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Thierry Henry proud to be confirmed as Monaco boss

Thierry Henry joined Monaco as a tender 15 year old before going on to becoming Arsenal’s biggest goalscoring legend, and now at 44 he is starting his managing career back at his the club that gave him his very first contract. Henry himself announced on Twitter how proud he is to return to Monaco….

Hopefully, like his playing career, he will one day move on to Arsenal and become our greatest ever manager too, although Wenger’s record would be very hard to beat!

Sam P

8 thoughts on “Thierry Henry proud to be confirmed as Monaco boss

  1. gotanidea

    Excited to see how Henry implements what he got from his working experience as an international lethal striker and as a Belgium team assistant manager

  2. jon fox

    If there is a single Gooner who does not agree that Henry goes with our 100% best wishes and admiration from ALL Gooners, I will be amazed. In fact, I will not believe it.

  3. Phil

    Should be interesting with Vieira managing Nice just down the road-now that will be a derby with those two against each other

  4. John Legend

    I don’t believe Arsene’s record will be difficult to beat.
    Let one manager guide our team to 2ECL, 4EPL and 3 or more FA Cup wins first. This is achievable in 10years I believe

  5. Innit

    Wish him luck and hope he is successful
    People who can’t give him good wishes are not really Arsenal fans.
    He is an Arsenal Legend
    He helped bring trophies to us.

    Congratulations Thierry

  6. A Leicester Crawley

    You go, Thierry! 🙂
    For sure he’ll be signed by Arsenal at one point. Can’t wait.

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