This 83m striker will win Arsenal the League – Go for it!

With Arsenal fans still wondering which striker Arsene Wenger will turn to after our transfer offer was turned down by Jamie Vardy, the news reported by Metro that the Argentina international Gonzalo Higuain is looking to move on from his Serie A club Napoli comes as a huge boost.

Whether Arsenal can finally seal the deal for the forward we tried to sign from Real Madrid a few years ago remains to be seen, though, as Napoli will still demand a big transfer fee for their star man. The Italian side cannot be too demanding though, even with Higuain having a huge release clause of nearly 100 million euros (83m GBP) in his contract, because the player’s agent and brother Nicolas has declared that Gonzalo will definitely not be signing a new deal and so could walk away for nothing in two years.

He said, ‘Gonzalo [Higuain] won’t renew his contract with Napoli. Napoli are currently asking for the payment of his release clause as a condition for his departure, but Gonzalo and I decided not to extend the deal.

‘We’ll see what happen next year, we could even wait until the contract’s expiry date.’

Following on from this revelation it seems to me that Arsenal have a good chance of signing this top quality striker who scored over a goal a game in the league last season and broke the long standing Serie A record.

Arsenal simply MUST get a world class striker this summer if Wenger is going to make a serious attempt on the title. The sum involved may be a little intimidating, but when you think of the goals and glory (not to mention the shirt sales!) that we will get out of it it seems a reasonable price in this day and age.

Go for it Wenger!

By Frank (from thearsenalblog)


  1. Higuain for 83mil……. At the age he’s at……… To a new challenging League………. Madness from a rooftop…… GO FOR IT!

    1. Hahaha ? Don’t worry.. we will sign him for free when wenger signs another extension in two year’s time! ?

  2. Would be a good signing at half that price, but £83 million? Unproven in the EPL, and that is a risk I can’t see AW taking.

    Stranger things have happened though!!

    1. Wenger will never sign a great striker anyway this is the manager who had the gall to offer £40 mill and £1 for a world class Luis Suarez there’s no way he’ll bring a bottler like Higuain for £83m he’ll be stuck at Napoli because really big teams don’t want him!

      1. Suarez was believed to have a release clause of over £40m in his contract so wenger offered just over that to trigger the clause, why would he offer more? In the event Liverpool denied the clause existed but later seemed to admit that it did exist. The only way for this to have been resolved at the time would be for suarez to legally challenge his employers.

        Of course arsenal could have offered more to tempt liverpool but remember there were issues with suarez. He had been banned for racial abuse and at the time of the offer was part way through a ten match ban for biting. He also had said that he was fed up with england and the media. At the time I thought that the offer was a bit high given the risks. Compare it to what we sold RVP for who had just fired manu to the title.

  3. The Transfer window is now officially open ?
    its time to exhale the the bull? rumours and inhale Wenger’s excuses ??

  4. Wenger/Arsenal will never pay that much for a player with not long left on his contract, and not much of a resale value given his age, but it has come to the point that we need to pay over the odds for a striker.

    With the new TV deal, and the inactivity in last seasons transfer windows, Arsenal must have near £300 million in the bank, if not more. Not to mention the millions we can also recoup from selling the deadwood, that definitely need to be sold! Arsenal need to go nuts in this transfer window, no potential, just top quality players!

  5. If this player was worth this type of money they would keep of kept him or city, United or Chelsea would of bought him

  6. Higuain is not worth even half that fee,he reminds me of Cavani at Napoli not in a good way who also had a great scoring record in Italy but who’s failed at PSG,he won’t win us any league title because he’s a bottler on the big stage like in the 2014 world cup final and 2016 copa america final!

  7. Higuain is one the best strikers available in the world at the moment. However, 83M GBP is too expensive for him considering his age. I don’t think Arsene wneger will go for him at this price unless it is reduced reasonably. As to me, we shall to go for the following quality talents that can suit Arsenal directly with affordable and reasonable price:-
    1. Lukaku
    2. Lacazette
    3. Janssen
    4. Milik respectively.

    1. Lukaku is the best option,he’s experienced but young and is proven in the EPL which is a tough league to adapt to for any new player

  8. Gonzalo Higuain is a right man, at the wrong place and the wrong time. 83M pounds buy out clause, that was so so wrong to sign.

  9. If Wenger got him I would’nt hate Wenger. At least he scores goals and is better than nothing

    I would prefer getting both Mahrez and Lukaku

    Actually earlier I was hoping for both Mkhitaryan And either Lewandowski or Ibrahimovic but that’s not possible

    Other options for forwards (wingers and strikers are
    there are still quality guys out there

    I’m not really interested in Sturridge, Benteke, kokorin, Morata, Igahlo

  10. all the names mentinoed above i can bet amything that we wont get any 1 of them.

    i think fans should know it by now

    we didnt see ozil signing coming.nor welbeck nor sanchez
    we came to know about it wen the deals were almost completed

  11. Yeah… How about no.

    Instead lets get Draxler and convert him into a striker, he’s already a great player and with his skills he could become a WC striker

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