“They will have to go through a lot of pain” Pundit says Arsenal should not sack Arteta yet

Jamie Carragher has urged Arsenal to keep faith with Mikel Arteta and instead of sacking him, back him in the next transfer window.

The Gunners have been on a poor run of form recently with their latest result being a 2-1 loss to Everton in the Premier League.

They have now lost 8 league games this season, and seven of their last 10. 

It is a run of form that can get any manager sacked and there have been calls for the Gunners to fire the former midfielder.

But Carragher says that now is not the time to fire him because he still needs some players to make his team complete.

He said that the Gunners need to back him when the transfer window reopens next month with some new signings.

Some of his summer signings have been doing well, but he needs six or seven more new players on his team before he can be judged to be doing good or bad work.

“For [Arsenal] to get back to where they want to be, they will have to go through a lot of pain and they will do,” said the former Liverpool centre-back via Express Sport.

“A couple of signings they made this season, Gabriel [Magalhaes], [Thomas] Partey, they could be a big part of Arsenal for years to come.

“But they need a few more players in the January transfer window. If Arteta can get six or seven players in then he can be judged on the job that he’s doing.”

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  1. He’s a rival supporter. He want us to get relegated, and a mockery of us. How can Liverpool supporter advice Arsenal what they should do?

    1. My point exactly he would love nothing more than seeing us in the championship, everybody talks about Arteta needing x amount of transfer windows, wasn’t part of the reasons we appointed Arteta that he is brilliant in developing young talent which I have to add we have plenty of, all I see Arteta doing is banishing brilliant young prospects, like Goundauzi and Saliba. We are going nowhere fast with Arteta. Let’s stop making excuses we all wanted him to succeed but he has failed miserably, let’s move on, before it’s too late

  2. Arteta can’t just get 6 or 7 players in because no one wants to leave. In the summer though Ozil Luiz Socritis Mustafi and Elneny are all off contract but Arsenal would rather sell them in January but none will go because that would lower their salary at their next club. So Arsenals 6-7 “new ” signings may well be Guendouzi back from France Torreira back from Spain Saliba promoted, Martinelli and Mari back from injury Chambers reintroduced and Balogun.

  3. The summer transfer window will be a vital one for Arteta who I sincerely hope will still be in charge.The expiry of certain contracts will ease pressure on our huge wage bill and enable him to acquire 2/3 quality players to strengthen the team.The injury to Partey has been a major reason why we are in the mire and we clearly need new blood in midfield to support him.This season I have been impressed with two central/b to b midfielders in Yves Bissouma of Brighton and Zambo Anguissa of Fulham.Either of these guys or indeed both would really strengthen our midfield which is lacking in pace and energy.Rather than being critical of Arteta who ,in addition to inheriting numerous mediocre performers has made a lot of errors, tactically and in selection, I prefer to try to be constructive by flagging up players who I feel would be effective additions and may not cost the earth.Arteta will also be very familiar with Zambo Adarabioyo , currently on loan at Fulham, and this young man is one of the main reasons for the improvement in their defence recently.They bossed the game against Newcastle yesterday and would have most certainly won had they not been reduced to ten men. Any other players in the English Leagues who could improve us?

  4. Rubbish from a cantankerous Jamie Carragher.
    Look it is obvious. Arteta has lost the dressing room, the supporters, the press and most pundits. He came with big ‘talk the talk’….but even me and you can talk the the talk. He just doesn’t ‘walk the walk’. Words are easy.
    When it comes to human management and fairness he is a walking disaster zone. Treats people differently for the same thing. A great kid, Goundouzi, was shown the door whilst the thug Xhaka and the hothead Ceballos were pardoned. No human being will accept abject unfairness. Like him or not Ozil was treated inhumanely. Saliba showed the dark side of Arteta that cannot be forgiven. At Leicester Brendan Rogers put faith in Wesley Fofana, who was Saliba’s sidekick. Because Arteta never signed Saliba he has binned him. The most clear and obvious ‘stand out’ that Arteta is a ‘holder of grudges’. Arteta has broken this club not fixed it. That’s the truth and if we keep him on we will be lucky to avoid relegation. Arteta cannot ever ‘work’ for Arsenal. His football is micro-managed, over-controlled, uncreative, oxygen-free football that repeats week after week. He should leave now….we are not an experiment….we are a GREAT club.

  5. The “pundits” will never directly criticise the Manager.In Arteta’s case they seem to gloss over all the mistakes that he has made over the course of the last year…(selling the wrong goalkeeper, deludedly keeping players who he thought he could improve,incessantly playing his “favourites”,ostracising players who might have done better than other squad players,seemingly having only one very negative game tactic,failing to adapt to other teams style of play,giving contracts to undeserving players…etc)..
    As a life long supporter I was hoping that he could turn matters around.It is now plain as day that this isn’t going to happen.Unfortunately as one of the most badly run teams in top level football Arsenal don’t seem to have any plan in place and will muddle on…perhaps even giving Arteta some more money…that they can ill afford…to bring in somebody ,in January ,to try and prevent the ship from sinking further.Both Arteta and Edu need to go!They are clearly out of their depth and need to be replaced by people who understand what this Club needs at this time.Men that understand what a Club like Arsenal should be achieving,who are prepared to ship out the “deadwood” and at least begin a process of making Arsenal competitive once again as far as the Premier League is concerned.

  6. Joel do you not think Arteta would like to get rid of the deadwood he inherited.? The fact is nobody wants these overpaid, mediocre players some of whom we cannot unload until their contracts expire.The rot had set in well before the arrival of Arteta and we are currently bottoming out before the recovery can commence.We will not be relegated and would not have been in this position had Partey and Martinelli been fit in my estimation.Carragher, who I have little time for, is correct when he highlights our appalling recruitment which has been going on for almost a decade.

    1. You are deluded if you think Arteta will lead this club to glory. He doesn’t have a system or blueprint to the style of play he intends to implement. He shouldn’t have been given the job in the first place just because he was Pep’s waterboy. He needs to be fired asap to stop the backside slide that could very well lead us to be relegated.

    2. This is what is screwing the team – appalling recruitment and mind boggling transfer fees and contracts

      £72m for Pepe beggars belief and paying over the odds to keep Auba and employing Willian on a 3year deal were ill advised – although I did expect better from Willian and didn’t think Auba would to go to pieces when his goals dried up. Not captain material as it hardly exudes confidence for the team to feed off

      It seems to me that whenever the ship springs a leak a sticking plaster is stuck over it as a stop gap.

  7. Mohamed if you have nothing constructive to say ,why bother to slag off a 73 year old who has led a fulfilled life.There is not a human alive who could lead this group of players to “glory”.Your word, not mine.

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