Thierry Henry takes his first steps towards managing Arsenal

Thierry Henry – a name that evokes warm and affectionate feelings at the Emirates even today. The legendary Arsenal player is now embarking into football management. The former Gunners striker led a training session for the clubs Under 19 side alongside youth coach Ryan Garry.

There is a serious attempt from Henry to earn his way up the ladder to club management. Without a shadow of doubt, the young players will benefit from the immense experience he carries. Henry is still the Gunners’ all-time leading goal scorer having netted 228 times in 376 appearances. His knowledge will be vital for the youth players to pick onto and translate into performances. The Under 19 side is currently preparing for the UEFA Youth League campaign. This is a subsidiary of the UEFA Champions League and will be played on the sidelines of the main event.

There are quite a few youngsters who will benefit from Henry’s word of advice. Tricky winger Chris Willock is expected to go places and so is the forward Stephy Mavdidi. Henry’s experience as Premier League title winning player is also vital in shaping up these kids.

Henry is one of Sky Sports’ favorite pundits this season. On more occasions than one, he has admitted that he would like to manage the senior team one day. Arsenal Under-19s travel to Croatia to take on Dinamo Zagreb in the youth subsidiary Champions League. At a time when the whole discussion is around the lack of strikers around the main team, the youngsters will be richer from interactions with Henry. The former French international had two spells at the club and he was the focal point of the legendary ‘Invincibles’ team.

He also had spells at Barcelona and the MLS side New York Red Bulls with mixed success. The 38-year old even came back to Arsenal on loan in 2012. The experience and expertise of Henry is unmatched and if he can guide the youngsters, it would be a great start for them. Who knows, he could be managing some of them at the senior level at the Emirates, soon!


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  1. That’s sounds great, he needs to gather much experience as he can as playing football and coaching is a whole different thing (Funny enough they have been very few successful strikers coveted into strikers).

    Starting with the under 19 is the way to go and then slowly rise in ranks (as Zidane is doing at Madrid). I don’t think Titi will be ready to lead the club after Wenger though, some experienced coach should be brought in but Titi should have a seat on the bench and increase his knowledge base in management. Its good for our players to be surrounded by club hero’s, it still hurts seeing Viera at city.

  2. Before TH i would give Dennis Bergkamp a go his way ahead of Thierry in management but i still think they are both decades away from managing a big club like Arsenal

        1. It’s only long distance flights and am sure he could come up with the tactics letting his no2 take his seat and talk him through stuff while match is on going. I’d still prefer Bergkamp because it was his sharp mind that was the gift and one of those players that a football pitch must look a chess board to.

  3. Borrow Henry for next transfer window just to sign a good striker since Wenger failed miserably, intentionally or otherwise, for 3yrs (7 windows) to do so …

    1. @Twig The way shaw leg looked after that tackle ! God damn! , I think ozil is more than capable of doing that tho

  4. I can’t imagine Henry being a good manager,
    Let alone him having the managerial job at Arsenal.
    Arteta is more clued up than Henry is,
    Even Flamini would do a better job than Henry,
    At least he could slap the players into motivation when needed ??

    1. Hahaha ??
      Even if Henry did become the manager of Arsenal in the future, He would leave as soon as Barcelona etc,
      Wanted him!
      Anyway MoaningHO wants to be the next Arsenal manager
      ???? God help us ???

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