Third offer from Arsenal may be too good to turn down

Arsenal’s determination to land Celtic star Kieran Tierney is not slowing down with reports that they have tabled a third offer for the defender.

The first offer of £15 Million was rejected immediately, then they returned with a £17.5 Million bid plus £7.5 Million in add ons and that was also rejected.

Now, it is being reported that a third bid of £20 Million, plus £5 Million in add ons and Carl Jenkinson possibly thrown in as well.

It all sounds a little ambiguous to me, however, the offer does sound reasonable and could be one that the Hoops find tough to turn down.

The Celtic manager Neil Lennon is said to want the full £25 Million paid up front but this offer from Arsenal could be enough to break the resolve of Celtic.

Celtic would receive 80% of the fee they are demanding up front and with the £5 Million in add ons and Jenkison, it will take the final value beyond £30 Million, a total fee that sees this deal over the line.

While Jenkinson would not be a direct replacement for Tierney he does occupy a position, right-back, that Celtic are looking to strengthen, especially now that Mikael Lustig and Cristian Gamboa have left the club.

When you weigh everything up this does look like the exact sort of offer that could finally bring this transfer saga to a close.


  1. Aye that might be enough for the board, but you’ll have to offer him very, very good personal terms to get him to sign. 10 in a row is the stuff of legends especially for those who lived through Ranger’s 9.

    1. Uralius, it’s been reported that personalterms have been agreed at £25,000 a week.

      As for the stuff of legends, if the club that achieved 9 was then relegated to the third division, who was there really to beat?
      At least the 9 was achieved on a level playing field.

      That’s why any player from Scotland, if he has ambitions, would never turn down the opportunity to play for a premiership side in England.

      Not only the football, but the stadiums, the crowds, the opposition, the coverage world wide and, as you say, the salaries.

      I read that he is on £10,000 a week at the moment, although rumours, speculation and me don’t see eye to eye.

      Really don’t see personal terms as any kind of issue whatsoever.

      1. Level playing field ? Remind us again what the old ranjurs died for. Yeah cheating their way to 9

      2. A few points here.
        Firstly, Celtic won 9 first, whilst it was a genuine level playing field.
        When rangers did it, it wasn’t a level playing field, as has now been established. rangers were racking up tens of millions of pounds of debt that they never I intended to pay. Celtic were living within their means, and therefore couldn’t compete. Far from a level playing field.
        Rangers were paying more than teams in England.
        Rangers then started using EBTs to avoid paying tax, and had secret dual contracts. Still not a level playing field.
        Rangers were cheating to avoid a level playing field.
        The EBTs led to dents that caused rangers to be liquidated. They weren’t relegated. They were removed from the entire league system. Eventually a new club from ibrox was admitted into the bottom division. That was all their own doing.
        As for playing in stadiums, he plays at Celtic Park, one of the best in Europe of you listen to the actual players like Messi.
        Then there are away venues like ibrox, tynecarle and pittodrie. All with great atmospheres. But I’m sure the small st Mary’s is a huge draw.

      3. So much wrong. They were not relegated they were liquidated. What level playing field when they didn’t pay 50 million to creditors? Celtic did 9 already in a level playing field. 25k a week? He is going on to that at Celtic. You seriously don’t know your stuff.

      4. Then club you mention were not relegated to the bottom tier in Scottish football,they were liquidated and started again as a new club.Surely seven years is to early to rewrite history.This is not rumour or speculation its fact.

  2. Don’t you get bored of some stories you constantly post like really ….i know its cool reading any post on justarsenal buh meh!!!!!???

    1. Yeah you are right, tell you what , we will ignore news like this in future, how about that?

        1. aMoistMuffin…PLEASE…let him blow his own crumpet!!!

          WHAT??? If le coq can do it, then so can I!!

          1. I am as guilty as anyone who talks about non Arsenal matters too. I constantly post about human behaviour matters which, usually, have no specific reference to Arsenal. And often I get away with it too. Phew! I do believe there are many , far more important things in life than Arsenal or football in general, much as I adore our club.

      1. That won’t be anywhere near enough.
        And there’s still no certainty that KT himself will actually want to leave xerox before ten in a row.

        1. Xerox???? Ffs predictive is crap.
          I meant Celtic.
          KT isn’t just a player. He’s a die hard fan.

  3. I think Arsenal are looking at the right sort of player but when Lennon was asked in Austria about it, he said before they even wanted to talk, the offer would have to be “significantly higher” just to open discussions. So I think unless £25-30M was offered upfront, it might not be a summer deal that happens. Celtic don’t have to sell, they’re in profit and the player is keen on winning 10 in a row (league titles) then leaving. With interest in other players and a reduced summer budget (unless a couple of players are sold quickly) then I don’t think the deal will be affordable (at present). In 2 years yes, he’d definitely come

  4. Fine. I don’t consider LB to be a priority over all positions but Fine.

    As long as we also get a
    1. A Quality CB,
    2. Quality Winger,
    3. replacement for Ramsey and
    4. backup RB unless Tierney can play RB as well as LB

  5. I think it’s great business if we pull it off. FB’s settled for 5-8 years and it only cost £25 million. Tierney is a great player who can actually defend.

    We won’t solve all our issues in 1 window with our owner and budget. But we can solve 2 positions for years going forward rather than papering over wasting funds on average talent.

    Leno, Bellerin, Holding, and with Tierney and CB we can fix our defensive issues and frailties for years to come. Maybe sell a couple and add a winger.

    I say this b/c Ozil and Mhki are going nowhere unfortunately, so help them to give a damn and improve to help squad or draw interest from other clubs.

    Fixing defense would be a plan at least, something we appear to be lacking in the market.

    Raul conducts business eerily like Gazidis; what happened to Raul’s magical contact book to help fix us?

    I guess with Raul “…we can compete with the biggest clubs in Europe…”
    and also “…go after any player except Messi and Ronaldo…” aye Sir Chips?

    1. “Sir Chips” is the best argument I know for abolishing the whole concept of Knighthood, as currently awarded. In days of old , knights were known for being honourable, not pompous, remote and unaccountable. Had I known some 60+ years ago(when I became a fan) that the stability and yet forward thinking progressiveness which attracted my late father and thus me, so very much, would turn into laziness in thinking, arrogance and disrespect for our fans, I WOULD NEVER have chosen to support Arsenal. Too late now. I am trapped for life in loving a club where the board (and owner) are stuffed with charlatans and immoral cowards. I do not mean the manager nor almost all of the players.

  6. Couldn’t believe that we didn’t go for Van Dijk, and Wanyama from Celtic years ago. Especially as those positions desperately needed filling at the time. Hopefully we’ll finally get hold of a Celtic gem.

  7. I will still chose to believe Tierney to Arsenal when I see him in a shirt but I agree the hype is strengthening.

    On the price, let’s not forget they sold VVD for less then 13m. Their highest fee recieved is 19m.

    If we get him, it would be a strong statement. Regardless of our apparent problems, we are still working away to come back. It’s a step in the right direction, he himself will need time…and with kosalnic on that side too, its perfect squad rotation until Tierney plays more often then not.

  8. A quality CB – Bielik
    A quality winger – Nelson
    Replacement for Ramsey – Willock
    Backup RB – Maitland-Niles

    I would rather see that or a team of freebies than the host of crap I have read about.

    Just simply change to 433 and ask the likes of ozil/mikhi/elneny and xhaka where they fit in.

    This formation basically needs two holders (one DM and 1 DLP) and also 1 box to box. If and it’s a mighty if ozil could change his game much like Cazorla did, we could still have a world class player on our hand and a reasonable amout of depth for the roles. However I would look change 2 of this group with Elneny(+10m) being the standout candidate and Ozil for a number of reasons. However, as he is looking unsellable let’s spend half a season trying to convert him, after all, he once was a class act. Elneny can be replaced from within he is only 3rd choice DM.

    DM – Torreira/Chambers/Elneny
    DLP – Ozil/Xhaka/Guendozi
    BTB – Iwobi/Willock/Smith-Rowe

    Net spend so far +10m

    The back 5 would have more protection this way and current offerings are

    GK – Leno/Martinez/Iliev
    RB – Bellerin/Jenkinson
    CB – Sokratis/Mustafi/Bielik
    CB – Koscielny/Holding/Mavropanos
    LB – Monreal/Kolasinac

    Personally, I would change 5 of the defensive group. Jenkinson (+3m) should be sold and bring in Dani Alves (free) for a season. Mustafi (+15m) I would replace with Cahill (free) Koscielny (+10m) I would replace with Anderson (-25m) I would bring in Tierney (-25m) and Moreno (free) to replace our 2 left backs. Ospina to be sold (+4m)

    Net spend so far (-8m)

    Up front (in this line up) we have two great forwards, one over paid underperformer and some sparkling talent. But we need a couple of free signings and a marquee playe to spice it up. The current offerings are. whilst giving 3 of the youngsters a bit more time to adapt

    RF – Mkhitaryan/Niles/Ameachi
    CF – Lacazette/Nketiah/John-Jules
    LF – Aubameyang/Nelson/Saka

    So sign Sturridge (free) who can play anywhere across the front line, to protect his fitness, use him midweek only. Yacine Brahimi (free) great technically fast can play either flank and BTB if need be.

    Then if Mkhitaryan (+15m?) is not up for this role get the best bloody winger we can with the surplus funds from sales.

    Net spend so far +7m so adding that to the kitty somewhere are 50-55m to spend on a marquee winger.

  9. Today is first of July , Happy new month to all JA participants, hope we start hearing good signings as from today

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