‘They never knew how to forgive,’ Adebayor says Aubameyang’s career at Arsenal is over

Emmanuel Adebayor says Arsenal fans will not forgive Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang after they stripped him of the club’s armband.

The former striker played for the Gunners between 2006 and 2009 before he forced through a transfer to Manchester City.

He would even play for Arsenal’s fiercest rivals, Tottenham, eventually.

He believes he was never forgiven by the Arsenal faithful and likens the way he was treated to what Aubameyang is facing.

The Togolese claims Auba must be going through so much now and he understands because he has been in a similar situation.

He has already sent a message to the former Arsenal captain and hopes he returns stronger.

‘I know he’s going through a lot, because that’s Arsenal for you,’ he said via Sky Sports.

‘They never knew how to forgive, so I know he went through a lot. He’s a fantastic player, I wish him all the best – I’ve sent him a message already.

‘We just want him to bounce back. Whether we like it or not, he’s an African brother and we want him to keep representing Africa the way he was doing before.’

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Adebayor still won’t accept that he betrayed us to make the move to City.

It is not a surprise that he would make this statement, considering that he is not an individual who knows how to take responsibility for his actions.

However, his comments wouldn’t change the fact that Aubameyang is not bigger than the team and he deserves his current punishment.

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  1. Not interested what that man says he’s a traitor just like nasri, van persi,
    But he’s the worst after scoring against us to run the length of the field to celebrate was disgusting,
    I often wish I would meet him half way up the pitch and level him with a punch…

  2. OT: Vlahovic on his way to Juve, reliable journalists in Italy reporting Juve and Fiorentina have reached an agreement. So now we can finally move on from this fiasco. I just hope Edu and Arteta have back up options. Wouldn’t hold my breath!

  3. Forgive him for what ?He was another bad influence at the club that we are well rid off ! Stole kit and the boots that RVP had promised to a disabled kid ! One good season and he thought he was the greatest.

  4. When you’re paid 350k pounds a week it’s hard to forgive. Especially when you’ve taken your employer… the fans for granted and behave like a prima donna never set a good example to the kids who earn ten percent if your pay…and who try harder than you. Auba deserves what he gets. Adebayor the traitor is full of sh**.

  5. I just wonder how admin knows what it is that Aubameyang has done to deserve the treatment he is getting?
    It is suggested he arrived back late and this isn’t the first time, but I have not seen any official statement from either club or player.

    As for Adebayor, I agree 100% with Jim Wall.

  6. With Auba, there’s nothing to forgive for me.

    He’s been in woeful form, has been breaking rules off the pitch, and has rightly been dropped and punished. I do not hate him for that. His time is up, and we move on.

    For me, he’s a player along with Leno, that carried the team for a couple of seasons, and played a major role in us winning our first trophy since the Wenger era. Auba isn’t an Arsenal legend, but I will always have good memories of him.

    With the snake that is Adebayor, it’s completely different, and no way should HE be forgiven! He was constantly flirting with other clubs, completely disrespected the fan base, and ended playing for the Spuds!!!!

  7. It’s so funny to me that some supporters will hold particular players to one standard and others to a completely different one, even when new information comes to light that paints a completely different picture of what had actually transpired…I don’t want to go into great depth about the real reasons why both Adebayor and RVP were sold off by Wenger, but needless to say what we were led to believe and what actually happened are two vastly different stories

    furthermore, some of the same people who have publicly chastised Auba for supposedly disrespecting the armband have somehow supported the notion of Xhaka reclaiming the captaincy even after flipping off the fans, underperforming for years and openly flirting with the enemy during the summer…what makes this even more infuriating is that in a real world football sense, Auba has brought considerably more to the equation in substantially less time…go figure

  8. He never knew humility, that’s Adebayo for you. Aubameyang would have resolved whatever the situation is if he wanted to but these kids allow arrogance to destroy them, clubs make players and not the other way around. The Arsene Wenger was so huge that it competed with the Arsenal fc brand at some point but today the club remains standing and solidly too.

  9. Ousmane Dembele is worse than Aubameyang off the pitch and we’re yet to hear of the club punishing him. It’s either Aubameyang has done something criminally wrong which we know nothing about or Arteta’s ego is too big. I believe that Arteta is using the excuse of him returning late to punish him for all the sins he’s committed. If so, why wait until a particular incident to recall someone’s sins? He’s our best striker by a very long mile. We should do what is necessary to have him firing again and not ostracizing him when all we have are Lacazette and Nketiah, who have a combined grand total of 3 premier league goals between them. Arteta’s ego is speaking again

  10. I’m not sure to what extent Auba’s disrespected the club, although something must have happened. 3 strikes and you’re toast for example, but he doesn’t come across as a nasty piece of work

  11. I’ve always felt a little for adebayor. Really could have been a great great player but it seems like that one very good season went right to his head. It all went a bit crazy after he left as well. If I were him, I’d have a lot of regrets, and he does seem a bit troubled. I don’t have any real animosity towards him.

  12. I think Arteta is spot with PEA big ego Dortmund had big probs with him we buy mad , Monaco had massive probs the mug Addi we got shot of another greasy barxxxd
    We buy the same type of player we do not learn any lessons, at least Arteta getting rid of the shit and trying to move the time bomb Xhaxa would help these geezers are supposed to be leaders which is a joke.

  13. All these hatred and curses on our former players MUST STOP. It doesn’t show any class. These guys are professionals, they play to get paid and if any of them left Arsenal for another team to earn more money we don’t have the right to judge them, any of us here can do that.
    All of them gave reasons like lack of ambition and silverware and if we’re honest with ourselves they were ALL RIGHT. I mean look at the numbers;
    1) Van Persie left arsenal and straightaway won EPL with Man U.
    2) Samir Nasri, Gael Clinchy, Bacary Sagna etc all left arsenal to Man city and they all have EPL medals to their names.
    3) Cesc Fabregas forced his move to Barcelona and won multiple trophies, came to Chelsea, won trophies.
    4) Gnabry was seen as surplus to requirements at Arsenal but turns lethal in Bayern Munich. What of Adelaide in Lyon, Chamberlain in Liverpool? Do I need to mention more?

    Auba had so many suitors last 2 seasons but chooses to believe in the so called process of MA. Had it been he left that time, you guys would have still labelled him a traitor

    What of Laca? He works his socks off everytime he’s on the pitch but because he had a poor game, you’re now asking for him to be cut off.

    I wonder the kind of humans that you lost are. Instead of focusing on the deterioration of Arsenal Fc that nobody wants to sign with, you’re increasing your hatred to some selected ex gunners.
    Let me see how far that will help Arsenal.

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