Thierry Henry is claimed to not be a fan of Granit Xhaka

Patrice Evra claims that Thierry Henry once refused to watch Arsenal when seeing Granit Xhaka donning the captain’s armband.

The former striker currently holds the record for most Arsenal goals, and the club remains in his heart after eight years with the club.

Our former captain is claimed to have refused to watch his beloved team previously however, after seeing current midfielder Xhaka coming out as captain.

Fellow Frenchman and former Premier League star Patrice Evra claims he was at Henry’s house one evening, and about to watch the game when Thierry turned the television off.

The former United defender was telling the story shortly after seeing the Gunners lose, possibly down to the Swiss international’s red card.

Evra told Sky Sports after the match (via TalkSport): “Thierry Henry, one day he invited me to his house to watch Arsenal.

“He turned on the TV, the first image he saw on the screen was Xhaka leading Arsenal.

“Thierry Henry turned off the TV. He said ‘I can’t watch my team and Xhaka being the captain’.

“He’d tell you everything about what the legends of this club think about him. He again let down his team.

“We criticised [Nicolas] Pepe so much but Xhaka, it’s not the first time.”

Xhaka most definitely let the side down this weekend, as we was pressing on in search of the opening goal before his dismissal, and with the team having worked so hard to try and overcome their terrible form in recent weeks, this was a huge setback for our side.


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  1. I think Evra wouldn’t be invited to Henry’s house anymore. If Henry replaces Arteta, he would be the only one who’ll never choose Xhaka as a starter

  2. I don’t think Evra did Henry any favours tbh. It may be true but Henry was a legend who would never make that statement public. Naughty Evra!

    Having said that, Henry has always been an Arsenal fan and want’s what is best for the club. Even Arsenal legends and players find it difficult to relate or identify with how the club have regressed over the years. It’s painful for us all!

  3. Players are not treated equally under the management of Arteta. Arteta lacks basic management skills. He doesn’t deserve to be where he is at the moment. Period

  4. Henry is not the only Arsenal fan who does not appreciate Xhaka, and after yesterday, I suspect Arteta will finally get the message.If Inter-Milan are genuinely interested in him we should try to arrange a loan deal at least, next month As far as I am concerned only when Xhaka and a host of other mediocre performers leave our Club can the renaissance begin .I hope Arteta is given more time to put the house in order, for I very much doubt if any Manager on the Planet could improve the group of players he inherited.He has made a number of selections and decisions which I find hard to understand, but fate conspired against him yesterday at a time when I felt we were about to score.I do not believe he has lost the dressing room, indeed comments from a number of players recently have suggested that they are all singing off the same hymn sheet.

  5. Me i don’t watch when i see kolasinac in the starting line up because he annoys me a lot with his displays

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