This forgotten Arsenal target would make a huge difference in midfield

Arsenal have been linked with a number of midfield additions this summer, despite already having signed Granit Xhaka this month, and I believe Hakan Calhanoglu would make the most difference.

We have all seen the reports linking us with bringing in N’Golo Kante, Riyad Mahrez and Henrikh Mkhitaryan, and while they are all quality options, I believe Hakan will bring a more unique and needed skill-set to our club.

Calhanoglu has been setting YouTube alight in recent seasons with a host of incredibly taken free-kicks, and a superior set-piece taker would be a huge addition to our side. We have a wealth of attacking players, but should he replicate his form in the Bundesliga from dead-ball situations, he would no doubt be the best free-kick taker on our shores since the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo or David Beckham.

Check these out….

From what I can see, the last real links with us signing the Turkish international came over six months ago, and he has not had the best season with Bayer Leverkusen statistically, but has been a key player in the side which finished third in the German top division, helping them to earn a Champions League place for next year.

The 22 year-old scored against England in Turkey’s recent 2-1 loss, and I expect him to play a key role in his side’s upcoming Euro 2016 campaign, despite his young age.

Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea have all been linked with the midfielder previously, and now could be the prefect time to land Calhanoglu given his struggles this term, and I for one am certain he would excel under Wenger.

The only downfall of his arrival would be the likelihood of Alex Iwobi having his playing time limited, as he was exceptional when breaking into the first-team this season.

Do you follow my belief in Hakan? Who should be sold to accommodate more midfield additions?

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  1. Hakan Calhanoglu is a poor man’s right footed Mesut Ozil with a better free kick and that’s all..with the kind of midfielders we have I don’t think we need another creative mid..drop a striker and I will be in church on Sunday praising almighty God

  2. “A huge difference in MIDFIELD”…….

    Arrrrrggggghhhh!!! Midfield again?

    I used to admire Calhanoglu back in the day….. But this midfield is jampacked and we are in desperate need of a proper CF, winger and CB over anything else

    we shouldn’t be talking bout the midfield anymore, unless two more are leaving!

    For chrissake , Sign a dam striker!!!!

  3. We need a goalscoring midfielder, who makes clever diagnal runs into the danger area. We haven’t had a really good one since Freddy. It’s why I liked the idea of Vardy, although he uses the last shoulder. Prefer Mkhitaryan to this dude Hakan.

  4. Man every time I read an article and see a tweet from Gary Lineker it winds me up fiercely.
    When I compare him to someone like Alan Smith it is clear who played for what club. Guess some people are just real salty to see their former club crash and burn on match #38.
    His infatuation with Arsenal is something else. He’s now saying Arsenal should bugger off from poaching Leciester players. Like really
    Where were these kind of people when City got Adebayor, Toure, Clichy, Nasri, Sagna. Or when Utd got Van Persie. Or when Chelsea got Cole?
    Joke if a man! It’s one thing to have your views but to be completely hypocritical and biased is another. A trait I hate in a person.

  5. We should put a bid in for Virgil van Dijk. Wanted him when he was still at Celtic…

  6. Oh!! Really??? Then let’s keep on listing names. Does this guy have character. We need a player who can carry the team when Alexis is injured or having a bad couple of games and possibly compete with him on the other side of the wings. We have never had a complete team since the invincibles era. If this Bundesliga guy is an option, den Andre Ayew of Swansea will be my pick. Lefty, can play on either wings, Champions League experience in france and now in the EPL. A fighter for his club, good in the air, good finisher and tracks back to help the defence. What’s der not like. And could be a bargin.

  7. Regarding the Vardy signing, a big tell tale will be to see who blinks first between us and Lei. If Lei go out and sign a somewhat expensive striker, I think that means he’s leaving. If we start looking at alternatives, we will have our answer.

  8. if all the heavyweights are been linked with Leicester city players then it’s fair to say their league triumph was no fluke after all. for me the only one I’d take is Kante, and have him and coq rotate as cdm wit granit as box to box because he’s stronger than santi and more disciplined than Ramsey, while santi and mesut could share the #10 role.

  9. Admin now conjuring forgotten Arsenal targets???? And a midfielder for that matter????

    If justarsenal joins the likes of Daily Mail/Sun then God help us!

  10. We Are! and have Been, totally ? at set pieces,( for donkey years!) So, why would we want to sign a free kick specialist? ? ? …. Said No One!

    1. Here is some more forgotten Arsenal targets…


  11. OT:
    Dortmund have signed a winger:Emre Mor on a 5year contract…

    Hopefully, a replacement for Arsenal bound Mikky….

  12. the only thing he ll offer is his freekicks… we don’t need any more midfielder.
    we are short of a CB, a Rightwinger and most of all a Striker

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