Why this Arsenal v Spurs clash could be biggest ever

Arsenal have the formidable task of a Champions League away clash with Bayern Munich to get through first, and of course we are all hoping that Arsene Wenger and the players can pull off another shock against the German champions. But even though this midweek game could rescue what was looking like a disastrous European campaign, the really big game of the week is coming up on Sunday.

A north London derby with Tottenham is always a big game for both clubs, but this time it could be the biggest ever, in recent history at least. For Arsenal fans, the bragging rights this season are perhaps not the most important thing, because our hopes of the Premier League title are looking the most likely that they have since the invincibles season of 2003-04.

A win for us at the Emirates on Sunday would ensure that Arsenal head into the next international break in great spirits and at least tied for top spot, while losing to the spuds could do untold damage to our confidence and form, as well as giving our main rivals Man City a timely boost.

The game is also massive for Mauricio Pochettino and his men because the way things are going for them so far, including the 3-1 defeat of Aston Villa last night and the struggles of Chelsea, it is looking like they could finally make a decent go of getting into the Champions League next season.

This game will not be easy for the Gunners as the spuds have only lost one league game so far, against Man United on the opening day, and that is one fewer than us. So will this be the most hard fought as well as being the most important north London derby ever?

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    1. i think he is sick, but still its crazy, any team in world would be decimeted with this much injuries, how can we win something with half team injured? Hope he will be ready for Spuds

      1. hahahahaha i cant belive this, so he will be out for 3 weeks, someone seriously have cursed us, this is imposible to explain, training methods cant decimate half of team, i cant blame Wenger, its beyond us.

        1. @AlmiR

          It happens every season, so it isn’t bad, but most likely it is the training methods. In fact medical professionals have come out and said it IS THE TRAINING METHODS! On top of that it may also be a case that we have a huge amount of injury prone players. But whatever the reason, it’s not beyond us because it’s nothing to do with bad luck!

          Get rid of the injury prone players would be a great start. A good example is Wilshere. I love him, but what’s the point of keeping him if he’s rarely available. We should learn from the Diaby fiasco. If you’re going to keep the injury prone players, then add more quality squad depth, because you’ll know they’ll be injured every season. Last option would be to change the training methods, have them up to date, and have specific training tailored to certain individual’s.

          So there’s plenty of options, it’s just that Wenger decides to ignore all of them. As a consequence, we now have 9 injured. So there’s the proof!

          1. Change what methods, it’s to do with Tackles with Willshire and as human beings we are all different it happens to all teams agreed Arsenal get more but we are a small light bodied squad for Wenger to play his type of game. No other team has small light players so either go back to bigger players like Chelsea oh by the way Falco got injured in training and will miss 3 weeks,so shit happens. CB

  1. Listen Baby Please

    We must focus on Bayern, not Spuds

    If we beat Bayern we will use this momentum to beat Spuds

    If we don’t beat Bayern we will take out our anger on Spuds and beat them

    So no matter the Bayern result, Spuds are doomed

        1. First Campbell has shown his worth, so stop getting on his back and let him have his chance at a decent run. Second, you forget Debuchy was quality before his injury. He can do the job, he just needs to get some confidence back.
          Bayern will vome at us no doubt. Provided we keep tight at the back and counter we have at least a chance. So stop being negative and start thinking about the potential.

  2. Not that i want to be a killjoy.. But i fear the worst. Something tells me we are going to be humiliated tomorrow.
    Bayern are definitely looking for revenge.

  3. Arsene Wenger wants Debuchy to be given importance and only matches of these magnitude will make him feel wanted. I think Belllerin has outclassed him in every way possible. I bet Arsenal will lose this time and i feel that his positioning is awful and unreliable, I saw the photos pre match preparations Debuchy was happy that he was injured. Wenger would have substituted bellerin after the 2nd goal clearly trying to see whether he would aggravate or not so that Debuchy can play.

  4. the british players are messing up the team with their injuries…for bellerin he gave everything at swansea even hitting the post..its debuchy tommorrow vs douglas costa or worse robben..lets just hope for a miracle in munich.

    1. Lets not under estimate our team , we will give them a run of their money. I would rather have paulista cover for bellerin then the old lion debuchy.
      I believe gabriel is faster and aggresive then debu hy and costa would have a tough time takin him on .

    2. Hahaha. .. if Debuchy has any sense, he will call in sick!
      Costa will make him feel dizzy if he plays!

      The Bellerin’s injury news is like a 8.8 on the Richter scale!
      I heard that Gabriel can play at any position in the back line,
      I would rather stick him in the RB slot than Debuchy.
      Infact BFG would do a better job there than Debuchy!
      I can’t believe it …. well…. more like I don’t want to believe it!

        1. I’d stick with Debuchy. There is a bigger picture here – we need a solid backup for Bellerin and the best option is Debuchy. I don’t want Gabriel pissing as a back up on the left. He’s too valuable in the middle. Now, if Debuchy doesn’t take this chance and continues to be absolutely god awful, then yes, there is a case for Gabriel or Chambers on Sunday.

  5. if Bellerin dn’t make it moro…..GabrieL is definitely needed in that game……… Dn’t care what ppl think

  6. I think Debuchy will be schooled and become Ospina 2.0 and thought of Robben and Costa running at him makes anyone have nightmares and I mean Seriously cause Robben made Spain’s jordi alba look not so fast in World Cup 2014.

  7. Debuchy has been receiving some harsh criticism!! I too am worried but debuchy along wid the main defence wudnt b as bad as it is wen he’s playing alongside chambers and Gibbs.
    Real tough match tomorrow!

  8. dn’t understand what u Lot r talking bout……. I think Monreal Owns Robben moro


    NB: Robben Loves cutting in 4rm the RW and shoots in the middle…… Plus he Loves to Dive


    But he dn’t know our Nacho man too weLL!

    1. bit harsh…on squillaci. joke

      come on debuchy was great before bellerins emergence
      but tommorow might be too soon for him

  9. I see too many people talkin about spuds. Even respected voices.
    Worrying imo.

    Bellerin injured???
    Even more worrying …

  10. With bellerin out of tomorrow’s match and possibly spud’s match,what happens if we get one more injury tomorrow?? say coq or giroud?? These are the sort of questions wenger should have asked himself during the transfer window. Just have look at our bench for tomorrow and you will realize that we are courting failure.

  11. Tomorrow’s bench:Macey,Gabriel, Gibbs, Flamini, Rene-adelaide…..

    We ain’t winning anything if this is the sort of bench we will have AWAY at Bayern Munich

  12. bellerin injured ……Costa/robben is gonna roast debuchy….. we have bin beaten before kick off….

  13. Oh dear. Seeing as Debuchy has been terrible in every game he has played this season.
    I’m now dreading tomorrow night

  14. After seeing Sevilla nightmare start vs Man city, Wenger has to put an extra man to help Debuchy and Joel.


    A flat middle five, Cazorla and Joel helping Debuchy, Sanchez helping Monreal, and Coquelin and Ozil covering in the middle.

    1. I forgot we can put Pualista in CB or play 2 dmf in midfield with him and Coquelin. Put Ozil and Sanchez on the wing and Cazorla in AMF


  15. Of course people are talking about the spuds game. With bragging rights, prem league position and going into a long international break on a high, it’s far more important to us in the long run this season than the game against possibly the best team in Europe. Losing to BM is more or less expected but loosing to spuds is unthinkable. Beat spuds and we go 8 points in front of them, loose and it’s just two. Beat BM and we possibly go through, only to go out as usual in the knock out stage. I’d love us to win both games but given the choice its mash spuds every time!

  16. I feel a bit sorry for Debuchy, he was probably about the 3rd best rb in the league after Zaba and Sanga when we signed him (although i think Serge Aurier would have been a better long term signing for not that much more). Having said that Debuchy made sense as a replacement for Sagna, epl experience, gets up and down, good defensively and offensively, he was just very unlucky to get such a major injury so soon into his arsenal career. Any long term injury like that takes time to come back from, and when you have emerging one of the best young right backs around having taken your place, its hard to get a run of games to hit some form. Taking on D.Costa and a wounded Bayern team looking to make a point is definitely not the ideal way to ease back into the team, but it is also something of a return to the first team with a baptism of fire. Its unlikely he’ll get a harder run out this season than against Costa at the Allianz and if we do manage to get a result it could do wonders for his confidence. We should be supporting him rather than ridiculing him as given we top the physio room table every year, its surely only a matter of time before Bellerin is out for an extended period and having a fully fit & fully firing Debuchy will be important even without injuries due to the hectic christmas schedule. #COYG

  17. People are too eager to make sweeping statements regarding injuries. As you say, wilshires injury was a mechanical injury caused by an external force. Bellies injury may have been caused by over stretching tearing muscle fibres or over training causing a strain. Each injury is analysed and then decided if the training regime is poor or external forces ( bad luck) caused the injury.

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