Thierry Henry says Arsenal “gotta believe in it, right?”

If you want to catch the attention of any Gooner right now, inform them Arsenal will not be winning the Premier League, but first, where will you get the courage to declare Arsenal will not be winning the Premier League? Arsenal have been on another level this season, having taken over the top of the Premier League standings and now sitting two points ahead of second-placed Manchester City. What a moment to be a Gooner! Many Arsenal fans believe that this is their year and that they will strive for Premier League success, but Arteta’s men must continue to work hard.

Sure, Arsenal can win, but they’ll need motivation from within, and Thierry Henry thinks Oleksander Zinchenko and Gabriel Jesus are two players who can easily win the title for Arsenal.

About the duo, the Arsenal legend says on Uproxx, “A lot of people will give the advantage to City because they’ve been there, because they’ve done it, because they have guys in the team that did it and they know how to suffer, they know how to chase, they know how to be chased,” Henry says.

“But I’ve seen Leicester win it and nobody in that team knew what it was. So you need to keep on dreaming. You need to keep on believing you. We have guys also in that team that won it — Jesus, Zinchenko. We have guys that won the title also before in the domestic league. Obviously not in the Prem, we know, but you’ve gotta believe in it, right? If you don’t win it, you won’t have the experience of winning it. You have to start one day, right? A lot of people (were) asking questions to City. They answered. Now people are going to ask questions about Arsenal. We have to answer.”

Zinchenko has been putting in world-class performances after world-class performances, and Henry is correct in mentioning him as crucial to Arsenal’s title challenge. As for Gabriel Jesus, he was everything in Arsenal’s offence before he was injured. Arsenal has missed him, but he will be back soon, and if he can get back on the field and regain his power, May 28th will be a lovely day for all Gooners.

You just gotta believe in it!

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