Thierry Henry reveals how he dealt with those who bullied him

Despite becoming one of the Premier League’s greatest goal scorers, Thierry Henry has revealed that he used to get bullied when he first came to England, because of his socks.

He scored 228 goals for the Gunners over two spells but he was not well-received initially and some fans bullied him for the length of his socks.

Because he loved his socks to be over his knee, the Frenchman revealed that most fans began to call him ‘ballet dancer’, but those bullies only spurred him on to become the world-class player he became.

The socks pulled over his knee became his trademark much like stylish haircuts were a trademark for David Beckham and he has now talked about what inspired him to maintain the style.

The former New York Red Bulls striker was speaking to Kevin Prince-Boateng on an Instagram live and he revealed how he responded to the bullies.

He said, as quoted in the Sun: “When I arrived in England and I had my socks over my knees, I used to get hammered,

“They used to call me a ballet dancer ‘look at him, he thinks he’s going to dance’ and I used to have gloves with short sleeves and I wasn’t scoring goals, I’d just arrived.

“They were like ‘what is this guy?’ and – like I said, I’m a bit stubborn, I was like ‘no, I always put my socks over my knees, that’s not going to change the way I play or what people think, so I kept it.”

Henry oozed class when he was Arsenal’s main man, such a contrast to some of the players currently wearing the Arsenal shirt these days.

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