This Arsenal fan calls it right after shambolic display against Forest

Some Arsenal players are clearly not good enough to play for the club and today’s match confirms that, reckons Gooner fan and accredited Twitter user Evan Cooper.

The Gooner watched as a battling Nottingham Forest side beat Mikel Arteta’s side.

The performance in the game was below par and the players cannot say they deserved a better outcome.

After winning the competition in 2020, fans had hoped Arteta could inspire his boys to go on another long run.

However, a team made up of newcomers and fringe players failed to deliver and Cooper hopes some fresh faces will now be added to the squad this month.

He tweeted: “Well, I do think today’s game confirmed what a lot of people already knew, which is that certain players aren’t at the required level to play for Arsenal Football Club. Really hope we see some inflows and outflows from the club during this transfer window.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Arsenal’s squad truly lacks depth, and this is a good time to change that.

With Thomas Partey, Mohamed Elneny and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang away at AFCON, we need new players.

The display of the starting XI today shows we could struggle if our current first-team options become unavailable for league matches going forward.

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  1. there’s no way we’ll make enough moves to correct that problem, but one can only hope that we can make at least 2 moves of consequence, incoming that is, that will properly redress our most pressing needs

    1. Arteta continues to try and convince others that trash isn’t trash. Anyone with eyes can see Nketiah isn’t quality, he’s U-23 lifer.

      3 years in first team and lacks any technique, first touch like a brick wall, can’t create for himself, and can’t hold up play.

      He should have been gone 18 months ago, instead of trying to convince anyone who will listen he has some quality.

      Cedric’s extension and Mari are both wastes of money. Who thought they would ever compete for starting 11? They have repeatedly shown they are poor backups even.

      Kola on as a sub did it for me. I had seen enough at that point, felt like Arteta had quit along with the players on the pitch.

  2. We can’t sign enough players to replace all the trash.

    We need 2 or 3 quality ones just to keep the 1st team strong for rest of season.

  3. I just need someone to tell arteta or the board or whoever that they should sell those trash (holding, nketiah, Cedric, elneny, kolasinac) because I’m tired of seeing them play rubbish arteta should disposed off the trash… help me tell arteta pls…

    1. Yes my friend, every man and his dog know that we were goind to be stunned by Forest because
      1. we have a very thin squad, Saka, Ode, Marts all played safe as they have to feature in the League and the EFL cup against Pool where our prestige is at stake.
      2. Auba, Pepe, Elneny – just an excuse for their non avaliability, but in reality they are worse than average and we win nothing with them of late, even if they played we were sure to lose.
      3. Look at the bench and we have Laca as the only game changer – but hey, this man needs a set of military binoculars to spot the goal posts. Never mind, he is here to hold up play, blah, blah amd more blah.

      For the above reasons, the loss is not a set back for Mikel, as even our”greatest” manager on this planet earth lost to Forest 4-2, if that is not a shame and scandal, a 1-0 isnt.

  4. I’ll tell you what’s shambolic, having a “game plan” which sees our deepest lying players, Holding and White, having more than 80 touches each, before the 80th minute, against a Championship side…btw the next closest was our RB, Cedric…whenever we revert back to the underwhelming offensively-stunted Arteta “hope for the best” schematics, this is what we look like regardless of the opponent…no wonder so many of you Kool-Aid drinking members of the Swiss miss fan club heap undeserved praise in Xhaka’s direction, as these are the same type of unproductive passing stats that he accumulates whenever these piss-poor tactics are deployed…this is why I’m always referring to the “eye test” and not putting all my eggs into the oft-times deceptive stats basket

  5. Arteta is a trash too, the Spaniard attitude toward players is sickening and will destroy Arsenal football club, he deserve to go too.

  6. Sorry to say we were exposed again: same old porous midfield.

    Let’s say we had kept Leno in goal, kept Saliba too, and used the 80M we spent on rolls royce, Ben White and Ramsdale to sign three quality midfielders instead?

    1. Leno would still be doing the yoga moves related to picking the ball from the net as he aint good at crosses, set pieces or marshalling his defenders and even his distribution or playing out from the back is horrendous. The rest I agree, – Chambers, Elneny, Xhaka, Kolasinac, the left over diamonds need to be gone to pave way for real players.

      1. Leno, needs some wake up training. When to release, when to hold on to the ball. The goal scored was due to Leno not stifling the opponent. His near post was exposed, so the only option was a cross coming, close down the recipient

  7. Looks bleak from many angles. Firstly all of Arteta’s and Edu’s wonder signings were on the field with the exception of Tomyasu and Ramsdale who I don’t think would have made much of a difference. These are the players on whom the future of the process depends on. Secondly, when people cry out that we missed Xhaka and Elneny something is seriously wrong. Average is average. What Arsenal really missed is a player who could turn it around even when the rest of the team are playing crap. Pepe or Auba might have been able to pull something out of nothing. Not too long ago Ozil and Sanchez would have combined to set up the likes of Walcott and Arsenal would dodge a bullet. Odegaard does not have this factor in his game and as a result there was no way out of the mess Arteta created for himself. Like many above I am not optimistic about this transfer window. Arsenal needs a dynamic creative midfielder but unfortunately these players are few and far between, as well as being out of our price range.

  8. Damn, that Spence lad was a menace down that right-back slot. Had to check how he has fared so far in the Championship, and he’s been quite good all season!

    Wouldn’t mind a player like him in addition to Tomiyasu, if he has the same hunger every match.

  9. Despite the inroads we’ve made since our nightmare start to the season, it’s clear that we haven’t got the depth of squad to compete on multiple fronts at the same time. Okay, we would’ve fared much better if we had played the first choice XI and had everyone been available but, we shouldn’t have to resort to our regular first team to cope with the likes of Notts Forest.

    Saying that……..I think my lack of acknowledgement towards Forest was part of the problem yesterday. Just as I poo poo’d Forest and thought it was a forgone conclusion that we would win the game…..I think so did Arteta and his fringe players. They grossly underestimated Forest and took them for granted. You could see in the lacklustre and casual approach to the game by arsenal that such was their underestimation that even when it was realised that Forest were up for a fight, our players still tried to style it out and decided that despite everything going on around them. They were still just happy to be extra casual as though this was some sort of exhibition match. The loss was equally about attitude (or lack of) in addition to application.

    I know we don’t have the depth of squad like Man City do but……even given the likes of Holding, Nketiah, Lokonga. We should still have enough to comfortably negotiate our way past a championship side even if it’s hard going. I truly believe that our team thought Forest were a damp squib and we’d turn them over easily. You could see the way they were starting to cut up rough with Spence and Martinelli, Davis and Holding, Colback and everything in a white shirt. Forest were there to disrupt, fight and put up a challenge, wherever the chips fell. Arsenal on the other hand. Rather than try to match Forest, seemed to shrink into their shells and feel sorry for themselves. Clearly their is an obvious lack of ability in some players but nonetheless, guile, ambition and application can have just as much affect on the game. After all, Forest had it in abundance.

    It would be nice to have like for like players like Man City does, effectively, two first XI’s. Unfortunately, we don’t have that luxury. Maybe that’ll change over the next few seasons and we can have that strength in depth. Until then, our current crop have to show a lot more heart and fight!

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