This Chelsea transfer (Not Cech) key to Arsenal trophy success?

The goalkeeping situation at Arsenal is certainly providing it´s fair share of Arsenal transfer rumours at the moment, with the possible future of the two current Gunners Wojciech Szczesny and David Ospina up in the air as well as the will he, won´t he, will they let him saga concerning Chelsea and Petr Cech.

And there seems to be no let up either, with a report in The Mirror today filling us in on the latest. But as well as claiming that Arsene Wenger has all but sealed the deal for the Czech Republic star by promising him the number one role, the report carries some other interesting factors and if they mean what I think they do, it could be a huge boost for Arsenal and our hopes of trophy success in the future.

Cech has enjoyed a long, close and fruitful working relationship with goalkeeping coach Christophe Lollichon and with our keeping coach Tony Roberts leaving the club to work again with Lukasz Fabianski at Swansea, the report suggests that Cech could bring Lollichon to Arsenal when he comes.

If he does then hopefully he will be able to bring the best out of the talented but error prone Szczesny, as the report also claims that is the Poland international and not Ospina that will be Cech´s understudy. So if Lollichon is coming to Arsenal to keep Cech in top form and to make sure that Szczesny fulfils the massive potential he undoubtedly possesses, could this transfer from Chelsea prove to be the key to years of trophy success for the Gunners?

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  1. CECH, Another DM and a Prolific striker will do us good. I don’t want Ospina to be Out. We can keep all three keepers if Cech comes in. Another twist is ‘I wouldn’t be surprise if PSG hijacks this cech deal. You know this things happen sometimes. Anyway, I hope we get the right players we need and challenge for the title next season. Glad to see the players want to challenge next season….

    1. Not happy with shez as our number two,its disturbing. Why not keep ospina and let the polish international leave? Ospina would be a solid number two,maybe ospina wants to play for a club that will give him the number one Spot

      1. Sczseney is home grown i guess. Just look at what city is willing to pay for Sterling? look at howmuch we paid for chambers even though he was just 19 we paid £16m. With new Homegrown rule in place you can’t let guys like Sczseney or jekinson go.

        Sure they need to have the required quality needed for Arsenal. I think they are good enough. Hope that answers your question.
        I guess thats why its more easy to let Ospina go.

        1. We have to be ruthless to fight for trophies. Its this kind of thinking that leaves us where we are, challenging for third spot. Ospina should star and good bye shezney. Fukkkk the homegrown bull crap. We need to start getting rid of players we don’t need. Flamini,arteta,shezney,podolski, they all need to go.

          1. exactly, the easier option for whatever rule thrre is, its not the right option.
            its a known fact that easy roads lead you to doom!

        1. I am with you in this one seancali
          Ospina is proven …epl…world cup and now copa america.
          I am more tan sure he wouldnt mind being # 2 to Ospina.
          I d say dont sell anyone though….

          1. So your saying shezney our third choice? That is if we get cech.would he want to play as third choice keeper?

          2. Yeah, they say Schezza still has room for growth and can learn still.
            Ospina 1 year older ffs.

            Will Schezza be a calming influence this season as Ospina was when they the same age, doubt it.

            So if Schezza is young so is Ospina.

            Although reports suggest Ospina is not happy being number 2 after his fantastic season. I can reason with this, however, Chech is the better keeper.
            Maybe Ospina should remain number 1 until he makes mistakes, but will Chech come then.

            No matter what happens not all going to happy I guess.

  2. Chech and Christophe have a 13 year partnership from france to Chelsea and to Arsenal if the deal happens. They have a great working relationship and i hope Christophe passes down some of that Knowledge to Sczseney. Hopefully this transfer is done by next week.
    After Chelsea got cashly we bound to do 1 on them. they are absolutely going mad on their form. I love it when those shityyyyyy fans are sad.

  3. Come on cech show maureen what he threw away for curtois…show him what you are really made of n piss him off by having 7 successful years at the emirates n then you will know how a legend should really feel
    Just think of where ud like ua stature to be….Am sure ad not want mine to be at the bridge

  4. Well, if Lollicon is part of the envisaged deal that could bring the much talked about Per Cech to Arsenal, all good and fine then. I don’t know the thoughts of the Boss on Arsenal goalkeepers. But for a start with, he has not refuted the rumour that is being circulated in the media that Arsenal are interested to sign Petr Cech. Hence this strong believe in the Arsenal Gooners quarters that Arsenal will sign Cech. And we or I don’t know the negotiation that will take place or has taken place between the Boss and his keepers. But there is a general thought within the Gooners that Cech could be the new no.1 keeper at Arsenal. Consequently relegating David Ospina who hittato was no.1 to no.2. And Szczesny who doesn’t want to leave Arsenal as no.3, Martinez who no any convincing news about him as no.4 and Macey as no.5. They are many and a rationalization of goalkeepers has to take place at Arsenal. Has Martinez been rationalized already as his Data is said not be seen on as being reported on the Untold website? I would have the opinion that, Arsenal should keep both Ospina and Szczesny as 2 understudies to Cech and his trainer. Arsenal are better rich in top quality goalkeepers than to be short of them as next season could be long and hard in all competitions . Cech is a gamble. We don’t know his form will be when he comes.

    1. @ samuel
      Thats one of the reasons why Tony roberts had to go to swansea today. Swansea manager monk has confirmed the deal that Roberts will be joining his backroom staff as head of goalkeeping coach.
      Chritophe will be taking over as Goalkeeping coach.

      May be can also steal the Physio lady at chelsea. She was capable of kepping terry fit for 38 games. Cesc matic hazard William Ivanovic cahill Azipueta all had 30+ league games. That aldy must be a miracle worker. lol

  5. I really don’t understand why we want a gk. We have 2 internationals, cech was good, not sure now otherwise he would have retained his no 1 place at chelsea. Concentrate on other areas, why dent the confidence in our 2 guys. Schezz will come right , I agree a complete striker with some skills and pace, Henry type is what we need, not sure if any around. But we need a finisher. Maybe DM , but that’s it , no more. Closest to Henry is Lacazette , although shorter but a threat. This or Walcott and well beck must up their game next season as top strikers with deadly finishing. Why doesn’t Henry work with these 2 guys, remember adebayor adopting his finishing tactics. Or just bring RVP for another year or two – lol.

    1. Well Sanchez will not get in Barcelona’s first 11. Does this mean he is not WC? Cech improves one position in the team. If we add a DM to support Coq I believe we are good to go. Not too sure we need a striker. We always score goals 95% of the time, its conceding poor ones which is our failing most of the time. But would lrove a striker who would improve the starting 11. I actually follow Seria A quite a lot and don’t think Higuain is as good as people here seem to think. He is as frustrating as Giroud with missed chances in big games. Lacazzette I am not so sure about.

  6. Jeez,
    He isn’t even at Arsenal yet and all these articles.
    I have a feeling this is not happening.
    Instead of spending 10 million on Petr Cech, it could just be added to get the great striker this club needs to give us any chance to bridge the gap between the top clubs.
    A goalkeeper is not as urgent as a CF/ST, a CB and DM.

  7. Maybe he teach shcezeney some good lessons!!! Now we needs DM and striker!!! I still hope to REUS!!!

  8. If Wenger let Ospina leave, I will be very dissapointed. The guy is future legend and he would retire from Arsenal, vs Polish kid who will leave as soon as City or Manure or Chelsea offer him more money! MArk my words!

  9. daily mail says if Cech comes Ospina is sold.
    I honestly hope thats their opinión.
    Ospina IS world class….even before he got here. When he came I had doubts about the EPL being too much to handle but he took the challenge well, and he went on to copa america and stop Neymar from scoring.
    Hope he isnt sold…really.

    1. Thumbs down for what?
      He ain’t WC I think, but he has the years to get there.
      2 years under Chech and his coach and he will be 28, in his prime for what 7 years. Stick it out Ospina.

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