This is how Arsenal can dominate the Premier League next season….


Arsene Wenger is a new animal in the market this season with purchases no one expected he would be pursuing, and clearly his ambition to win the league next season if not the season that follows is evident.

After the acquisition of Lacazette, Wenger needs to get brutal with squad reorganization. Here is how he should go about it
Sell Sanchez – it’s not worth it to have sulky player in our camp even when that player is the best in the world. It can be disruptive to the changing room. However, sell abroad and not to a direct rival.

Sell Oxlade Chamberlain and get either Thomas Lemar or Mahrez. Lemar, if he comes, is an upgrade of Oxlade. I would have a bit of some fears with Mahrez doing the wingback role but I could be wrong.

Add some prominence to Lucas Perez, he has performed the Sanchez role just Ok when he has come on and now that we have a firing striker in Lacazette, he could be the engine that delivers to the Lacazette wheels. Bring Iwobi back to the fold, he has performed on the big stage and has big stage mentality and if he partners someone, he excels.

Sell Giroud – We should know that the 31-year old is just not speedy enough for the Arsenal of these days. And especially when he can display ‘issues’ with his international teammate, he would not be any good use going forward.

Get an understudy for Ozil, Xhaka and Ramsey. Elneny and Coquelin have faded out and should be shipped and replaced with more convincing performers. For Ozil, it’s time to school his replacement. Nabil Fakir of Lyon would be a good acquisition for that role if Lyon would agree to sell to Arsenal yet again. Emil Forsberg of RB Leipzig could be the other option. The good thing with these two players they would push Ozil for the starting place immediately.

For central Midfield – Fabinho from Monaco; Sergej Milinković-Savić from Lazio and Jean Michaël Seri of Nice are just about the right age to push the central players in Arsenal to performing miracles or lose their spots. Any one of these would bring Arsenal to superb squad depth.

Get Petr Cech’s successor. Mattia Perin from Genoa would be a great acquisition.

Switch to 3.5.2 – After Wenger secured solidity in defending with three rather than four men in the back, the extra-person can now be used for goals galore.

The team
————–Lacazette-Perez——- (Iwobi, Welbeck, Walcott)
——————-Ozil—————— (Nabil Fekir, Emil Forsberg)
Lemar – Ramsey – Xhaka – Kolasinac
———————Cech———————– (Mattia Perin – Genoa)

With this squad and 3.5.2 arrangement. Arsenal would win the league and proceed to lift the Champions League in the subsequent year.



  1. Just anyone can have a good drink, Come online and post anything. Hope u read your post again when u are sober.

    1. exactly, the writer of this piece has done no more than tell us what most of us have already heard of last few months ie the new 3 at the back formation. Singled out players he don’t particularly fancy (ok, we all do that), speculate in idle fantasy about bringing in this player and that player in line with the formation. Talking about giving Iwobi a more prominent feature when he’s nowhere near as disciplined an crafted as we need him to be !

      Then goes to finalise it all by saying we’d lift the EPL trophy followed by the CL the following year. Wouldn’t surprise me if this fella wasn’t sitting in his bedroom, lairy suit and tie on, wearing loads of tom, fake cigar whilst playing football manager

  2. We are not buying any more players.Only thing left is selling deadwood and sorting out contract issues.
    So Lacazette was just a replacement for Alexis so that fans don’t revolt when he leaves.I do feel that these news about Alexis wanting to leave is just to make sure that fans think that it was his decision to leave and not clubs decision to sell him and make money.It also gives Wenger a simple reason to explain that we tried our best but the player refuse to stay,

    1. It does seem like that, for now. Even Wenger is predicting a busy last week in the transfer window, which basically suggest that he’ll either be looking for a last minute bargain or a three for the price of one panic buy for when or if we sell Sanchez, Ox, Giroud, Walcott etc.

      1. I dont believe in anything Wenger says but yes looking at the past few seasons, some panic buys are about to happen considering we have matches against Leicester and Liverpool before the window closes.if we lose one of these matches, then he will definitely buy someone or anyone.
        On a lighter note- Is Kallstrom still available? We might buy him again we need a new CM right?

        1. We’re reportedly closing in on Marcelo Brozovic from Inter Milan, who is a versatile midfielder, a bargain at 20 million Euros.

  3. When will people realise lemar is a winger?

    he is not a wingback nor is he a midfielder.


    monreal koscienly mustafi

    bellerin xhaka ramsey kolasinac

    ozil lacazette mahrez

    sell anyone who doesnt want to play for arsenal…
    oxlade and sanchez.
    we are bigger than any individual.

    1. Thank holy fck everybody thinks Lemar would play at LWB is absolutely retarded, Lemar coming in is pretty much a direct replacement for Sanchez. You messed up with Monreal btw.

  4. …”Wenger is an animal this window”, wow.!, Wenger is still the same and the same will forever remain!, do you think all this transfer activity is bcoz he suddenly likes it?!, stop dreaming young fella, all this is bcoz our club is surrounded by uncertainty concerning the contracts of our stars, unless otherwise you couldn’t come up with this what of yours.

    ……Sanchez now wants to leave simply bcoz we are dormant, if not regressing, firstly it was Henry, then RVP, and now you are telling us Wenger has suddenly wake up.!!

  5. … and this notion “we are bigger than any individual” shows how retarded and the fans are, while others buying top quality to strengthen their teams, we are selling ours(actually they want to go) and still we call ours a big club, a big club attracts big players, and big players never wants to leave a big club.!,

    …. this is not politics, so stop coming up with your cheap propagandas.!

    1. juventus sold pogba and still reached the champions league final.they were still okay last season

      i can give you soo many players eg

      you clearly dont know football if you think keeping a player who doesnt want to play for you is worth it.

      will people just realise the simple reason sanchez shone was beacause we made him the star of our play.
      everything goes through him…just ask fabregas,rvp wherever they are now what it means to be the focal point of arsenals play.

      we can easily replace sanchez.we made him not the other way around.

      please brush up a bit on your knowlegde mate.
      there is a thing called “tactics”

  6. It Depends on if Sanchez leaves eventually and who comes in, Man utd and city also want him..if we can sell him to a club abroad that play in UCL then that’s fine if not he should stay till his contract finishes. if after that he decide to join city then no issue. But what will make us Strong next season is to go a little bit defensive. we need a proper holding midfieder, that’s DM. i would suggest either Fabinho or William Carvalho. then if we can get van Djik with Gibbs, Debuchy and Chambers plus money as part deal, and but a buy back clause on Chambers and Southampton £30 milliion. so they have 3 playesrs and we have one quality. We must make sure Alexis don’t leave for any amount, if we want to win the league or make a swap deal with City for Aguero, or Utd for Martial. or a formation would be fine.
    —Koscienly——Van Dijk—–Mustafi


    —Koscienly——Van Dijk—–Mustafi


    —Koscienly——Van Dijk—–Mustafi


    —Koscienly——Van Dijk—–Mustafi
    OR A []
    —Koscienly——Van Dijk—–Mustafi

    1. Dream On , Van dijk will never happen and Monaco are not looking to sell anymore players , they have already lost 3 top player and I don’t think they will sell more unless we pay something unimaginable for Lemar/Fabinho which again won’t happen considering we are not RM or Barca or Chelsea or ManU or ManCity.Also Wenger and board are so obsessed about fair play rules they would never spend more.

      1. I said give them Gibss+Debuchy+Chambers and add £30 million for Van Dijk. Put a buy back clause for Chambers, then you have gotten rid of some of our deadwood then we can have a strong back 3….with the likes of Holding Meteserkar,Gabriel as back ups and Monreal as back up for Kolasinac. Bellerin, Nile-Miles,ox will sort out the right wing back too.

  7. The way things stand, Lacazette alone won’t fix much with Sanchez now looking to force the move that he is craving for. We definitely gonna need another attacker (Mahrez would do) even if Giroud does stay, we can’t risk relying on Danny Setback or Walcott,again. So another attacker and a versatile Midfielder should see us good. Marcelo Brozovic from Inter Milan is a cheap buy at 20 million euros and he can play anywhere in the midfield.

    1. Agree … Walcott to Everton .. Please god make it happen .. Lemar or mharez in …
      Brozovic in .. Elneny or Ramsey or coquellin out ..
      Sanchez stays … Welbeck or giroud out
      Jenkinson Gibbs debuchey out … Some of youngsters upgraded
      This would be an excellent window not a big net spend and completely doable

  8. As long as Wenger trust inconsistent players Wallcot, Ramsey and Coquelin & substandard players like Gibbs, Debuchy, Jenkinson injury loving Wilshere we are not going to challenge top top teams like Real, Barca, Bayern. Not even Spurs, Man U and C’s. So better come to reality and ready to face it. Mark my words and judge the team end of season.

  9. Yes. Sell the one who don’t want to be a gunner anymore. Or leave Sanchez on the bench or put him into the reserves even we could have a big loss. I do think Walcott, Elnerny and Giroud should be sell. So do Ox and Perez If we can get Lemar and Mahrez in. Of course,a strong DM we definitely need.

  10. Reports of Walcott to Everton for £30 million, Stick or Twist? ?

    1. Tbh a promising window has completely changed
      Lacazzette isn’t the fix all we think. He’s decent but even if we kept everyone I would think we may make 4th or 3 at best. However, if Sanchez leaves we are worse off than last year and the others have improved. I’m hoping wenger signs at least two more quality players and if Sanchez leaves 3 but I expect one panic buy in the last few days

      Same old same old I’m afraid
      But I’m sure all the season tickets have been sold so job done hey!

  11. Sorry to dis anyone but the article writer is deluded.
    And when will people understand it’s 3-4-3 as the basic line up which stays that way when we attack but reverts to 5-2-3 when we have to defend. Wing backs attack when they can and defend when they have to.
    Also the front 3 are fluid to play as a 3 across the front line or a 2-1 or a
    1-2. Sanchez will go so let’s stop debating it and the Ox is staying. I also think Ramsey will have a good season this year. And Fatboy, to answer your question, I say twist.

  12. Well we are all making our contributions,moreover our contributions are decent individually,Wenger knows the direction he is heading towards when it comes to transfers,when he speaks with the press don’t rely on his words,he speaks with the press sometimes to encourage the fans and conceal the truth in him.nevertheless my verdict concerning this issue of alexis sanchez and arsenal is that,wenger should keep hold to his words by not selling alexis,he should allow him to see off his contract if he refuses to sign because next season alexis will turn 29,he has already at the pick of his career, by allowing him to stay we can mount title challenge come next season and this will really give us an advantage even for him to o sign another contract with arsenal,arsenal is a big club,they should how to hold,encourage and lure their best players to renew their contract rather loosing them to other top clubs,especially title rivers

  13. Most of you aint worried about loosing Sanchez but remember today its him tomorrow its another star player leaving us….it seems as its normal for us to loose our players to our rivals just because we signed on lacazette now everyone is calling sanchez overrated OMG its not the board seems like even arsenal fans are not ambitious Lord help us

  14. One good thing is Wenger saying “100%” Ox is staying
    Ox is one of the most versatile players we have

    I just hope Lacazette is not the last signing of the summer

    1. Well, wright one yourself, and I expect it to be original and forward thinking at the very least.

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