“They didn’t trust me like they should have” Arsenal living rent-free in Martinez’ head

Emiliano Martinez cannot seem to stop talking about Arsenal despite leaving the club in the summer.

The Argentinean spent most of his time at the Emirates as Arsenal’s third or second-choice goalkeeper.

But an injury to Bernd Leno during Project Restart last season gave him the chance to become number one and he took it with both hands.

He helped the Gunners to win the FA Cup and Community Shield and asked to replace Leno permanently as the first choice.

Mikel Arteta stuck with the German and they subsequently sold him to Aston Villa.

He has become one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League and has even outshined Leno this season.

Arsenal has moved on from him and has even signed two goalkeepers since he left, but he cannot stop talking about the Gunners.

In a recent interview, he repeated his now boring claim that the Gunners didn’t make him feel like he was trust-worthy.

‘I love everything about Arsenal. I still love them and I’m still watching the games, but I just felt like they didn’t trust me like they should have, Martinez said as quoted by the Mail.

‘That’s the reality because they kept buying goalkeepers to go in front of me and I was the goalkeeper from the academy.

‘When I was on a high, I still felt like they didn’t deserve me because of the way they were treating me. They couldn’t guarantee me the games I needed so I thought that if they couldn’t guarantee me games, I’m moving on. 

‘They didn’t say to me that I wasn’t going to play, they just didn’t guarantee me the games that I wanted to play.  

‘So, after 10 years, I decided to leave, and it was very difficult. My family didn’t understand why I was leaving when I was at such a good level at Arsenal, but it was my decision to leave and I’m really proud I did it.

‘It was a gamble, but I always believe that if you stay in the comfort zone, you will never reach anything in life. I decided to take the step up.’ 

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  1. How ironic that this club will give playing time guarantees to old men on high wages and players on loan with no clauses to purchase, but not a keeper who performed better for us than any other keeper we’ve employed since he first arrived at this mixed-up club more than a decade ago…we just aren’t a good enough organization to ever look a gift horse in the mouth, much like how ESR was forced wide when Ode arrived on the scene

  2. Emi Martinez has a valid point that in 10 years at the Club, he constantly saw other goal keepers brought in without him being given game time.
    In my opinion in the limited opportunities he did have, he showed better form than some of the goal keeper, who replaced him.

    1. Yes, I agree and some of them were not even good enough. But yo be fair to Arsenal, Emi must have developed through the years, especially that goalkeeping is a classicaly late blooming position. For me, he is better than Leno and homegrown, I would have sold Leno if I cannot keep both of them.

      It is in the past anyways, Arsensl have more pressing problems.

  3. Don’t worry Emi, in a few weeks you will be wanted by the elite on mega bucks with a chance of European and English trophies. AV is your stepping stone son. I’m done with Leno’s stupidity. We got rid of Ozil, Mustafi now this last piece of the puzzle needs to be binned.Too many poor decisions and gives no confidence to his players. Blame Xhaka for the goal, but why pass to a calamity player? To make him look more stupid? To pile more misery on Arteta?

    1. Why pass to one of your teammates who’s calling for the ball? If that type of thinking comes in, we really are done.

  4. All these players that came through the rank in Arsenal. And Arsenal invested so much in them even when they were no where near good. When it is time to repay the faith, they’ll be demanding more than they have offered and give excuses to leave.

    Arsenal as a club will move good or bad. But looks to me like his own decision is haunting him.

    1. Why would it be haunting him, to be playing for a famous club like Aston Villa, currently sitting higher in the table than Arsenal?

      1. See, I don’t like engaging people like you.
        You want to tell me the only thing you could blindly see in my comment is “haunting”.
        You think 10yrs investment is a joke. If he was so good, we won’t have had to buy and start Leno ahead of him in the first place.
        Do you know how much we invested on Leno becos he could not guaranty us a consistent performance as at the time.
        So, becos he performed for 1/2 a season or in about how many games in 10yrs, we should discard Leno immediately for him.
        And if he’s not being haunted by his decision in anyway, why is he always sobbing about Arsenal and how he was treated.

        Let’s try to separate our emotions from our reasoning sometimes, we will reason better.

      2. He is bitter because he loved arsenal so much…..i would for him to come back at emirates.He is so good at goalkeeping……leno is a times wavy but he proved his consistence and passion about playing for a big team like arsenal

  5. Oh please STFU and move on, he’s still obsessed with Arsenal. I love him but all these unnecessary talks seems pointless. He started running his mouth last season and making threats about leaving. He said he was told he would start the first game against Fulham and would be given the playing time to fight Leno for the spot. He chickened out because he wasn’t the club didn’t guarantee him to be starter.
    Almost a year later he’s still whining like a kid about it. Everyone’s moved on including Arsenal, he should focus on his career and his targets rather than mentioning Arsenal didn’t do this or that

    1. Eddie, you shouldn’t be so rough on Emi as he’s actually paying the ultimate compliment to our organization, in that he was so desperate to make his name at Arsenal and not at some other random club, but simply knew he had to seek greener pastures if he wanted to be an everyday keeper, especially at his age

  6. He certainly improved since the five he let in against Reading and was eventually worthy of a regular first team spot, but who do you chose when you have two such great keepers?
    Personally I would have kept him as number one & made some money on Leno, but there’s not that much between them really. Watching Leno yesterday (goal conceding mistake not withstanding) I was really impressed with his arial improvement. He was catching just about everything that came his way (not always his strongest quality) and if the coaches (who make the rules) could work on distribution nobody would be complaining that we’d sold the wrong keeper.
    Best of luck to Emi who deserves his current status as a top keeper.

  7. Dude should just STFU already, we had 2 good gk needed the money for partey and got a good offer for him… the end.

    Now about that mistake it was both xhaka and leno equally responsible. BUT these kind of ridiculous mistakes have been happening way before either player arrived or passing from the back started. It feel more and more like we are cursed or something.

  8. Most saves: Premier League 2020/21 season
    Position Player Saves Minutes Played
    1st Sam Johnstone 105 2,250
    2nd Illan Meslier 99 2,250
    3rd Nick Pope 95 2,250
    4th Emiliano Martinez 92 2,160
    5th Aaron Ramsdale 92 2,340
    6th Karl Darlow 88 2,250
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    1. And what are we expected to read from those stats, since you don;t say why you posted them?

  9. Arsenal don’t care how good are you they will sell you if they want money… Look at Robin Van Persie. Sanchez. Gnabry. To name a few… They were sold…

  10. It can mean many things… but here are a couple of ideas (but you can think a bit and come up with your own):

    1) It is likely that Emiliano will be taken by one of the bigger clubs… for a lot more money, unless Villa fancy being part of the top four. When that happens, I just hope we get some money from that deal… or else it will prove how much more incompetent the fellows running Arsenal are than we realize.
    2) The FA Cup was more due to Emiliano than Arteta: it was a nagging question, as it take especial determination to keep clean sheets…

    You can look at other data, such as clean sheets if you wish to know the obvious. Leno is nowhere the keeper Emiliano is.

    Published: 17:00, 1 March 2021

    “With sweeper ‘keepers all the rage in football at the minute, the spotlight has arguably never been greater on the man between the sticks.

    Managers are increasingly demanding that their goalkeepers must be proficient with the ball at his feet and quick off the line to anticipate danger. But, fundamentally, a goalkeeper’s main objective is to prevent the ball hitting the onion bag.

    Do this and your team stands a greater chance of winning. So, while we may laud the ball-playing exploits of Alisson, or the crisp precision of Ederson’s passing range, these modern requirements of the No. 1 would count for little if opposition shots were consistently hitting the stanchion.

    Fortunately for Man City and Liverpool fans, the above duo are pretty good at doing both, with Ederson currently in first position for the Golden Glove. But, who will win the race come May?”

    Golden Glove: Premier League most clean sheets 2020/21 season
    Position Player Clean sheets Minutes Played
    1st Ederson 15 2,250
    2nd Emiliano Martinez 13 2,160
    3rd Edouard Mendy 11 1,890
    4th David de Gea 9 2115
    5th Nick Pope 9 2,250
    6th Kasper Schmeiche 9 2,340
    7th Lukasz Fabianski 8 2,160
    8th Bernd Leno 8 2,232
    9th Hugo Lloris 8 2,250
    10th Alphonse Areola 8 2,250

    Correct as of 17:00 01/03/2021 | Ties broken by minutes played, and then save percentage

  11. This is not how you talk about someone who spent a decade at our club… He’s practically like family….. He still talks about arsenal beacuse he’s hurt.. If anyone should be offended it’s Aston villa not you…. Such an insensitive article from u…. Have a little empathy will you

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