Thierry Henry gives Arsenal “a lot of credit” for Sevilla win but admits: “Raya got lucky”

It was great watching Arsenal last night in Sevilla, especially the way they came out with confidence and skill to try and over-run the Spaniards straight from the kick off. It certainly settled our nerves when Gabrial Martinelli gave us a lovely finish to put us in front, and when Jesus finally doubled our lead it looked like the crucial 3 points were as good as ours.

But once Sevilla pulled one back from a corner, suddenly they came alive and put the pressure on us heavily as they fought hard to save a point, but Arsenal threw everything into simply keeping the Spaniards away from our goal, but it also invited pressure as well, and when one of their shots was mis-punched by Raya and we had to watch it float just over the bar, we knew we had got lucky, and the Gunners legend Thierry Henry agrees completely.

He said on CBS Sports: “You have to give Arsenal a lot of credit for winning a game away from home in Europe, especially against Sevilla.

“I thought at the end we invited them a bit too much on our box, allowed them to cross too early. The wingers were playing as almost full-backs. We ended up playing a 6-3-1 at the end which is why they were crossing the ball in because no one was going to put pressure on to stop the crosses.”

“Raya got lucky, I think we all saw it when he punched the ball and everybody looked at it and the ball went over the crossbar. When you win away from home in Europe, it is always a good result, especially against a team like Sevilla.”

It certainly looks like Arteta intends to presevere with Raya, despite us expecting at least one dodgy mistake in every game lately, and last night’s error is bound to reignite the debate about Aaron Ramsdale yet again.

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    1. Gai, How? Yet to see how that’s better than Ramsdale. For now Raya create anxiety for fans every time his between the post. Hope he improves though. That he’s playing ahead of Ramsdale at the moment is simply the gafars private idea nothing more.

  1. One thing is for sure, Raya will not be helping us win anything this season. There is no way on earth he should be able to keep Ramsdale on the bench. Raya must be MA’s secret love child be abuse Raya is an complete liability so far. Can he improve enough over the next few games to convince us should remain number one? I doubt it but I will give him time, as I have with Havertz..

  2. I have long time much supported Arteta, BUT I fail to understand what the hell he sees in RAYA, as I see nothing but a far inferior keeper to RAMSDALE, who has been foolishly demoted – yes foolishly by MA – demoted, while being a far better keeper than RAYA in every way.
    This stupid error of judgement might well cost us any chance of this seasons title, unless immediately corrected.

    1. Raya has better passing, higher shot percentage saved and better command of his box. True Raya has made some mistakes recently but to state categorically that it is foolish and an error of judgement to prefer Raya is at the very least highly debatable. There is an argument that Ramsdale might be better at shot stopping due to some of the spectacular saves he has pulled off. However, when compared overall Raya’s stats are better.

  3. The gaffer is walking a fine tight rope, maybe guided that class is permanent.
    In all honesty Raya was amazing in the last campaign so that maybe enough capital in the bank for Arteta to stick with him.

    In my opinion the gaffer genuinely believes Raya is capable of offering something beyond the Englishman. He been a carbon copy of Ederson with his ball playing abilities or precise long balls could be more important than the occasional lapses, In the gaffer’s eyes.

    But recent words from Ramsdale, would suggest the rope won’t hold forever.

    1. DAVID, you are speaking of his stats at Brentford. I judge players in OUR team, NOT in other lowlier teams. He has made as yet just ONE top class save in our shirt, the SPURS game scoop off his line.

      He has looked hesitant in every single game and his jittery play has unsettled our other defenders at times. So to say I simply disagree with your take, would be a massive understatemne t,

      1. It is difficult to compare both GKs based on this season alone especially as Ramsay has been out of the team for some time and there is a limited sample size for both players. In the PL they are similar for saves. When it comes to passing statistics Raya is well ahead.
        Ramsdale has a big personality and has pulled off some great saves whilst he has been with us. His passing is also usually pretty good. A case can certainly be made for Ramsay but the suggestion that he is clearly a better keeper is debatable.

        1. You fail to mention that Ramsdale,even though it was last season , played in OUR team. RAYA, by contrast played fro a very different lowlier team with far less expectations for that team.
          It is dishonest to try comparing a player who played inOUR team consistently for two full seasons with one who played in a far lower team, although he did well there, but who has been extremely shaky and has massively unimpressed almost all who comment on JA, excluding you. Not even in a single game in OUR team has RAYA IMPRESSED AND HE SEEMS TO BE GETTING WORSE.

          He seems to me to be devoid of the vital confidence, personality and self belief ALL top keepers MUST have.

          1. I simply don’t agree with your perspective. I have allowed for the limited sample size of this season. The statistics suggest there is little between them this season.
            I have often disagreed with popular opinion on JA. Far too many are overwrought emotionally and excessively critical of players they have taken a dislike to.

  4. Both goalkeepers are the innocent victims here. Mikel Arteta has created this. And he’s kind of contradicted himself by saying that he will change goalkeepers mid match if needed. Some will say David Raya was lucky with that attempted punch. On this occasion, Lady Luck was on Raya’s side. Goalkeepers rely upon luck during these circumstances. I just hope it all gets sorted out in due course. It would be affecting the players. Ramsdale is a big boy and of great character. He’s played for two clubs that were relegated. Not many supporters wanted him at Arsenal to begin with because of being part of two clubs being relegated. Ramsdale proved his doubters wrong by his character and inner self belief. I really hope Ramsdale is getting the support he needs from the Arsenal Head Goalkeeping Coach ( The Spanish guy). When I’m with both the Men’s and Women’s Japanese International goalkeepers, I’ve got to deal with on field emotions, as well as their off field personal emotions. There’s 6 goalkeepers, 3 in the men’s, and 3 in the women’s. All have very different personalities,,,, 6 different cases. So I hope Ramsdale is receiving the support his needs and deserves. Plus his life has changed for the better in bringing in a new born into the world. So he’s going to be going through all different thoughts and emotions right now

    1. And “some would be CORRECT in saying that RAYA was lucky with that attempted punch”. As you yourself acknowledge!

    2. I guess you’re referring to Inaki Cana. He was Raya’s goalkeeping coach at Brentford and the one who recommended Raya to Arteta. It is no coincidence that Raya is starting ahead of Ramsdale even with his constant numerous errors. What kind of support do you possible think Ramsdsle will get there

  5. I understand a member of Arteta’s coaching team recommended Raya as he had worked with him at Brentford.If this is the case it’s up to our Manager to question the credibility of his colleague as fans like me and JonF have seen nothing to suggest that Raya is superior to Ramsdale.It seems to me that Arteta must be turning a blind eye when assessing the performances of his countryman because his weaknesses are clear for all to see.It’s to the credit of our defenders that they have remained calm despite the flaws in the make-up of their Keeper.It is time for Arteta to bite the bullet and restore Ramsdale to the starting eleven.

    1. Profoundly and OBVIOUSLY true , GRANDAD!

      I consider this bad misjudgement a worrying sign in MA, coupled with the odd and left field decison to pay “£65 mill for the three year already, when at Chelsea, Prem failure in Havertz.

      1. For Jon and Grandad
        Sometimes, I am more than baffled by the decisions of MA such as Raya and Havertz.
        It feels like AFC are father Xmas to other clubs with their financial needs and wants.

  6. This is not a Havertz debate.
    He will come good.
    Raya is simply dreadful.
    Every time we concede a corner I have to change the channel then switch back and pray no goal.
    What do pundits see in the guy.

  7. @Chapo. Yes,, Inaki Cara. The same Goalkeeping Coach that advised Arteta to buy Alex Runarsson. We know what happened there. I’m quite dumbfounded. A Goalkeeping Coach is just that and nothing more. We train Goalkeepers, not act like Chief Scouts looking for players. I spent 9 years at Hamburger SV as Goalkeeping Coach, and 8 years at Schalke 04 both in Germany. I trained the goalkeepers at Youth and at Seniors Levels. I also had to give daily feedback on the goalkeepers to the Head Coach/Manager. The moment you start advising Coaches of other goalkeepers at other clubs, you are more or less putting your reputation on the line. Inaki Cara was brought in by Arteta on day one. In 4 years they have gone through six(6) goalkeepers. I’ve been employed by the Japanese Football Association since 2008. I’ve never been involved in the selection of goalkeepers for the Men’s or Women’s International sides. The Head Coach selects the entire squad. Then he/she trims the squad down come Tournament time. That’s why Head Coaches are paid handsomely more than Goalkeeping Coaches. As for whether Aaron Ramsdale gets the support he needs and deserves,,, I honestly can not answer your question. One thing I will say,,, this nonsense of Arsenal being a happy loving family is just a MYTH. It’s all gimmick and PR. As is the TRUST THE PROCESS. This Phase 1,2,3,4,5,and 5.01 is utter nonsense. People are easily fooled and brainwashed. There’s no such thing as a Phase 1,2,3,4 with clubs in Europe. It’s an English thing concocted firstly and adopted by Arsenal. Manchester United and Chelsea are copying

    1. @pjennings. Leno, Martinez, Turner, Matt Ryan, Ramsdale, Raya, Runersson, Hopefully I got them all and didn’t miss one out. This is an embarrassment to go through all these goalkeepers in a space of few years. I personally think that position is one position where stability is needed. And at the center of this is Inaki Cana who recommended Runersson. And how did that work out? Arteta really needs to start questioning the inputs of those under him. I’m actually surprised by the amount of power Inaki Cana seems to wield. Have you heard Leno’s interview? He said Inaki told him to leave, and when Leno said he would stay and fight for his spot Inaki told him to leave that it wasn’t that. He said something in the line of a new energy is needed or something ridiculous. It wasn’t Arteta who directly told Leno to leave but Inaki said it to Leno himself. To me this is a very big worry. And that’s why I don’t think Ramsdale will get any true support from Inaki, I believe if Inaki does it’s just for eye service.

      As for the so called process nonsense, it is not more than that, nonsense. People are so easily brainwashed. This team is not run as a family, lol, pure PR. This is the home of favoritism.

      Personally I feel Arteta has had more than enough support and backings in absolutely everything so he has no excuse. He has to win a major trophy this season or leave the seat for someone who is capable of winning trophies. We are playing bad this season compared to last. Yes we are managing to pick up results which are papering over the cracks but the wheels will come of soon. Come December if we don’t get the basics right we will be exposed.

    2. For PjJennings
      Thanks for the wisdom of being in an environment of goalkeepers at such a high level.

      What you say now makes complete sense.

      Based on what you have said it looks like Ramsdale is being shown the signs to the exit door unless MA can actually change the GK coach.

  8. No such thing as a Process you fool. Since when did Arteta heed to the advise from the supporters to buy Raya. If that was the case, he would have listened to the supporters and bought a new out and out striker and a right wing player. If you believe in Processes, you must surely believe the earth is cube shaped

  9. Raya performed well to displace Ramsdale as a fresher, now he’s being taught to learn to delay balls and invite opposition and started to lack confidence under the prying eyes of MA. Very soon he may toe the line of Ramsdale and Arsenal will dispense the Ramsdale and Raya just like Leno and Martinez. Why are our players doing better on transfer or loan?

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