This is a good time to be an Arsenal supporter states Michael Owen

Michael Owen admits Arsenal has become an impressive club after their 1-0 win against Wolves last night.

It was a game Mikel Arteta’s side needed to win, but they could easily have lost it as well.

The Arsenal of old would probably have dropped at least two points when they went a man down with 20 minutes left of normal time.

However, they defended their narrow lead after Gabriel Martinelli’s red card and earned a huge win.

Arsenal has been through ups and downs under Mikel Arteta, but his side has been improving as the season has progressed.

Former Liverpool and Manchester United striker, Owen says it is a good time to be a supporter of the club.

He said on BT Sport as quoted by The Daily Mail: ‘They’re still lacking a few good players but they look as if they can away to tough places now and fight it out a bit more. Usually they get bullied a lot of the time.

‘I watched them at the start of the season against Brentford and it was like this is the Arsenal of recent years but now they’ve got a bit of steel about them and if I was an Arsenal fan I’d be more hopeful at this moment than I have been in a while.’

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We have really come a long way from when we hired Arteta as the club’s manager in 2019.

The Spaniard joined as a rookie boss, but he had clear ideas of how he wanted the team to play.

He has offloaded some of the players he met at the club and will keep adding new talents to the group.

From what we have seen so far, it is easy to trust him to lead us back inside the top four.

Mikel Arteta discusses the win and red cards

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  1. I agree, he got a hell of a job, but little by little he’s turning us into a top team again. It hasn’t been easy but he has taken necessary decisions to sort out the mess, and established a more positive culture. 🔴⚪️

    1. Absolutely. When other team managers are given scant support and little time, Arsenal has given Arteta what he needed. Which has allowed him to work the squad. #COYG

  2. A lot of things have come to light in the last 3 seasons with Unai Emery and Mikel Arteta. We had so many players at Arsenal on a free ride, good players with no intention of playing to their best. People seemed to back players like Ozil and Auba who didn’t put the effort in (the former post big deal) and some performances looked like they didn’t care. Alternatively the same people were happy to see players like Ramsey leave, players who always gave 150% when they played for the club.

    Arteta is still in his infancy as a manager, being in the role for 2 and a half seasons by the end of this season. Fair play he has changed Arsenal in a positive way the team has a solid base and unity something we have missed for over 10 years. These boys are fight for each other the manager and the fans and we have to get behind them massively for the next 16 games.

    The team are not there yet in terms of challenging the top 3 teams. But we’re getting there, even though we lost to City and Liverpool in January we were alot better against them. In those games we showed progress was made. Also as Owen alluded too, were still missing I would say 3-4 top players to start putting those teams under pressure. If we achieve top 4 we would be seriously punching above our weight this season.

    We must have the attitude “we are Arsenal we should be top 4 regardless of manager or team”. This club was not that club anymore, too much dirty water has flowed under the bridge. Yes we are Arsenal in image but the internal structure wasn’t Arsenal. We are making massive strides to getting back there. We are a top 6 team at the moment because we’re a little short of quality. A successful summer and were moving back into the top 4 conversation.

    People will probably reply to this opinion saying Arteta should have signed this and that. Claiming it will be Arteta’s fault if we don’t get top 4 cause of the lack of transfers in Jan. It’s not that simple you don’t walk into a supermarket pick up a top striker and top midfielder off the shelf and pay at the check out. No doubt if Arteta had shelled out 75m on Isak (who for me isn’t the answer) cause he’s light weight, has no prem experience and not that prolific. If he failed the negative commenters would be out in force sayin why did Arteta spend so much on another average player.

    This is a marathon not a sprint were in the best position we have been in for a while. Hopefully we can push on with a good run of form and pick up a couple of 6 pointers against Utd, Spurs and Westham

    1. I think you misread ramsey’s level of effort – he initially would run like crazy and cover the entire pitch in game, showing he was excellent at both winning the ball and carrying/progressing up the pitch to make chances for himself and others. After the season where he scored 16 in the league, his mentality changed, and while he cared more than players like Ozil, he was much more focused on the attacking side of his hand, to the detriment of the side. He could and should have been a great but in the end it was not a bad thing he left, we just didn’t bring in anyone adequate to replace him.
      Anyway, apologies for picking on a minor point of disagreement in a long and well thought out post. On the substance, I think arteta could obviously have done some things a bit better, but it’s widely accepted that we made some brilliant signings over the summer – I saw this striker crisis coming as auba was awful last season, and I wasn’t pleased that we kept xhaka when it seems like we could have replaced him, but it’s like you say, we have to be pragmatic and improve where we can, when we can.
      I’m not sure on isak – have a feeling he could be brilliant at arsenal, like he could transform similarly to F. Torres (scored relatively few goals for Atl Madrid and huge numbers for Liverpool), but 75m would be an enormous risk for someone who’s not yet proven.

      1. I can agree with that his final season was very off and on, like you said preferring to do a Lampard rather than be the box to box 8 we needed

  3. Why do we waste space with such stupid articles relating to idiots like Owen. He thinks we are that impressive, he predicts we will get 7th and last of four rival teams he talked about with us. Why do we give space to these media trash writers.

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