This is how Arsenal can turn their season around

How Arsenal can win the remaining games of the season By SK

Hello friends! How has this week being for you all? This week has not seen Arsenal featuring in any game, are you as bored as I am? Well, Arsenal may not have played, but I am very sure they must have been training hard and trying to put things together, so that they can end the season on a high (that word again!).

What have I been up to today? Well, I have tried racking up my brain to think of how we can end the season better than what people expect, considering our recent heavy loss of form and these was how I felt we could end the season.

The team needs to realize they must improve: A popular adage in Africa tells us that the moment a mad man realizes he is mad, that is the moment he gets his cure! The fans have been enraged by our loss of form, the sports pundits have not spared the rod in criticizing the team and the manger, but despite all we say, our players need to make the resolve to right all wrongs! The moment the Arsenal players realize they need to stop being the whipping team of others, is the moment we start winning our games! I seriously think we need a shrink to psyche up our players in this aspect.

Wenger needs to start using players who will get him results: Wenger needs to realize that being loyal to players who are NOT getting you results, is counterproductive. Constantly making use of players who end up failing him is foolishness, as far I am concerned. We have players who, if given the chance, will impress and get us resultsk and I think Wenger knows them but decides not to make use of them for reasons best known to him. Lucas Perez for example, is a player I strongly feel can win us games and points. He needs to be given the opportunity. Daniel Welbeck is a big match player going by his records against the big teams while at Man United. Even while at Arsenal, he has proven he can score in the big games (who remembers our FA cup Quarter final game against Man-united in which he scored our winning goal?). Chamberlain has performed well this season in the midfield and I feel Wenger should give him more playing time in the centre. What I am really trying to say here is that Wenger should use the right player for the right position! Is that too much to ask for?

We still have Liverpool, Bayern Munich and other teams to play this season and I think we can win all of them, if we are determined to. It may seem impossible but in my dictionary, impossible does not exist – because I believe I can achieve anything, if I set my mind to it. How do you think we can win our remaining games of the season, Gooners?



  1. frank says:

    Premier League? Going by current form, 6th. If we improve, 4th at best. Is that successful? No. I have never played anything to come 4th.

    We are already out of the Champions League because I can’t see us keeping a clean sheet or scoring 4+ goals with Wengers formation against such a good team like Bayern.

    If we lose to Lincoln, Wenger has to retire, has to. No if’s or but’s from him or his supporters.

    At best and this is only if we improve. We can win the FA Cup and come 4th in the Premier League and only if Wenger can some how snap out of being such a persistent pratt and replace out-of-form or uninterested players such as Ozil.

    1. invisible says:

      You said not buts and ifs, and yet u use them a lot.

      1. frank says:

        I won’t say anything because I respect that you can write in a second language.

  2. khangunners says:

    Ah so how can we turn our season around? Still finding that awnser in the article no where to be see

    1. chekwube says:

      Dude, did you really read the article or you just looked through? the suggestions to winning the remaining games of the season are in the article! you guys here should stop being negative minded! supporting a club means you stick with the club, both in good and bad times!

      1. Jansen says:

        Yes it does mean we stick with the club in good and bad times, and we are all still here willing the club to the competitive level it deserves to be at and frankly, it should aspire to be at, but it does not mean closing your eyes and support Wenger ahead of the club. Anyone who thinks we will or can win our remaining games is not a real fan IMO but a dreamer. It is the dreamers who support an unacceptable status quo.

        The only way to turn this season around is for Wenger to do what the Barca manager did and to announce he will not sign a new contract, to then lead us to a 3rd place finish and to win the FA cup for us. That would the best possible outcome for the club.

  3. khangunners says:

    The remaining games. Ucl is over, what we can do now is fight for our top four and fa cup. Based on the competitive nature of pl now we hve to win against 3 of the big boys to make top four. Fa to as long as the big boys are there its tough for us. Lets see how we do vs Liverpool and then Leicester . As for our season its over sadly we cant be waiting for top four battle every year for 12 years.

  4. bran99 says:

    “The team needs to realize they must improve”, if they haven’t realized this by now, then all of them are enjoying the weekly paychecks for nothing. the team has been playing rubbish for years now, they are urged to improve every now and then after poor performances, and still they are reminded again and again, don’t you think something needs to change?

  5. Nebsy says:

    Knowing Wenger, he’ll play Ramsey in the middle, Ox on the left, let Welbz in somewhere between 72nd and 82nd minute, and since Ramsey’s back, Perez might not even be in the squad. Should that be the case, I’ll actually root for Liverpool to sober Wenger up if possible.
    If Bayern game wasn’t enough, then we only deserve to lose with a squad that doesn’t include Perez and Welbeck.

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