Could Chicharito be the answer to Arsenal’s problems?

There are a lot of Arsenal transfer rumours lately suggesting that Arsene Wenger is keen on bringing the ex-Man United reserve Chicharito back to the Premier League in January. The little Mexican striker was prolific before he arrived at Old Trafford but, despite scoring regularly as a super-sub, Ferguson rarely gave him a run in the starting line-up.

The new (soon to be ex) Man United manager Louis Van Gaal decided this year to release Javier Hernandez, much to the fans surprise, but Chicharito has not looked back since he moved to Bayer Leverkusen and given a regular starting spot.

So far the Mexican international has scored an amazing 18 goals out of 21 appearances in the Bundesliga, despite playing for one of the “smaller” teams, and Bayer are not averse to making a lucrative profit if they receive a massive offer for any of their players.

Chicharito is now 27 years old and is fully matured, and his wide experience of playing in the Premier League means that he likely to settle in London very quickly if Wenger is really interested in bringing him in.

Now that Danny Welbeck has suffered yet another setback we could easily make room for another striker, in fact I would say it is imperative at the moment if we are serious about challenging for the League title. Walcott is fairly brittle as we all know, and god forbid if anything happens to Giroud.

Who thinks it would be a good idea for Arsenal to go all out for Chicharito?

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  1. Hernadez is one of those player who just never know what you are going to get out of him. He could be fantastic…….. or not.

    His raw talent and current form speak well of him so if the price was right, he would be worth a shot. But I fear there could be a high price tag on him.

    All that said, I just don’t see Wenger going for a striker right now. Arsenal have Walcott, Giroud, and Alexsis if needed. And injured or not, Welbeck is still on the payroll eating up salary cash. (But Wenger often defies logic so who knows?)

  2. There is a major flaw in the author’s ( otherwise feasible and one I would be supportive of) scenario.

    Chicharito did play for United this season both in the EPL and UCL qualifiers. This means that, as he has already played for two clubs over the course of 2015/16, he can’t be eligible for registration in a third club in a single season, per FIFA regulations.

  3. Honestly, with Leicester’s impressive win over Evertonaway, I am more concerned about our match with Manchester City then our transfers next month

    I don’t want to be 4 points behind Leicester, let alone 5 points if we lose.

    I am totally focused on beating City

  4. We are the only team who have beaten Leicester this season, and we thumbed them 2-5. Now looking back it looks like the best game we’ve had this season.

  5. If Arsenal can really get Chicharito it would go in long way in helping Arsenal to secure some good result. He is fast, good in positioning and he have eye for goal. But my primary worries is not attack but Defensive Mifield, that area should be work on, Arteta and Flamini are old, coquelin can not do it alone for a full season without injury or fatigue. Wenger should work on that position (MD) in January transfer market.

  6. I think he would quite well at the Arsenal and would love playing with Alexis Ozil Ramsey Cazorla etc etc etc. My only concern is that are strikers these days are sort of specialised, when we want directness to run in behind we play Theo, and when we want a presence we play Oli, we try the package with Welbz but not sufficient as of yet. Now it’s a striker who you’d call a box player, it’s another tactic and we will only have our full options when fully fit.

    Still it would mean we have a player for every scenario baring in mind they are fit. I think it could be good having him but would prefer a highest calibre player who Ozil and Alexis deserve to benefit from.

  7. Another poster has already pointed out that Chicarito is not eligible for January transfer. Even if he were, I doubt he would leave. He has wanted a starting role and now has one. He would not be a regular starter at Arsenal. He would have been a decent signing last summer.

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