They can cry all they want but Arsenal claim the first “trophy” of the season

I tend not to use X, formerly known as Twitter, other than for work, simply because it is not a nice place. However, I had no choice today as I searched for a video of the Leandro Trossard equalizer, and wow, the amount of salty tears flowing is remarkable.

The strange thing was, it was not so much from Man City fans; I suspect they do not really care that much. But fans from other clubs, my oh my, are they upset.

I am not going to share any of their comments here; you can go see for yourself. It really is quite a hysterical reaction.

The lack of understanding about injury time is epidemic. It seems quite a few do not grasp that there are new rules in play, and we can expect 8 minutes and more as standard.

The moaning cries of lucky Arsenal could well be trending by the end of the night. It seems only Arsenal gets luck, and no other team in the history of the game has ever experienced a last-minute deflected equalizer.

I could go on about the periods of domination that Arsenal had or the clear-cut chances missed, or even how Rodrigo managed to stay on the pitch for the whole game, but I won’t.

Instead, I will just enjoy all the salty tears flowing from N17 all the way up to Old Trafford and beyond. I hear salt baths are good for you.

The absolute bottom line is this: we need space in our trophy cabinet to display our latest piece of silverware, a dust-free cabinet at that.

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  1. Great start to the season. But how do you compete with blatant corruption? What will I call that assault by Rodri, neck pulling or grabbing? Probably flinging. How he didn’t even get a yellow the entire match is beyond ridiculous. How poetic Ramsdale saved his penalty.

    1. Oh you need to see my reaction during those occurrences,i was MAD!! Same bozzo who rubbed us a victory against city two years ago, what an incompetent(i will not use the word “corrupt”) fool.

      1. It was as if he was blind to the numerous fouls committed by City players. Seems he really enjoys screwing us, glad today was not that day.

      2. Despite all open display of well scripted aggression on our players, we still triumph at the end of the day…. that’s all that matters. Kudus to Arteta, Timber particularly-what a revelation, & the rest of the players. Congrats gunners, for opening the season with a Silverware.

    2. Exactly. He always gets away with committing blatant fouls. Like in this match maybe he needed to break a leg for that incompetent ref to book him.

    3. I was literally shouting about this, you use your hands to stop a player it should be a yellow card every time, no exception. If it’s a
      bad luck instinct, then sorry, that is significantly less common than the intentional act and a worthy compromise.

      1. Some of these ref decisions need to be reviewed thoroughly and harsh punishment given to these refs. If found to be corruption let them be prosecuted. If found to be incompetent then they shouldn’t even be officiating at this level, withdrawal their badges and let them go back to training or better still demote them to National league to deservedly work their way up.

  2. Great performance and great win….
    Weldone guys and let’s start the league with a win too…COYG….

  3. Draw was a fair after the 90 minutes. We struggle to get anywhere near them for the first 20 minutes wasn’t pressing well enough as a unit and kept giving the ball away cheaply then we grew into the match and were the better side up until halftime but couldn’t convert clear cut chances. Second half didn’t do much tbh.

    We’re slowly closing the gap to Man City but still need improve our pressing in the opposition half of the field getting caught in transition i.e Palmer’s goal and playing out the back against an elite pressing team Ramsdale kicks it long more than is necessary when sometimes a short pass is on to a centre back but I put that down to confidence because the ability to do it is certainly there.

    Timber motm class act.
    Havertz did everything well except score.
    Rice did okay considering he is still adjusting to our system.
    White Saliba and Gabriel solid.
    Odegaard silky.
    Partey good and bad moments.
    Saka and Martinelli quiet.

  4. City were jumping and dancing for joy when they thought they had it won, when we do it we’re going overboard, get a grip gooner knockers,, and get used to it we’re here to stay.

  5. We won. We have more depth and options than ever so massive positives! Fact we are all, even the naysayers, dreaming of toppling City is magical.

    Same time we are not quite settled, plenty room for improvement. Intrigued to see Forest at home though because that is not somewhat obviously City.

    Have a fantastic evening fellow gunners. You deserve it!

  6. Btw, X is a beautiful place to be. But that’s just a personal thing. I just love the transparency more than conformity.

    Anyway, back to topic. It was a statement game nonetheless.
    Am glad for the players. It will be a good boost to their psyche going ahead. And the first silverware of the season. That will most certainly boost the morale.

  7. Good even game ,quite enjoyable to have proper footy back on .
    Timber very impressive MOTM
    This is exactly why Tierney does not start ,easily beaten by a young lad for their goal .
    Havertz being Havertz I’ve watched over the years .
    Martinelli was disappointing,not sure if that was because of the new players or not and having to adjust.
    Overall a good start to the season .

      1. Hes beaten quite a lot actually especially pacey skilful wingers and is often found wanting out of position struggling to get back ,and no I wouldn’t compare him to zinchenko because zinc offers us something going forward ,Tierney does not .
        Obviously the manger has the same opinion,else why would he play a RB at LB .

    1. The Timber you all are hyping is the reason Martinelli couldn’t play, he was double teamed without a single support or diverting byline run by his left back.
      Timber is a fantastic player but as a right footer he will never bring out the best in any winger ahead of him Martinelli or Trossard. He’s best defensively but going forward he wouldn’t as he would if he was on the right back position were he can support.

      1. I was thinking the same throughout the game. Nobody was backing up Martinelli. He was not getting the service that Xhaka usually gave him or anything that Tierney or Jesus usually gives. Havertz popped up out there occationally, and bizarrely so did Rice, but on the whole Martinelli was on his own.

    2. Not Tierney’s fault watch it again and he is caught between two City players with no backup, who should he have gone to? he was caught in no man’s land, no fault of his own. You could argue Ramsdale could have been better positioned for the goal, but it was a cracker of a goal

  8. Do I care what they about the talks about Arsenal? I only concentrate on my team’s performance. If we had lost, it would have been a difference noise from them.
    But Timber is a buy.

  9. Timber was the best player on the pitch by a mile and the difference between the teams has noticably closed. We were better, they were worse. We played a flat back 4 and 2 DMs just like the f***ing good ol’ days when we were invincible and it showed in the defensive solidity. Gabriel Magalhaes looked happy to have a reliable buddy either side of him and Ben White did what Ben White does which is deliver a 7/10 performance.

    Martinelli wasn’t very good and Havertz was predictably bad as a false 9 but his ability to find space is uncanny but he finishes like someone who expects not to score. If Arteta can give him some confidence and get him scoring he could go on to emulate RvP. Hopefully minus the sex offences.

  10. Congratulations once more.

    My highlight of the match is how Arteta left Trosard/ Nketiah on the bench in favor of Harvezt.

    Honourable Arteta please I beg you. We don’t need any more experiments this season.

    We have Nketiah as our fit striker he should play better still, Trosard has proved beyond human expectation that he can thrive up front. So it’s either Nketiah or Trosard. I rest my case

  11. Got to say that the commentary was a bit bias at times, Rodri clears the ball away with an header then the commentator says he’s brilliant, them moments later Rice puts on the afterburners to catch a breakaway player with a great interception then the crowd cheers and he says don’t no why they are cheering that’s he’s job🙄

    1. That’s why I am so glad we won just to shut up the pundits and the naysayers.
      I for one don’t mind criticism but when it comes to Arsenal people tend to go overboard.

  12. If nothing else, the inferiority complex which we seem to wear on our sleeve against City has been removed. Some of our regulars are fitter and sharper than those who have rarely featured in the pre season matches, but hopefully they will all be ready to go for the serious stuff next week.Timber is,without doubt a top quality defender .He is of course, limited in an attacking sense, particularly on the left, but I can see why he is a first choice pick at right CB for Holland.With his pace and ability in one on one situations I can see him in a sweeper role like Thiago Silva who is also not tall and is right footed..Not that our centre backs did badly today, in fact they did well, but Timber provides another dimension and option for Arteta to contemplate as we start on the League campaign.

  13. I am really interested to see what plans Arteta has for Hervatz, an expensive purchase on huge wages.

    If he hasn’t figured it by now and what we see is what we get then I will say he is one of those with self sabotaging personality.

    A massive win and our performance shows we have closed the gap with the frauds significantly. They should worry about making top 4 let alone defending the trophy.

    We still need a good striker. Depending on the wingers and midfielders for all the goals will always collapse in the end.

    God forbid we have another issue like in Wenger’s time of not buying what we needed the most.

        1. Yes I mean Man City Grandad. The only thing they are better than us at the moment is Haaland. Elsewhere not much difference.

  14. Yes Arsenal draw first blood, but why has it taken so long to implement the world cup style added time Procedures?

    It’s like arguing over spoil milk the signing of Havertz, its is what it is, in fact he didn’t do too bad.

    Can see Havertz getting even better in an Arsenal shirt as the opposition fluctuates in quality.

    A keep saying Havertz is probably the most intelligent player in an Arsenal shirt.

    Rarely have I seen a player with such timing as Declan Rice.

    Nice to see the gaffer back to basics as the players continues to integrate

    1. Kolo muani is too expensive.
      I say we keep balogun, keep the money and slug the season out.

  15. The result today is meaningless in terms of our final placing next May but it does at least show a never say die attitude to come back – even with the deflection- to then thump City on penalties. Very strong response indeed

    It’s a statement of intent

  16. City have been allowed to get away with so much. Guardiola loves to talk pure football but in the end he understands that money talks. Glad we won although my interest in this game was such that I had a good night’s sleep and looked up the score on the train to work. I have a feeling that psychologically this game will mean a lot to Arsenal’s players. Yes, we can beat them and the team hasn’t started to gel yet.

  17. Excuse me if I don’t get caught up in all the euphoria of winning another ‘trophy’. I would view it as a pre-season competitive friendly and that is exactly what it was. I think MA learned more about his new signings than Guardiola in particular with regard to the impressive Timber. The game was fairly even wth us having the better chances, and think MA will be the happier of the two managers. A word of warning though I do not believe that City will be our only challengers for the EPL title, Liverpool, Man U and possibly Chelsea are all strengthening their squads and could cause us a few problems. So perhaps less bravado and a bit more realism?

  18. We needed the win more than we needed the trophy that came with it. This is a great psychological boost for the players, if we had lost we would have been seen to still be second best going into the new season. We won without being magical, we won by standing toe to toe with the best team in Europe. We now need to grind out the results in the PL, I don’t care if we win every game 1-0, let’s be invincible 😊

  19. Arsenal needed 8 minutes of injury time to finally beat Man City; it was part of the script. I felt so relieved when Trossard equalised, dat’s what he’s good at just like he did for Brighton and Arteta at Everton. If yu can’t beat a team, make sure yu don’t lose to them…

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