This double signing is a serious message to Arsenal rivals

Arsenal´s message to rivals by Sam P

This double deal by Arsenal Football Club could hardly have come at a better time to be honest. On the verge of the Gunners facing our main rivals for the Premier League, Chelsea, in the traditional curtain raiser to the season, Arsene Wenger is sending out a real message of intent with the news reported on the Arsenal website that the two key players Santi Cazorla and Theo Walcott have signed new long term contracts.

Remember the last time the England striker was getting towards the end of his deal? A lot of the talk in the football media was whether we could hold on to him. We had not won a trophy in almost a decade and there was plenty of interest in the flying forward from other clubs. This time it has been simple to get him to sign on the dotted line.

The same can be said of our super Spaniard. There have been some big clubs around Europe after him and a couple of years ago he was suggesting that Arsenal needed to start winning things to keep him in north London. So the signing of these two brilliant and key players should be sending out a clear message to our rivals in the Premier League and Champions League.

The Gunners are back with plenty of ammunition and we are coming for you!

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  1. So he now has his contract, he probably had it inserted in his contract that he would be given some time playing as a CF .supposedly 140k a week, its time he earned his keep. I dont think we can continue defending after this season if he has inconcistent performances and spends 4 months on the treatment table. If he cant produce performances expected of such a weekly wage , we should cut him loose.. because if he starts this whole song and dance 2 years from now demanding more money and hasn’t produced sh#t except an extensive treatment bill, we should f#ck him off…

    1. I like Theo as a person, that being said 140k (top 5 earner at Arsenal) is almost impossible to justify. Hats off to Theo’s advisors, if he was half as good at football as they are at negotiating then we’d have a balon do’r candidate.

      Can’t really see how Arsenal could turn away Ozil or Alexis if they suddenly say they think they’re worth 200k. Also find the “loyalty” love-in with Theo quite something, have a glance at twitter and you’ll see Cazorla thank Arsenal and us fans for his contract, who does Theo thank?….Arsenal and…his management company. LOL that tapping the badge in preseason had most of you giddy.

      140k means one thing to me, expectation. His best season of 21 goals and 17 assists in all comps is the standard for that kind of money. Anything less and I don’t see the value considering players like Reus earn 80k. Yes the Prem has mega money, doesn’t mean you give it to decent players over top class ones. As far as it signalling intent or making a statement to rivals, there’s clutching at straws of ever I saw it. We’ve signed next to no one so let’s revel in some contract extensions. Does Theo even make the best XI?

        1. Cheer up because I question if Theo is worthy of being a top earner at Arsenal? Shut up mate, you sound ridiculous.

  2. Santi is one of our most important players and a “key” man for us, so his signing of a new contract was a great “win” “win” situation for arsenal fc! Coyg!

  3. I thought Santi was already under contract until 2017? He’ll be 32 then. Apparently he’s extended his contract by 2 more years so he’ll be 34? Seems a bit of a risk to sign a long term contract for any player over 30 years old, no matter how good they are. Just look at how quickly RVP went downhill.

    1. Yes but it needed to be done, whilst it can be argued whether he would be able to produce the same performances he does now in 4 years time, the whole idea i would presume would be to let the younger midfielders learn from such a talented individual now with the eventual hope that they would be able to surpass or perhaps match his ability, plus its always a good thing to have experienced players of such calibre around the squad, like barca with Xavi he may not be able to perform to the level he was in his heyday, but every once an again produces a moment of magic when you need it on account of the experience.

      1. I can understand the Santi´s deal if you measure it only by his age, ending at the age 33-34, but not Arteta´s, thump me down, but Arteta nor Flamini can´t be be our back up to Le Coq, we have had so many injuries past and Le Cog can´t play all 50-60 games. That´s why we need CDM asap, there are Bender twins, Krychowiak. Dreaming only Busquets, I am Gunner by heart for 35 years and counting, but he plays for Barca, why would he come here, let´s be realistic, just yellow pages bs or his agent wanting to both of them a pay raise.

        I would also have a WC striker, but there are no longer in the market, Bentzema could come if Real can get Aguero, Lewandowski leaves Bayern without a out and out striker, there are too many if´s.

        I hope that Walcott will be (instead of Girould, he can come as a sub and gives us a clear choice to change our game plan) given a run as a striker and Ox as a right winger, ´cause what I have seen this summer, this is his break trough season, if no injuries, God Forbid..

  4. Here’s wishing santi and theo all the best in the new season, with lots of goals coming from them! Coyg!

  5. Arsenal will beat chelsea Arsenal will run chelsea to the ground We have a great squad and capable of beating chelsea and giving them a good thumb
    We always try hard and get chances these chances this time around will be registered the team is solid and experienced and they have improved as a group for while now this on its own merit can beat chelsea

  6. I’m so excited about seeing Walcott playing this year. I feel he will hit the ground running and will rip defences apart all over England. This is his year (permitting he stays fully fit) to carve out an ‘Arsenal Legend’ status. Mark my words!

    Santi Cazorla… enough said.

  7. If we can stay healthy we can win the league, WE are better than Chelsea. I still think we will get a striker by the end of the transfer window and sanchez will be back 🙂 I think Ozil will be our player of the year.

  8. I’m not sure how resigning
    players who are already
    contracted makes us stronger.
    Does that make them better players?
    The league is shaking in their boots because
    Flamini and Arteta have resigned 🙂
    Its like getting a MOT cert on your vehicle,
    It doesn’t make the car go any faster 🙂
    No news week huh?
    Well what’s next?
    Mertesacker renews hip hop dance moves.
    Arteta renews hair stylist contract.
    Wenger renews frog legs importers license.
    Sanchez renews bull fighting seat allocation.
    Gibbs renews itunes downloads package.
    Giroud renews wine list. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. OT – Akpom goin out on loan might mean a new striker is not to far away fingers crossed

  10. I hope Theo can reach his potential this season. I do think his best position is not at CF, I think it is on the right wing. I believe that he can be exceptional at that position. As CF I think he can be decent. In order to win the EPL Arsenal need all the players playing at the position where they can excel. We already have a decent CF.

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