Thierry Henry names the Arsenal player that “gives 100% every single game”

Gabriel Martinelli did not have a particularly successful run last season. Arsenal’s challenge to replace Granit Xhaka at LCM, many changes at left-back, a tactical switch that saw him hug the touchline to widen the pitch, and injuries all hampered the Brazilian’s form.

After a productive 2022–23 season in which he scored 15 goals and six assists in 46 games, many were hopeful he’d improve. However, his progress appeared to be stagnant; in 44 games last season, he only scored 8 goals and assisted 5 times.

Meanwhile, Leandro Trossard appeared to push his claim for the left flank position.

Martinelli truly needs a productive summer to rediscover his mojo. He’s already showing signs of a comeback during international friendlies ahead of the Copa America. In the Brazil vs. Mexico game, he clocked 62 minutes and scored to help his side beat the Mexicans 3-2.

In the match against the United States on Thursday morning, despite not starting, he managed to create two opportunities for Vini Jr. in his 13 minutes on the field. More importantly, versus the United States, it was clear that he moved quickly and was eager to take on players. In his brief cameo, most remarked that he’s returning to his old self.

Martinelli needs to continue on his current momentum, seize his opportunities in the Copa America, and sustain his form in Arsenal’s preseason. He needs to be at his best when the league returns. On a good day, Martinelli is unplayable, and Thierry Henry has hinted at why he is a cog in Arteta’s project while being a fan favorite.

The Arsenal legend told PL YouTube of the Brazilian’s passion and dedication, “You can play low with him on the counter. You can press with him. I think the way he did improve is amazing. People love him at Arsenal because he gives 100% every single game.”

With a steady inverted left back in place to feed him, Gabriel Martinelli, a £6 million 2019 recruit, may excel in the upcoming season.

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  1. Giving 100% just isn’t enough to win the title unfortunately. Unpopular opinion but I don’t think he’s good enough to be our starting left winger. Defenders have cottoned onto his style and its easy to nullify him. Some people say the inverted left back hasn’t helped but Trossard still gets the numbers in the same position. For me the the left wing and cm are the only positions we should be looking to bring in actually first 11 starters for.

    1. The ardent Arteta supporters credited the manager “in good times” when Martinelli was performing admirably for his development.

      But now “in his bad times” he is not good enough, his fault. A recurring theme that I have seen with many players this past two years.

    2. I agree with you that the lb or cm situation can’t be used as an excuse, but personally, I’m seeing it as a bad season that will be part of his development. I think he has a strong mentality and will use this as motivation to improve. I’m not too worried about him for now.

  2. I have never been a fan of any player that keeps looking at the ball. That style of play hinders their game in mordern football.

  3. Weren’t you two singing hiss praises 2 seasons ago? Last season wasn’t so good and he is now not good enough, deluded Arsenal fans. Show me your dream winger, let’s compare them both.

    Martinelli will definitely come good for Arsenal, I’ll support him 💯

    1. Singing which praise? When has he been our best player in a season.

      Hes style of play is very limited. Even players that are more consistent than him, have difficulties in some games.

      Hes good….but we can do better

    1. Your the one naming, as you see them, better players than Martinelli, so why don’t you give us the comparisons as, presumably, you actually have the figures?
      It would be interesting to see them.

      1. I named them because Arsenal said name them and he will do a comparison pal

        But whatever i will do it
        league form only
        Williams got 5 goals 11 assists in 31 games
        Leao got 9 goals and 9 assists in 34 games
        Martinelli got got 6 goals and 4 assists in in 35 games
        Gordon got 11 goals 12 assists in 35 games

        So Martinelli had the worst return of the 4 with most minutes played and in the best team scoring the most goals out of all the teams.

        1. Thank you pal.
          How many minutes did each player play – were they substituted – did they come on as a substitute???
          Now, perhaps, you could explain why Thierry Henry sees it differently to you?
          Thanks pal.

        2. As you have been schooled above, never look at games played instead of minutes played.

          A substitute with 10 minutes and one who play all 90 counts as 1 game for both of them.

          1. I have looked at the minutes lads and Leao has played a grand total of two games worth, Nico 3 and Gordon 4.5 more. If you think Martinelli is getting 7 8 g/a in two games then fair enough.

            Why dont we go further and look at the goals scored because two of Martinelli’s came against palace when we was 3 up. A tame shot against city that took a wicked deflection of Ake. One agaiNST Luton and one against Sheffield united.

            It was only the back end of the season he got less minutes because he had been dropped for being poor !!!!

  4. Eze would also be a good signing on the left and he provided 11 goals and 4 assists in 27 games

    Pedro neto got 2 goals and 10 assists in 20 games

    Olise ten goals and 6 asissts in 19

    1. Like i said Martinelli played more minutes than everyone apart from Gordon. Look Martinelli isnt even the best left winger at arsenal thats why Trossard took his place

  5. Martinelli is is very young and good I really don’t know what he has done now that we can compare him with so many players. We Have To Sell Players And Make Money

  6. From an Arsenal perspective, having Martinelli in our ranks can only be a good thing. Not all seasons are individually roaring successes so much will depend on what happens this summer and how he responds to the setback of not being a shoo-in each week.

  7. If Arteta feels the need to change marginally from the starting eleven then it’s his choice because he chooses the tactics and the way he wants them to set up.
    I think Martinelli had a bad season like every other player would/had
    If we go by Nelli’s best season his numbers shows that last season was just a bad season.
    Let’s see how next season’s will be compared to those players mentioned by liam.

  8. I’d give Martinelli next season to prove his worth He has to get good GA if he fails then I’d replace him Right now I think it’s more important to find a player that can cover Saka By cover I mean he also has to produce in the final third similar to Trassard We’re so close to a title that anyone underperforming in our front line will derail us So I can see why people are concerned about Martinelli We need to be ruthless so I’m not sure at all

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