“They are still favourites” Emery playing mind games ahead of semi-final clash

Unai Emery has started the mind games ahead of his Villarreal team’s semi-final return leg against Arsenal this evening.

The Spanish side won the first leg of the tie, but they conceded an away goal, which Emery wasn’t happy about.

Arsenal could be boosted by the presence of Kieran Tierney, Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, none of whom started the first game.

The Gunners are also expected to play the game with the seriousness of a team that has everything to lose.

This is because the one guaranteed way that they will play in Europe next season is if they win the Europa League.

Despite his side winning the first leg and his reputation for being a specialist in the competition, Emery insists that Mikel Arteta’s team is the favourite for the game just as they were in the first leg.

Emery said via Mail Sport: ‘I consider the first leg result does not change how I see the initial competition. Arsenal started as a favourites and they are still favourites at this stage.

‘We are candidates to be able to play against this kind of teams and we’ll try to compete against this kind of team, those favourite teams but the first-leg result is really narrow to make anything change.

‘Why? Because of history, because of the present, because of the ability and the level from the budget to the players that they have in this squad. I consider them as favourites.

‘We are the underdogs but our team has been acknowledged in Europe. We have certain recognition and have been showing our level for years.

‘We have played a semi-final of the Champions League. We are a solid team with an ability to reach these heights but I now think Arsenal in that respect are one or two notches above us.’

Whether or not Emery thinks Arsenal should win, the Gunners simply have to beat Villarreal in this game.

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  1. Can’t wait till this tie is over ,thought we had seen the last of him when we sacked him but that’s all we have heard and read in the last 2 weeks .

  2. Yeah Dan- but as bad as Emery was, it still didn’t take that much for him to beat Lego Hair in the first leg.
    And just as when Emery eas here, I have ZERO confidence in Arteta.

    1. I know Phil ,outplayed by Villarreal and Worse still Emery ,if he hadn’t have taken his foot off the gas and been more adventurous they would already be in the final , that’s how sh1t we have become .

  3. Aaaahh but Dan- according to some, Arteta just needs a bit more time. Then again even some of those are now acting as though they doubted Arteta all along. Funny that don’t you think?

    12pm 27 hole tee off time mate so back in time for the match. Let’s see which Arsenal turns up today

    1. I dared to dream that he would be our “Pep” and would turn us into “world beaters”. I liked him as a player and thought he came across as dignified and knowledgeable. I obviously just wet the bed and woke up!

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