These two clubs could make Arsenal regret losing soon-to-be free agent

Alexandre Lacazette will leave Arsenal at the end of this season, but could he come back to haunt Arsenal when playing for another English club?

That is a logical possibility with reporting that the striker is the subject of interest from Newcastle United and West Ham.

Both clubs value the Frenchman who has struggled to impress Mikel Arteta at the Emirates.

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Lacazette has failed to score enough goals to justify a new Arsenal contract, so he has to leave.

We need a striker who can score around 25 league goals per season and Lacazette has never reached that height.

He could join either the Hammers or the Geordies and show great form, but that doesn’t mean he is one that got away.

Those clubs are below Arsenal’s level and he could become the top dog there with his current level of performance.

However, one decision Arsenal has to get right is finding a replacement for him.

The Gunners need to get a striker that would score more than him to justify allowing him to leave.

If another striker moves to the Emirates and struggles under Mikel Arteta, then the Spaniard will come under pressure.

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  1. laca definitely useful player, but i dont think he’d stay and be okay with not being a starter. We have to look at the big picture, and I dont think Auba and Laca are going to be here much longer. Auba still capable of getting 20 goals, but it’s not as certain anymore. We need to make room for a new striker, and laca will have to be the casualty.

  2. Someone has to take responsibility for the fact we are about to lose 5 top players for almost nothing!
    Laca (20)
    Nketieh (15)
    Leno (15)
    Mavroponos 3mil (10)
    Guendouzi 11mil (20)
    We should be getting at least 70 mil for them!!!

  3. I like Lacazette a lot, but the transfers at Arsenal in the next few windows are not just about now but building a squad to start peaking in a few year’s time. Clearly that won’t be the case for Laca and if he has to go to fulfil the long-term / overall plan, then so be it.

  4. Laca should be staying. He offers so much to the game and at times he is better than Auba. The youngsters look up to Laca for inspiration and motivation. Newcastle has the money and currently WestHam is above Arsenal in the league table and also they are in Europe this season. So if they come calling Laca might think of joining either one of them. It is upto Arsenal to convince him to stay. Arteta must play Laca consistently to get the best out of him, either in a 4-4-2 formation along with Auba or play him just behind Auba.

  5. Im sure Lacca has had enough of Arsenal, he has never been given the credit or a fair crack since he first came here. Has performed far better than some give him credit for. Last season was inexplicably behind a blunt Auba in the team and not given a fair crack this either.

  6. “We need a striker to score around 25 goals a season” . Frankly to find a striker who can guarantee anywhere near this number is just pie in the sky. When you consider 20/21 season only Kane and Salah scored 24 and 23 goals and as many believe Salah is the best striker in the EPL and playing in a team far above the level of the current Arsenal squad, then the idea of just picking up a 25 goal a season striker is pure fancy. To find a player who is that much better than Lacca, at a price we can afford, is going to be difficult let alone a 25 goal superstar. Better to keep him at least to the end of the season.

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