This is Arsenal’s best chance to get Mario Gotze on the cheap

Over the years there have been thousands of Arsenal transfer rumours linking the Gunners with Mario Gotze, and right now would be the perfect time for Arsene wenger tomake his move as it seems that his relationship with Bayern Munich is at an all-time low.

Gotze was considered a prodigy at Dortmund before being snapped by Bayern Munich, but has never been able to force himself into the first team since Pep Guardiola arrived at the club, and he only played 9 full games in the whole of this season. His contract is up for renewal, but it is being reported that after a long conversation with the new manager Carlo Ancelotti, Gotze has been told that he is surplus to requirements.

There is little wonder that the youngster has had trouble getting game time at the Allianz Arena, with Bayern having stars like Douglas Costa, Thomas Muller, Frank Ribery, Arjen Robben and Kingsley Coman all vying for a starting spot, and Muller himself admitted that his team-mate was unhappy at the club. He said in March: “I speak with Mario and think he is not 100 per cent satisfied with his situation at Bayern.”

“But I am not Mario’s agent, so I am not going to speak about his future.”

Bayern paid Dortmund a massive 31.5m Euros when he arrived, but surely with just one-year left on his contract and hardly any playing time under his belt he will be available much cheaper this time. Especially the closer it gets to deadline day and Munich knowing that they would have topay his wages foranother year and then see him leave for nothing….

Should Wenger make him a top target?



  1. Don’t hold your breath, Liverpool may be after him as well, and he played under Klopp for 4 years at Dortmund.

    Given the choice he might want to play under Klopp again with his high pressing, quick game as opposed to Arsenes’ pass, pass, pass, pass, lose ball and concede on the counter attack!

    1. at least make it hard for them!!

      liverpools 20 mill for gotze-pah!- bid 35- make bayern feel uncomfortable
      he was incredible at dortmund- an hes only 23!!

      big fan of gotze

    2. Well, does Liverpool need götze? They have Coutinho and Firminho, with Lallana as backup. They don’t need an attacking midfielder, they have plenty of just that. So do we, for the record, but I’ll gladly welcome him to Arsenal if Dortmund doesn’t buy him back

      1. Exactly my tot, even when we signed Ozil he was never our priority, how we have both Ozil and santi, Wilshere (?) And iwobi, do we really need him? We rather go for matinez or boteng, even Alaba as he is also a good option for a DM. Lewandowski??

  2. Yes please,he will be a beast alongside Wilshere.With this midfield,a good CB as Jose Gimenez,Varane or at least to let Chambers play more and a consistent ST as Cavani,Benzema,Morata,we can hope for a title next season.

      1. i know its very frustrating to continuously see wilshere on the treatment table… but when he is on form he is very good

  3. I didn’t read the article…
    We don’t need Gotze..

    If Wenger buys him and fail to buy a striker, we will al complain again…..

    We need an out and out striker…

    1. I agree, Giroud can not be relied upon and Theo has shown he hasn’t got a strong enough character to be the main man, to have the responsibility.

      Welbeck has become Welbroke… again.

      Akpom will be our only chance if we do not buy and as much as I want to see him play for us, is he good enough yet? 40 games and 7 goals? It is worse when you look at just the league, 35 games and 3 goals…

    1. I’d take Campbell/Iwobi
      next to a world cup striker 🙂
      Both Gotze and Rodriguez are
      vastly over rated after cameo’s
      at the world cup but have
      done nothing since.
      Their clubs though will still want big
      bucks for their foolish purchases
      so why should we bail them out.
      Both players have lived the high life
      so will come with high wage demands
      and expectations of playing
      when and where they please.
      Offer the clubs 12 mill for each player
      and offer the players 60 k p/w
      and see who is still keen to do business.

  4. No, we shouldn’t got for him.

    We need a WC striker and at least 1 more solid CM who can put in a tackle, maybe a winger (players below is the reason for maybe) but not Gotze.

    I’d like to see Zelaleam given a chance in the 1st team, he has impressed while out on loan and lets not forget the Scottish lower league isn’t shy when it comes to contact, he has the desire to fight for a spot as well which would be nice to see.

    Jon Toral also performed well out on loan, I think he has helped in 12 goals in total? Scored 8 from AM (15% of BC goals) and if I am right then he helped in 22% of BC goals…

    Jeff R-A is an exciting prospect and yet another player who would benefit from us ignoring Gotze and spending the cash on a CF and CM…

    Oh yeah, I nearly forgot Iwobi, he has stepped into the 1st team and looks like he belongs there but I must remember he is still young. I wouldn’t want Gotze to arrive and potentially play ahead of him, he wouldn’t get ahead of Ozil and Alexis… unless our injury curse strikes them.

    If we do not buy a winger then I will not moan about it, those youth prospects would offer depth and I like to see players given a chance if they have done well, these players have done well from what I can tell.

    I know a Zelaleam and Jeff R-A are not wingers but I think it would be a Wenger thing to do, give them experience on 1 side of the 3 AM. Like Ox… shame the guy hasn’t progressed even though he has been shown faith, time to give that opportunity to some of those great prospects we bought a few years ago.

  5. I was thinking this too actually. It’s another world class player seemingly surplus to requirements and available at a knockdown- which fits our MO for picking up world class stars. He could potentially play as a false 9 to fit him in- as he has for Bayern & Germany at times. Dare we dream of a front 3 of Sanchez, Gotze, Mahrez with Ozil behind and Santi & Xhaka further behind?!- sounds pretty awesome to me!!!!!!

  6. Forget every position apart from one, a world class striker! RVP left four years ago, and it’s absolutely disgraceful he still hasn’t been replaced. In nearly four years, the only out-and-out strikers Wenger has signed have been Giroud and Sanogo. I’m discounting Welbeck because the majority of his career has been spent out wide – he’s more a wide forward, than a striker.

    So there you have it! In nearly four years, Giroud, Sanogo, and that’s it! It’s even more hard to believe, when you think that Wenger has worked with some of the best fowards in the world. So surely he knows what a top striker looks like, and how important they are.

    Knowing how stubborn Wenger is, the more the fans complain, and the press question him about the lack of quality upfront, the more likely he’ll stick with Giroud for yet ANOTHER season.

    1. Wenger only wanted Welbroke on loan for 12 months and the board went ahead and bought him. Now he is a Arsenal player I will support him and I bet Wenger is doing the same, he isn’t our answer though 🙁

      I think it might have been Parlour that said Wenger doesn’t like confrontation and he gives me that impression as well, I feel this may also be the reason why Wenger doesn’t confront the board about some of the decisions that he gets blame for, like buying Welbeck when we needed a top CF 😉

      Giroud was bought to cover RvP, knowing his injury record and all that… At the time RvP wanted the board to show some ambition in the transfer market before he signed a contract extension and we bough bargain buys… So he left and we cashed in for the cash some the CL brings in, just incase we failed to make it.

      I’m not so worried this transfer window though, history has forced us to lose not only RvP through lack of desire but also Nasri, he was sold by the board when he wouldn’t sign unless we shown ambition.

      I wonder if Silent Stan would be happy if we lost both Alexis and Ozil for a loss? it may be better to make a star signing (or 2) and get those 2 signing an extension. The other players were bought for less so it was a profit, not a loss.
      We have plenty of exciting talent that can fill out the squad so spending £80mil could be 2 £40mil signings… or a £20mil and £60mil…

      We are losing a few players due to age (Arteta, Rosicky and Flamini), they will need replacing and the board has to know this, they got to have this much understanding right?…. (o.O’)

      IF we can find a club willing to pay Theo his wages along with Welbroke being out for 9 months then I do hope the board will see the need in a CF, with how things broke down this season because Giroud being unreliable and their purchase of Welbeck backfiring… I wouldn’t be surprised to see Giroud stay but as 2nd choice.

      Optimism from a pessimistic view 😛

  7. Big fan of Mario Gotze, but in all truth we don’t really need him. We have Mesut Ozil. The reason Gotze is leaving Bayern is because he isn’t playing regularly enough. Is he going to be willing to come and sit on the bench for Ozil at Arsenal? I don’t think so…

    Fantastic player at a good price, but I think we’ll have to pass on this one. I’d hate to be in the situation of having to buy cheap in a position that needs strengthening because we’ve spent a big chunk of our budget on a luxury in a position that doesn’t.

  8. He is a talented player. I don’t wont him though, and I don’t think there’s a need for this type of player. He looks a little on the heavy side for such a small player. He could stand to trim a few pounds away. We have areas which are in much bigger need, I think central midfield is still one of these areas, but not another small flashy dude. We need some steel or grit to go along with the passing and stuff, also some height I would say. I don’t think we should go for Goetze.

    1. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for either Xhaka or Kante for CM and Lukaku upfront, the CM I doubt will be bank breaking to resolve but I can’t imagine we would spend well on a CF that has already adapted to the EPL if we bought Gotze.

  9. Gotze is world class mate, he will score more goals than Giroud, thats for sure.
    His 23 and available for £16 million… That’s an unbelievable asking price for such a talent. This is the kind of bargain that gives Wenger wet dreams… Why hasn’t he signed him already? ? ? ? Run Wenger Run and get this deal done!

    I can’t believe that some fan’s will have trouble squeezing Gotze into our midfield ??

    1. But Gotze couldn’t proof his world class due to lack of playing time, was it ? Unfortunately his price could still expensive. For this reason I rather pick Henrik Mikhtaryan. 18 goals 20 assist, can play CAM, RW, and LW. And his already refused another contract extension from Dortmund. Theo must pack the bag first.
      Gotze? I think he’ll be back to Dortmund, or he’ll be join papa Klopp. This German fella had some kind of homesick things.

  10. That’s how some of us said we didn’t need Fabrigas, that we had enough in our midfield only for him to go to Chelsea and win the EPL for them. Now, here we go again saying we have Ozil right? But has it occurred to anyone that Ozil may sustain a serious injury or he may burn out? When shall we ever learn that we need depth in quality to win the EPL. Pls if Gotze is available for a bargain let’s snatch him up instantly as rotation and competition for Ozil.

    1. The thing is, like fatboy says, we’d have to try and make room for him. Ozil is going to start, Alexis too, so unless you want him playing on wing or up top there is no room for him. We have enough of this type over the years playing cm, so no room or need there either. I wouldn’t want this dude as a striker, just because Pep tried it out. we need a proper one with physical and natural abilities. On the far wing from Alexis, Id prefer Mkhitarian like Dragunov said. Or Turan because these two put in a shift at both ends. Goetze would be us overloading a midfield with similar players and becoming predictable because of it. And as for more depth, Bayern cant even get him to sit still so what chance have we got. If he came here he would play most games, I think he’s all wrong for Arsenal.

      1. Sorry not Pep, Germany tried out Goetze at number nine. I can see why people like him though, I wanted us to get him real bad at one stage. But seeing the teams that win the league and knowing how we played during this time makes me believe he is wrong for us.

  11. Gotze is not playing in Ozil role.Even at BVB he was playing in the wing.Same in Germany team.And we really need another winger,Sanchez is the only one we have.

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