“They can beat any team in the league.” Henry says Arsenal needs consistency

Thierry Henry is confident that Arsenal can beat any team they face, but they have to find consistency.

Inconsistency has been the reason why the Gunners are struggling to end this campaign inside the European places.

They started the season well and were on their way to making the top four, but a run of poor results has left them needing to end the campaign by winning the Europa League if they want Champions League football.

They have recently returned to form and have beaten Olympiacos and Tottenham in their last two games.

This isn’t the first time that they have been in fine form, but they have struggled to maintain the form over several games.

Henry believes they have the capability to keep winning games, but they let themselves down all too often and that is why they are behind Spurs at the moment.

Henry told Sky Sports via Mail Sport: ‘That team, when they play on the front foot and go forward – they can beat any team in the league.

‘Right now, I think the squad is good. Can they be better? Yes. Was there any progress [under Arteta]? I think yes.

‘Is there any structure, are they doing better? The table doesn’t lie, at the end of the day, right?

‘You’re still behind Tottenham, although you won. You’re still behind a lot of teams.’

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  1. When we are allowed space to play on the front foot, we are certainly a better team. (This was confirmed in the recent NLD). However, when our opponents play a high press, including a high defensive line, we seem to struggle.
    Lacazette is my preferred choice of striker in the first scenario; Auba is my preferred choice in the second.
    If our games plans are based on the differences outlined above, we will become more consistent and win more games. Just my observations.

  2. Henry’s planting seeds…he knows full-well that those who aren’t convinced by Arteta’s managerial tenure have expressed their concerns over his negative tactics…crafty move but he still hasn’t shown that he can be an effective manager at any level, let alone in the best League in the footballing world…love the effort though

  3. How many have? There are many , many pretenders but very few that have scaled the heights wherever they hail from. Arteta is at the start of his career and has at least shown me that he is capable. Time will tell if he is another Pep, Ancelotti or Ferguson

    1. Hey SueP, hope you were able to read my reply to your questions regarding the whole Auba/Arteta situation…Cheers

      1. I did.
        I’m a simple soul and try not to read too much into Arteta’s mindset as he goes about his job.
        You write long posts and I have usually forgotten what your first paragraph said by the time I reach the last😊
        However, I do detect your dissatisfaction with Arteta whereas I am now seeing a man who is growing into the job which we all knew was his first. I have had nervy moments for sure. No one wants to be wrong, especially if it’s written down for all to comment on.

        I recall somewhere that you questioned his differing disciplinary approach to Auba and others within the club – Willian, Xhaka and Luiz, but I am not privy to what was said to these individuals in private. The truth is we don’t actually know what was said to Auba although we have the reason he was benched.
        In the quest for harmony let’s agree to disagree on how Arteta dealt with Auba

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