This is a good time for Arsenal to visit out-of-form Wolves

We keep saying this before every game recently but on this occasion, it really is imperative that Arsenal beat Wolves. This is a definite must win game.

It is easy to be negative after the Palace loss at the weekend and our recent away loss to Everton but that is to have tunnel vision and only look at the bad performances.

We did excellent in two games against Napoli and we have won our last two away games without conceding a goal, we have beaten some of the very best this season and that tells me that if we get it right mentally and Unai Emery makes the right team selection then we can and should beat Wolves.

Burnley did us a massive favour last night drawing 2-2 with Chelsea and while the Blues have now gone above us into fourth this game does provide us with yet another opportunity to cement our claim to that elusive final Champions League position.

Wolves have not really recovered from their FA Cup semi-final loss to Watford, they have since gone on to lose to Southampton and draw at home to Brighton, they are not exactly in the best frame of mind right now but they are battling to finish seventh and they know a win against us will lift them into that position depending on how Watford do this evening against Southampton.

So, Wolves are not mentally right themselves but do have something to play for, they are at home and you can take it to the bank they will lift themselves against us.

But we also have something to play for, we do bounce back from disappointment, we have put our away day blues to bed to some extent and you have to think that on this occasion Emery will field his strongest possible eleven.

We have a great opportunity to put Sunday’s loss behind us, we cannot waste it.


  1. It won’t be wasted if MUSTAFI is allowed to sit on the bench and not get involved at all, Guendozie also need to be benched and kolasinac needs to learn how to shoot the damn ball into the back of the net. Please before I forget, Mustafi out of my club this summer!!!

    1. We don’t have better CB currently and he is leading in EPL CB defending stats

      I predict Emery would allow Mustafi to redeem his mistakes, by assigning him as a starter

      1. Sokratis will be available. I think Mav can do better than Mustafi..
        he reminds me of Squillaci or Djourou

  2. Wolves would most likely use 3-5-2 with two wingbacks and two strikers, similar to our formation

    Palace’s tactic has been proven effective against our setup, which uses a target man (Benteke) and a free-role inside forward (Zaha). Unfortunately we don’t have a towering striker, otherwise we could use similar pattern to counter Wolves’ strategy

    Aubameyang is pretty tall, but he is not dominant in the air. If Emery uses 3-4-2-1 again, I hope he chooses wingers like Iwobi and Saka to accompany Lacazette in the front

    1. Our team selection worked in their favour rather….. if we had played our best eleven, we’d have beaten them regardless of their set up

  3. 6 seconds is all it took for Shane Long to score… imagine if it’d been against us – we’d never hear the end of it for at least the next 20 years

    1. I have to jump in here. Freedom of speech allows you to write under your title of ‘I hate Mustafi’ whatever you like about anti mustafi, anti arsenal as Much as you like.

      But on the theme of freedom of speech I would say, your comments – whatever and whenever will not be subjective, productive or worth reading. So what’s your point? To use social media to abuse someone who may or may not be of the standard we have come to expect of our football club, but the standard someone shows when they want to abuse people for trying to do their job shows the ones like you fall below the standard of an Arsenal Fan.

      I tend to write on here my thoughts on football, barely in truth because I dont spend too much time on social media…and so I dont engage in pointing our errors normally or things I disagree with unless it is a debate on difference of footballing ideas but I cant see the start of more abuse continue.

      A few years ago I saw bellerin get abused by our fans at the intimate ground of crystal palace, I seen fans wait after the stoke match to abuse our manager… more recently we are seeing racism online and at grounds and any time i see abuse i need to be showing i am against it. Speak up before it becomes too big.

      I am sorry you are probably a 10 year old child and I am sorry you need to be told but someone needs to say it.

      I think many of us can agree there are a few players in our current squad who are not of the standard of what we know a club likes us should have, but abusing/starting a hate campaign is not how you solve problems you have in life!

      1. @Tom

        You’ve attacked the poor guy on the basis of what? His #IhateMustafi tagline? You’re actually counting that as abuse? A hate campaign?

        Like you, I am not sure on the context, but I am pretty confident the person who posted that meant that he/she hated seeing Mustafi play for Arsenal? Not that hated him as a person. The hashtag is just a humorous tagline. It is NOT abuse! Although in today’s PC culture, it’s probably deemed as a racist attack, rape even? Haha!

        I hate Theresa May. Am I also an abuser for saying that?

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