Thierry Henry risks angering Arsenal’s fans by making Liverpool admission

Thierry Henry has risked the wrath of Arsenal fans by insisting that he wanted Liverpool to match Arsenal’s unbeaten run.

The Gunners won the Premier League without tasting defeat in the 2003/2004 season, and Liverpool came close to matching that this season.

The Reds played more than 40 games without being defeated since last season and played 28 games this season without a loss.

Liverpool’s feat would have been more celebrated because the Reds won most of their games and drew just one match at the time they were beaten 3-0 by Watford.

Henry, who has never hidden his admiration for the way Liverpool played this season, claimed that he wanted the Reds to match Arsenal’s unbeaten record because of how good their football was.

He claimed that Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool played some of the best football and the kind of football that he thought was the proper way to play the game.

He said per Sky Sports: “I thought they were going to go all the way unbeaten.

“I think it would have been good for the game because of the way they would have done it, with the way they are playing.

“I think they are playing football the right way with passion, commitment, organisation, desire, working hard – their football is contagious.”

He continued: ”When you are like that, in a way, you want them to be successful.

“I’m not having a go and people who think about defending first but my view of football is exactly how Liverpool or Barcelona plays; in different ways, but going forward, in your face, being brave, taking the ball, going forward, putting on pressure and that’s why I wanted them to do it because it would have been good for the game.

“People tend to copy the team that is at the top and I love when a team at the top plays like that because it has a good impact on other coaches and football in general.

“That’s why I thought they were going to do it [go unbeaten] and that’s why I wanted them to do it. It’s so funny because people ask me if I’d be upset if they do it, but why would I be upset?”

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