Thierry Henry highlights the issues that Mikel Arteta needs to deal with

Thierry Henry has been happy with the changes that have happened at Arsenal since Mikel Arteta became the club’s manager.

The Spaniard was named as a replacement for Unai Emery last year and some considered him too inexperienced to deal with the issues that the club has been facing.

But Arteta has proven his doubters wrong, helping the club win the FA Cup and Community Shield in less than a year.

Henry, who is a legendary figure at the club and who is also trying his best to make a name for himself in management has been happy with what is going on at the club under Arteta.

He claims that Arsenal is now a team with an identity and that the togetherness at the club is there for all to see.

He then adds that the passion is back at the club and Arteta has made them solid again, before adding that the Spaniard needs to deal with the issues at the club like that of Mesut Ozil.

‘First and foremost, you can see an identity, a togetherness,’ Henry told CBS Sports podcast Que Golazo via the Metro.

‘When you’re going to be the boss after the big man, so obviously Unai Emery was but now it’s Arteta, it’s not easy to go after Arsene Wenger, it’s not easy at all. 

‘But what I see with Mikel is that the passion is back, the happiness is back, obviously he gave them a good solidity. 

‘Now he needs to deal with what he needs to deal with: the Ozil case and other cases. That doesn’t happen overnight.

‘When you inherit a team from someone, you need to make sure you can clear some stuff, because it just doesn’t happen overnight. 

‘And then people are like “Oh, oh, oh, he didn’t give all those contracts to some of those players”. So he needs to make sure he needs to bring the players that he needs to adapt to his system. And that takes time.
‘And on top of everything, in this league it takes even more time because the competition is crazy. I don’t know when was the last time where, after six games, every team already lost a game. 

‘Every team already lost a game – I don’t remember that. It means what it means, it’s not easy for even the teams that are well prepared, well organised.’

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  1. Let us keep the Ozil matter for January. That extra pay per match played is unconventional. That should be scrapped from the contract before he is reintegrated otherwise we are setting a bad precedence in the club.

  2. Let Ozil stay wherever he is until June next year. Arteta needs to work on the identity of the team. I’m used to quick passing and counter attacks, but now Arsenal is playing boring football
    The other issue that Arteta needs to work on is how manage youngsters. We gonna lose young talent is Arteta doesn’t improve the way he manages them

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