY player at all is to us. And the realistic truth is that almost always injured players are NO USE AT ALL.


  3. Sorry if this offends, but if we receive an offer for Partey we ought to snatch it, and with gratitude.
    I seriously doubt that any club would actually offer good money for a player, that if transfer listed should be sold with a health warning. Perhaps some club might take him off of our hands out of kindness just to save us his wages.

  4. I remember the furious reaction when we sold the “best goalkeeper in the world” to Aston Villa for a mere(reportedly) £26 million and now some are saying that Ramsdale won’t fetch more than that figure in today’s market!!
    Partey was rushed back by the club when he hadn’t fully recovered and I believe they are making sure they don’t make the same mistake again.
    He’s been on the bench for the last two games and now has the opportunity for an extended run getting back to full fitness ready for the run in.

    That’s why I believe Partey hasn’t YET been offered a new contract, as the club will see if this extra time will see him return to FULL fitness by playing him in all the remaining fixtures, both PL and CL.
    If it works out positively, he will be offered said new contract and save the club millions finding a replacement.
    If he is injured yet again, then the opposite will happen and, unfortunately, that will affect our plans to reinforce other positions.
    Maybe it will also influence the situation with Ramsdale, because the club will not sell both players and be able to find like for like replacements AND improve the areas that need improving apart from theirs… in my opinion.

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