“They will lose faith in Arteta” former Gunner sends a warning over David Luiz

Former Arsenal star, Perry Groves has urged the club not to give a new deal to David Luiz as the Brazilian continues to struggle at the Emirates.

Luiz joined the Gunners on a one-year deal last summer and his first season at the club has been calamitous.

Arsenal has the chance of extending his current deal for another year and it appears that the club is in talks with him in that regard.

However, Groves believes that it would be an enormous mistake if the Gunners give him a new deal.

Luiz has been generally poor in his season at the club and on the return of football last week, he proved again why the club would do better without him on their team.

He wasn’t started against Manchester City, but when Pablo Mari got injured and he was substituted in, he caused the first goal, earned Manchester City a penalty and got sent off. All in less than 30 minutes.

After watching his performances, Groves believes that giving him a new deal would only increase the pressure on Mikel Arteta.

He told talkSPORT: “He’s 33 now and keeps making the same mistakes.

“He can play one brilliant game in six where you think what a player he is, pinging it 60, 70 yards, getting in front of the centre-forward and nicking it.

“But then another three or four of those games, he’ll make a ricket or he won’t concentrate.

“If Arteta signs David Luiz, Arteta will come under pressure from Arsenal fans.

“They will lose faith in Arteta because it’s blatantly obvious that he [Luiz] is always going to cause you problems.

“Arteta wants to play a back four, he wants to play a high line, he wants to play a pressing game and David Luiz can’t do that.”

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  1. He had a torrid time against ManC but had the guts to come out and speak to the media. Many wouldn’t and I give him credit for that.

    I wouldn’t want him to play for us again, but there is a bond between Luiz and Arteta and from what I have gleaned, seems to be a good influence in the dressing room. That is not enough to extend his contract as there are far more urgent issues to address

  2. Sue P I love your loyalty but I’m more concerned what he does on the pitch. He’s defending is deplorable, loses concentration all the time, butts in at free kick thinking he’s some kind of Cristiano Ronaldo, never scored one far as I can remember with the majority going high into the crowd, commands extortionate wages, occasionally sprays a decent pass, about one every six games. Sorry, not enough for me. Waste of money in the first place, get rid of him ASAP

    1. Kenny
      I 100% agree and there is no mincing of words with you 🤣 Is Arteta just being kind knowing that Luiz on his hefty wages is surplus or would he really keep him? That would be a worry

    2. Kenny I like a man who knows his own mind, esp when his judgement is so spot on. God only knows why we bought this awful player in the first place!

      1. Thanks Jon
        I know my own mind too
        I didn’t disagree with Kenny either…just put a slightly different perspective on it

        1. SueP knows what she’s talking about John, maybe a bit more forgiving than me but she does say in her first article she wouldn’t want him playing for us again, which is fair enough

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