THIS defensive midfielder WILL solve Arsenal’s problems


Hey guys, I heard that Arsenal are looking for a new DM and also heard that Dortmund’s Ilkay Gundogan is available as he has just 18 months left on his contract. How come Wenger hasn’t heard the same news! Now wait.I can see you boiling up with the ‘we need a proper DM’ scream but what exactly is a proper DM in the modern game? Well, judging by the qualities most teams are looking for, a good one should be;

-a great interceptor
-a great passer (long range accuracy is welcome )
-great sense of position
-great tackler

Those qualities are in order of importance – based on the best in the trade from the recognized top teams.
Now at Arsenal we have Mikael Arteta who holds those qualities but he is getting on in terms of age. You want to see a proper replacement? Then take a look at Gundogan, who is only 24.

Now I can see you screaming “that’s an attacking player”. Mate you got it wrong. Thing is, at all the top teams, that guy you see running around shoving people all the time and making lots of tackles is not the DM. The DM is supposed to stay away from direct confrontation and just stay behind the rest of the midfielders, but just in front of the back four. Inevitably,a defensive midfielder will find themselves tackling because they operate in the area of the pitch where all the opponent’s genius players are, but most of the tackling and dirty work is done by the box to box midfielder.

The defensive midfielder is more concerned with interception and distribution. Actually,the infamous sideways passing stats that most famed defensive midfielders achieve are just dictated by the nature of their job in a passing team.

Fact is, ALL good defensive mids can be attacking mids based on the ‘set a thief to catch a thief’ policy. Any good defensive mid should be able to think like an attacking mid in terms of passing and ball retention, so I think Gundogan can cut it for us. He can pass, he can intercept, he’s strong, and any modern day central midfielder can tackle, so I think we should sign him up!

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    1. I see where you’re coming from but besides his 14-month (!) injury last year him being injury-prone is somewhat exaggerated, def not as bad as Khedira in that departement. Also, Klopp used to rotate alot in the 11/12 and 12/13 which explains why he doesn’t have 30 or more caps in those seasons.

      This guy could be a great replacement for Arteta, however I’d like to see somebody with more phyiscal prescence stepping in.

      1. I think signing a player from another league might not be the best thing at the moment not all players are like Sanchez, Diego Costa, Febregas etc to come in the Prem league and make a impact right away. I strongly think our greatest bet is to go for sisoko and play him in a deeper role alongside Francis Coq. Because of our need to sign and play a defensive midfielder it might not help since the physicality of the premier league is a lot different from other leagues it might take that person a couple months to get up to speed which might not help us right away.

        1. Akpom>afobe



              1. I’m just showing how we can replace outgoing signingings like for like thought that was easy to understand . Do I expect each of those players to be bought or all of those to be released ? No

                I’m just stating if we were going for a certain type that’s who would be perfect.

                Eg diaby physical presents and athletism can be replaced by Sissokko who is younger,fitter and current better.

  1. Joe excellent article. Just as a RB or LB needs to be part of the attack the DM needs to be as well. Arteta has been very reluctant to help out the attack. If as a DM you can get past the first player then it opens up the whole attack. Someone comes to you then someone compensates for that void and then you have numbers. We need that player which in my mind should be a top top priority.

    1. This is not true actually. Don’t forget that Arteta played all his life before joining Arsenal as an AM. If Arteta wouldn’t join the attack we wouldn’t be caught so often on the counter. He does it, not as often as Ramsey but he does it on a regular base.

  2. Thanks for telling us all what a defensive midfielder is… now can you explain what a goalkeeper is and then inform our Szcz. A defensive mid stays away from direct confrontation.. haht.

  3. The curious case of Moussa Sissoko!!!

    The player seems to be crying out to join us. Personally if we could release Diaby and am sure Flamini wont be here for long he would be a good addition to our squad.

    – His at a good age
    – Fast
    – Strong
    – Decent technically
    – and has EPL experience.

    One option for that DM/B2B role if combined with the right player.

    1. He can play on the left wing aswelll, this guy is strong and is incredibly versatile. Don’t know what Wenger is waiting for, perhaps he really wants to get defensive signings first this time!

    2. He’s not defensivley what we need , he has just been compared on sky sports to Famini and Flamini came out better this season by far

      1. Flamini has been very good this season he is outperforming the over hyped matic. He is also very accurate in his passing

    3. He is a ready made diaby replacement/upgrade

      Coqulan is a flamini replacement

      Gundagan is a ready made arteta upgrade/replacement

      We would be adding more agressive,athletism to the team whilst hardly tacking away from the techniqual side of things

  4. I’d like to get him. Our midfield would have legs for days with Gundogan and Ramsey. Great work rates and both can attack. That would be a dynamic engine room for sure.

  5. Dream on
    I will tell you who we’ll sign this Jan
    1)Nooneatall isabest = Cheap, NOT being pursued by other clubs and readily available
    2)Jackshite Nobugger = Same a above but English
    3) Cheapo Polishunknown = same but cheaper
    4) OR…..some cheap Unknown defender who may just…..become a world class player and allow AW to bask in his own glory for another ten years after selling him for 100% Profit to man city

  6. Good player, but I wouldn’t say he’s what is needed for us at the moment, and at 5’11, I wouldn’t say he’s exactly the huge DM we’ve all been craving for. Also you have to remember that injuries destroy us every season and he only played three times last season, and only twelve times this season due to injury.

    I get what the writer is saying, in that the modern game has changed with a deep lying playmaker sometimes preferred to out-and-out defensive midfielder. But one glaring fact you have to recognise is that teams are very different in terms of their personal, style of play, tactics, and formations.

    Arsenal play very open attacking football, with both wing-backs pushed up at the same time, and the central defenders split. The reason we get into a lot of trouble is that one of our main CB’s has no pace, and Arteta/Flamini also have no pace to cover the gaps, catch opponents, and to stop counter-attacks. We also have a problem with set-pieces by having too many short players. We already have lots of play-makers in our team which are comfortable with possession, quality passing and creativity. What we don’t have is a tall, powerful, athletic DM purely for breaking up the play, and properly helping out the CB’s.

    Moussa Sissoko of Newcastle is exactly what we need in terms of the correct attributes for the DM role. Yes, okay, he isn’t a DM, but I’m sure he could adapt to that role if given it by Wenger. He’s 6’2, powerful, great stamina, runs really well with the ball, quick over the ground, strong tackler and a real threat in the air. He also has plenty of years left in the tank being only 25 years old, has Premier League experience, and wouldn’t command a huge transfer fee or wages.

    For me Sissoko is a no-brainer, but then again I thought the same about Wanyama…and look where he ended up.

    1. The lad is practically begging for a move to the Emirates as well, referring to Arsenal as his dream club to play for.

      I know this may across as blasphemy to the ears of some but I personally rate him higher than Ramsey, Wilshere and Ozil. He is the physical, aggressive type of midfielder that Arsenal DESPERATELY needs. Imagine him paired with a Carvalho, Wanyama or Schenderlien?

      To bad Le Douche doesn’t

  7. Winston Reid remind me of young Koscielny.
    Wenger said that Kos kicks his friends many times at training.

    I think this Reid is good for us.
    Cheap, low salary, upgrade for Per.

  8. I can’t stand Mert but he’s better than Reid
    And Sissoko is better than Ramsey what are you smoking

  9. Wenger said post match conference we are close to signing a cb. He talked of a leader someone who is a coach on the pitch. He quoted terry as an example, who could it be? Ashley williams? Phil jagyelka? Who knows either this means they are not notch, (hummels) or just experienced, ie OLD! Ps would love sissoko at arsenal he has a geeaty game and great physical peesence. No more midget players please AW 🙂

  10. With the spare money we save for going for gundogan , we can buy another table for the treatment room ….

    Really rate him , but he hasn’t played for over a year , sounds like we are penny pinching again !

    I want somebody in the form of their , a statement of intent …. Not another question mark over fitness because he is available on the cheap !

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