This Arsenal pair are the key to beating Bayern

If Arsenal are to have any realistic hope of qualifying for the next phase of the Champions League, we simply have to beat the German Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich at the Emirates stadium tomorrow evening. Mathematically we could still go through by winning the final three games, but if we donĀ“t win tomorrow it is all over bar the shouting.

And with the German club on a fantastic run of form, the Gunners will need to be at their best all over the pitch. If the team does play as we know they can though, Arsenal have a chance and I think that the growing understanding and link up play between Mesut Ozil and Theo Walcott could well be the key to registering a famous and vital win.

Both are in good form so far this season and I believe that they are helping each other to shine. Ozil has always needed players to find with his sublime vision and talent and Theo needs the service to shine as he is not the sort to dribble through a host of defenders and does not have the strength and stature of the likes of Giroud to hold players off.

Walcott may have had a slightly off day at Watford but their strong defensive set up meant that it was not his ideal type of game, although I think that might have changed once we went ahead. Even before he went off there were a few occasions when his German team mate would have played him in on goal but for the offside flag.

Bayern will look to come forward and not be overly defensive and that could play into the hands of the two Gunners mentioned above. So if Theo is on his game, could Ozil give his compatriots the run around just as it looked like he would until missing that penalty last time Bayern came to London?

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  1. but the scary thing is the named centre Refferee…..

    Cakir from Turkey.
    a version of some dreaded Refferee like Webb.

    i pray he have a fair work.

  2. Against a team like Bayern, the key would be that EVERY player plays to the best of his ability attacking and defensively..

  3. Mathematically we can still go through if we lose both of our Bayern games, its not even so inconceivable that it could happen. I really don’t see either Zagreb or Olympiacos getting anything from Bayern. Say we win in our last 2 games that leaves us on 6 and if Zagreb and Olympiacos win 1 each against each other that would leave them both on 6 aswell. Which would leave it with Bayern on 18 and the rest on 6 and in would go to a little mini league of head to head of the 3 teams.

    Saying that I fully expect us to at least get a point off Bayern which wouldn’t be enough if either of the other teams manages to do the double against each other.

  4. Sorry but why does everyone seem insistent that we MUST beat bayern today to have a chance of going through – that’s b*locks
    1. If olympiacos and Zagreb draw both their next games they will have 5 points. We beat them both and we can even lose twice to Bayern.
    2. Olympiacos and Zagreb win a game each and are on 6 points. We get a draw in a bayern game and beat them both and we are on 7 points!!
    Our champs league is not basically over even if we lose tonight.
    And whoever says were better to go out is a flipping nutcase – its the champs league and every game provides big entertainment and income for the club. We might not win but the whole thing but we can show progression on last year

  5. In general, Ozil and Cazrola are great playmakers with their dribbling skills.
    But, teams like Barca, Bayers etc. are known for their pressing game and chances of losing the ball is high.
    Opponents like Spurs, Liverpool, RM etc. are perfect for Ozil and Cazorla.

    I know Wenger will never opt for two strikers in the starting 11! But, Just for analysis.

    —————-Girou——– walcott —————-
    ——————– Coquelin————————-
    Monreal— Koscielny —Mertesacker— Bellerin
    ——————-Cech———————- ——–

    Rosicky is the perfect man in place of Ramsey.


  6. ok but why are we operating under the assumption that Dynamo and Olympiakos will both lose home and away against Bayern? If Bayern beat us tonight they may very well slacken and draw or lose against those teams..we put ourselves in a very difficult position losing both opening games to those small teams.

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