This Arsenal team is built the way Wenger wants it…..

When Arsenal signed Petr Cech back in the summer of 2015, it followed a trend of world class additions in Ozil and Alexis from the previous years. Cech’s signing showed that for three consecutive years Arsenal wanted to strengthen and show ambition that we were ready to compete amongst the big European sides again.

Cech’s signing brought quality and experience. Cech is a winner and that winning mentality is so important for a side that is pushing for trophies. Arsenal have shown in previous years that they have been capable of competing, but that they lack that cutting edge, that little added quality and most of all experience. Arsene Wenger went many years of trying to win things with kids and it has proven to be a tough challenge to complete. However with the side now full of quality and competition for places being very strong, it’s easy to see that we are now on the verge of returning to the glory days.

Petr Cech has been speaking of Arsenal’s chances of success this season and in the future. He puts a lot of it down to quality and experience, two aspects that he himself has brought to the team. Cech said: “I think the first [quality we have] is the strength in depth.

“When we were unlucky with long-term injuries last season, we had to use the same players in so many games and you lack energy in certain parts of the season. We dropped points because we couldn’t rotate. This season we have strength in depth.

“I think we are as strong as anybody else in the league. The league is very competitive but I think we are one of the teams who has all the qualities to compete for the title and we know that.”

Cech’s winning mentality and experience of tough campaigns is exactly what can help push Arsenal towards glory. In past years the players haven’t necessarily been able to remain consistent throughout a season and have dropped off when it begins to get tough. But Cech, Ozil, Alexis and now so many others are experienced enough to recognise the strong and resilient mentality that’s needed over the course of an entire campaign, rather than just for a few months.

Cech continued: “Now the team is built the way the manager wants. In the last three years we bought [Alexis] Sanchez, Mesut [Ozil] and Granit [Xhaka]. Together with all the experience of the players who had been here for a long time we have great balance in the team.

“We have young players coming through as well and we can take this as a great advantage as the squad is very well balanced. It’s working so far.”

Arsenal have a great balance of youth and experience in my opinion and it’s a balance that will see the young players especially benefit from the talents and experiences of the older members of the squad. Players like Cech, Ozil and Alexis are world class winners and will pass on their talents as a guide to younger players, allowing them to develop. Koscielny will undoubtedly help Rob Holding develop into a world class centre back for Arsenal for many years to come, largely because Koscielny himself has been through that transition from young talent to an exceptional player himself at Arsenal. Iwobi and Chamberlain can learn a lot from Alexis, whilst even fringe players such as Jeff Reine Adelaide will learn a lot from players like Mesut Ozil.

We have a very strong squad this year and one that’s capable of achieving success in this current campaign. There is going to be many tough months ahead, with November already proving to be a difficult challenge. But if Arsenal can keep up their strength and winning consistency, then I have no doubts that we can push all the way for glory this season.


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  1. kelleson says:

    There is alot of balance in Arsenal team now, and the calibre of players we have can make us dream of success, but there is still need for additional good players in the department of attack and wing. A good attacker and winger that have pace that can destroy opponent defence. We also need Cazorla likes mildfielder that is very fast with the ball. We are at the verge of winning trophies, 2017 will not pass us bye

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