This is going to be a very tough few days for Wenger and Arsenal fans……

A big few days for Arsenal by Sean O’Hara

As we have seen so far from Arsenal on and off the pitch, it has not really been the change we were all expecting and promised. Yes we bought a striker in Lacazette for £52m & a Left Back in Kolasnic at the start of the window to give the fans hope of a new approach to the transfer market – but somehow nothing else has happened bar a lot of smoke about Lemar coming & players leaving as our squad is too big!

Jenkinson/Bannecar have left on loan and it now looks like Gibbs is heading to Watford in a £12.5m deal which frees up 3 places in the squad… a few more could leave, as in Ox, Mustafi & Sanchez, along with a few fringe like Debuchy & Lucas could all leave and where will we be then as we would need a lot of signings in just five days?

It doesn’t look too good as we don’t look close to signing anyone! We need a new keeper also in all these players needing signed. Cech is past it & prone to mistakes these days! New CB also needed as Gabriel is & Mustafi could be gone, LB is sorted, Bellerin definitely needs some competition at right back.

New DM/CM: Coq & Santi are injured, Eleney is not good enough, Jack needs games… Xhaka/Rambo is all we really have. AM we have Ozil… again not great.

RW & LW: Ox & Lucas leaving, Alexis could still go. Leaves us with Theo, Iwobi & Welbz.

ST: Lacazette & Giroud

This is a joke folks. We need a Top GK, Backup RB (Jenkinson and the Ox gone?), Top CB, Top DM, Top Winger even if Alexis stays to replace Ox, maybe 2 if Sanchez goes also.

After Gibbs leaves today, net spend 12m. This is a shambles for Arsenal.

Are we going to make a statement & sign 3/4 players that we actually need or make 1 signing that’s a luxury & we will continue to decline as a club under Woeful Wenger?

I will always support Arsenal, but this is hard to watch as we fall further away from the top table of English football… as for European football we are nowhere near that top table, laughing stock of Europe. The toxic atmosphere is already bubbling at the Emirates, lose against Liverpool & its explodes!



  1. ThirdManJW says:

    This is what so many Arsenal fans have been warning about for years, but no one would listen, and now look at the mess we’re in. It’s all blowing up in Wenger’s face, and it’s in the least bit surprising.

    Almost ALL of our best players want out, and it’s not even financially motivated like it was in the past, which makes it’s even worse! We’re struggling to get rid of the deadwood because they’re on ridiculous wages! And finally…Wenger’s holy grail…the Champions League, is no more! Everything is going exactly how I, and most other Arsenal fans predicted if we kept Wenger. We must be very close to hitting rock bottom, if we haven’t already! Although for Wenger, it’s an ideal situation!!

    1. Remember Resource? says:

      Let me just put it this way. A manager like benitez is able to get newcastle to play solid football and compete against every team every game. He had a solid game plan v city, all was well but the issue was shelvey sending off. Allardyce has made horrible teams stay up. Pulis kept stoke in the premier league and established them. All of the above managers have and will outcompete wenger tactically all day everyday. With their poor squads in comparison to ours they could still get a result 4/10 times and I think we all can agree. That is the difference. Arsene has to go he’s lost the plot. He’s past it. He has to move on in life. He will never be a great like fergie and he has no onto blame but himself.

      1. John0711 says:

        ive said this before and i am genuinely serious, wenger does have mental health issues. some of his decisions are beyond comprehension

      2. Frank says:

        Pulis is a great manager with loads of PL experience. West Brom probably exceed their PL expectations where Wenger and Arsenal are below where they should be.

        I said before Wenger signed a new contract that Arsenal should have got Pulis for two years. The main reason is that we need a transition and a team built with solid defence and a spine through the middle.

        After 2 years get Simeone and go for the title.

        1. Remember Resource? says:

          Very true. We need a period of transition. But I’m sorry I will never want long ball football its not fun to watch.. I was trying to say that managers like pulis and allardyce are tactically way ahead of the manager of arsenal football club.. Yes I think they will get results … Dare I say that they would do better than wenger ..

  2. i was a gooner says:

    Depends upon how laca-alexis-ozil shape out.

  3. Muff d says:

    I wonder who I dislike more the ppl running this ‘club’
    Or the itks who literally give everyone false hope every season

    U know what sucks about all this . Is that every season every fan knows what we need.
    Is so obvious . We cry out for a striker..we get kallstrom . We cry out for dM….Petr. cech

    Ppl like Conte an mourinho didn’t invent wheel . It was fecking obvious what they did

    1. Remember Resource? says:

      obviously wenger. because if the the club was more open itks wouldn’t matter

  4. GoonerKev84 says:

    Very very unlikely Wenger will sign anybody even if we lose Alexis and Mustafi he’s already got his handbook of excuses ready and I don’t need to quote any as we all know what they are. He’s the most predictable man in the game.. I don’t even get excited about transfers as I know it will be a long slow dragged out affair with Wenger in charge. Lets stop fooling ourselves he doesn’t give a toss about the fans the mans primary aim is to make money for him the board and owner as well as repetitive one dimensional football and to hell with anyone who questions him. Wenger leaving will be like a new signing. Anyway hopefully we can put on a show tomorrow the team owes us fans a good result.

  5. Quantic Dream says:

    Is Wenger even going to try pretend that this season that we are challenging for the title…or anything for that matter?

  6. ozil10 says:

    Yes it’s gonna be even tougher when the match ends :
    Liverpool FC 3 – ARSEnal JOKE FC 1

    1. ozil10 says:

      To all those who thumbed me down ?
      Just wait & watch ?

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        I’m going 4-1 to Liverpool. I don’t think Klopp lost a single game domestically to any of the top seven in the Premiership last season.

  7. Ignasi M says:

    Why hasn’t Wenger realised that title winning teams are built on a solid defence? Surely he knew this from 97/98 and 2003/04?

    Man ute looked solid against Leics.

    How has he regressed??

  8. kev says:

    Ismael Bennacer’s move is permanent and Sanchez is staying but Ox is likely to leave as he doesn’t want to sign.Should’ve left some weeks back but Wenger stopped the board from selling.It looks like he’s also given in.
    As for the window being tough I don’t think so.We’ve all seen this before and even worse.The funny thing is we’re not close to signing anyone as it stands.

  9. Ivan says:

    It is hard to know what will stop us being worse.
    Sometimes I wish I was like all the over optimistic Wenger supporters who wipe the slate clean every season and say wait until next year “if we all get behind the team it will be great”
    Unfortunately I have been cursed with a memory and have not been brought up to be gullible and from what we are seeing I am pessamistic about the future under Wenger/Gadzidis/ Kroenke.
    I think that the only thing that would change things is if they were hit in the pocket and people stopped buying their overpriced season tickets and buying overpriced shirts as Wenger/ Gaedzidis/ Kroenke seem more obsessed with money than Arsenal competing for the EPL. I think we all know that is not going to happen.

  10. Pratham says:

    I know most fans will smash me for being negative and all. I support the club no matter what. But, the fact of the matter is we are in a ridiculous state. Deep down everyone knows we are no way ready for the season. I imagine with the contract situations of Sanchez, Ozil, Ox the moral of the team is and the fans is very brittle. Couple of bad results and it will completely shatter.
    And by some miracle we a half decent season, where is the vision for the future, Sanchez, Ozil, Ox
    will leave on free transfers. Mustafi will be in the last year of his contract. I can see him not signing a contract extension with arsenal and being sold next summer if not this. The we have been doing in the transfer market i dont see us signing players to replace all of them.
    All in all the present and the future is looking very bleak.
    But I am hoping to be wrong.

  11. John0711 says:

    Where Kev ? He said this mustafi deal is BS, sky are reporting ” mustafi has agreed a loan deal to inter Milan”

    What’s going on at this club can anyone defend what’s happening???

    1. Remember Resource? says:

      I told you guys not believe kev.. he copies itks tweets.. I had said from the beginning that mustafi was off and that ox had a meeting where he was offered 150k a week and declined..

  12. Trudeau says:

    While I don’t think things are as direas most of the posts above – a front three of Sanchez, Lacazette and Ozil is nothing to be sneezed at – it’s so frustrating that things aren’t as good as they should be. I’ll hold up my hand as one who thought that Wenger and the Board would show a bit more ambition after his two year extension was signed. My bad.

  13. Arsenal_Girl says:

    United are doing the business
    They aren’t winning big but they are WINNING
    Mourinho has built a great team. And even if they had not spent £90 million on Pogba, they would still be winning because Mourinho gets the players needed to complete the team. Wenger doesn’t. In two years he got Ibrahimovich, Pogba, Matic, Lukaku.
    When he was at Chelsea, all he needed was a central attacking midfielder and prolific scorer so he got Fabregas and Costa and won the Premier League. We could have tried to get Kante but Chelsea got him and won.

    Where Is our top box2box player?
    Where is our defensive midfielder?
    Ozil is not performing well. Where is his competition?
    If Alexis gets a long term injury, we are 5th again as Walcott, Welbeck aren’t good enough to start

    At the end of every summer we are still incomplete. And it looks like this summer won’t be any different

  14. Omonaija says:

    Are we progressive or regression is settling in Wenger would end up a coach with the longest year of service with many years of failure. “SPECIALIST IN FAILURE”.

  15. ZEN2OH says:

    Expect signings like Smallings instead of Van Dijk or Koulibaly if mustafi leaves, expect panic buys at late hours , Remember wenger said expect the last week of the transfer to be busy……He would add one am sure if even actually sell Mustafi or ox but my issue is who’s to replace them

  16. John0711 says:

    What’s confusing is mustafi will have a year left on his contract when he returns
    So why loan him out doesn’t make sense football or financial wise

  17. Dan says:

    God where do I start? A player who we bought for 15m aged 17. Who has been so inconsistent over the years, (scores a goal against Monaco then gives the ball away for a goal) even he is trying to get off our sinking ship!

    Wenger and our Board despite all the protestations are happy with the status quo. I said before Wenger is not happy to win if its not on his terms and unfortunately, he is never going to win any title anywhere with a team he built himself. Since Dein left, we have been rubbish and this will continue till Wenger leaves.

    1. Andrew Elder says:

      Fully agree with you. Since Dein left we have been a shambles and I now wish that Usmanov got the majority shareholding. We are left with a bunch of ditherers and cheapskates who say they ‘love’ the club but never show it and disrespect our lloyal supporters who do.

      Unfortunately we have at least another 2 years of mediocrity to put up with and the sad bit is we will because Arsenal is in our blood and we will always support the club. This is my 60th year!!

  18. Ronny says:

    Tough why?
    I worked out a few seasons ago that the best way to be an arsenal fan during the transfer is expect very little and you won’t be far off wrong.

    Sad that it should be like that now.

  19. Dan says:

    When Wenger and the board say we cannot expect to compete with Chelsea and Man city in the transfer Market see what we could bought Ousmane Dembele (Dortmund ) 15M, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Dortmund) Virgil van Dijk (Southampton) 13M, Toby Alderweireld (Spurs) 11.5 m, Antoine Griezmann Atlettico Madrid 24 M and even Gonzalo Higuian Juventus could have been bought for 45m from Madrid,

  20. Ronny says:

    I heard people talking about lukaku today saying he’s an amazing signing etc etc.

    Still don’t rate him as the finished article at all.
    Watching Roma and I’d much rather have dzeko a much improved player since his city days.

  21. Ronny says:

    Also Roma are playing inter and I can see why they want a cb.

  22. Henry Nwachukwu says:

    Watch out for the circus show tomorrow. All the pundits gave it to Liverpool, 4 -1, 3-1, 3-2. Liverpool had a mid – week champion league game which they won, one would expect tomorrow’s match to be too soon for them, but not Klopp’s Liverpool. We will see a very mobile Liverpool team and a weak Arsenal team too demotivated to play. The problem with Arsenal is down to the unholy alliance between Wenger and his band of mediocre players (they watch his back by staying loyal and in return he rewards them with scandalous wages and extended contracts). Now we are left with a big squad with little quality. Of late our goals have not come from purposeful play but from luck. We lack creativity and that is why we struggle to score goals and concede against all manner of opposition. Where lies the strength of this team? I agree with those calling for a new goal keeper. Schmeichel of Leicester City would be a wonderful replacement for Cech next season.

  23. Ronny says:

    @arsenal girl.
    Well put totally agree.
    It’s like 1 Wenger doesn’t really know what he needs. 2when he may we struggle to convince players to come and get deals done.

  24. says:

    Sean, let me assure you there won’t be any toxic atmosphere that will bubble against Le Prof demanding he leaves Arsenal by the Gooners in our next home PL game at the Emirates Stadium after the international break as you are imagining. If at all anything, the toxic atmosphere you’ve imagined will bubble against Le Prof is already nuetralized from bubbling as the Gunners have sworn by the name of Arsenal they’ll beat the Reds to the collection of all the 3 points that will be put at stake in the game for collections at Anfield tomorrow by the Premier League management board in conjunction with the FA. Therefore, there won’t be any need to panic by any Gooner as to what game result Arsenal will bring back to the Emirates Stadium from their traveling to Anfield. Arsenal will certainly bring all the 3 points contested for in the game to the Emirates Stadium in the early hours of Monday as they returned from their traveling to the Emirates.

    Final scores: Liverpool 0-2 Arsenal at fulltime plus added time. Lacazette and Sanchez scored the 2 goals for Arsenal.

    1. Sean says:

      Samuel, you seem like a man that likes a debate but all in good spirits for the club. The Toxic atmosphere is bubbling already & i meant at the Emirates if we lose to Liverpool as where else is ot going to happen? Maybe today at Anfield of we find ourselves 2 or 3 down… we dont beat Liverpool, a draw if we are lucky

  25. Dion says:

    lmao… resources or who ever telling us not to believe kev….I need to slap myself in the face ..

  26. “Lose at Liverpool and (the toxic atmosphere at the Emirates) explodes.” Nothing ever explodes at Arsenal. Even when we lost 8-2 Years a go to Manchester United, placards were up with the usually boring “IN ARSENE WE TRUST” message. A few diehards of Arsenal FC who are tired of chronic failure by a failure specialist will try to make themselves heard but there will be many of those who live in the distant past who will come up with their usual claim that Arsenal cannot succeed or even exist without Wenger. They will tell you of how Arsenal was nothing before Wenger came and that there are no managers out there who can do a better job than him. They make you think that Arsene was born in 1800 AD!

  27. Tony W says:

    Whoever we sign (Laugh now) has become almost irrelevant for two main reasons. Players signing for us for many years now soon become “Wengerised” ending up as hardly recognisable as the player we originally signed. We seem to knock any drive and ambition out of them, they simple become happy to amble along at the ARSENAL with all the cosseting that brings with it.

    Now on to the main reason. Until there is a change of PHILOSOPHY at our place, we are heading nowhere of any note. Sounds a sweeping statement, but for PHILOSOPHY read manager and board !

    I challenge Wenger apologists to come on here and explain the “AKB” tag over many years now ? One condition, you can’t harp back to be”grateful” for the first decade ! – Can you manage that ?

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