This is how much Arsenal lose without Champions League Football

It is looking more and more like Arsenal will fail to make next seasons Champions League, unless a bizzarre collection of results turn up in the last few games of the season, as even Arsene Wenger admitted yesterday. “..The problem before [the north London derby] was that the clarity was if we won all our games, we had a good chance of being in the top four. Now, even winning the games doesn’t guarantee us that. It’s not in our hands. That’s all we have to achieve.”

So if we fail, as expected, let us look at how much it will cost Arsenal to drop out of the Champions League. Let us look at their earnings from this years competition, with the usual Round of 16 exit, etc. The Daily Mail did an indepth study of all the Premier League team’s earnings from the Champions League this season. Here is an excerpt….

The system for allocating Champions League funds is complicated, based on everything from progress through the tournament to the previous season’s league position.

That meant that Leicester began the season with 40 per cent of England’s allocated TV pool for the group stages, a whopping £22m, according to website Swiss Ramble. Arsenal, who finished second last season, banked a little over £16m, with Spurs taking just under £11m and Manchester City only £5.4m.

Leicester then received a further £17m in TV money for their progress to the last eight – with Arsenal and City each earning £13.6m for reaching the first knock-out round, and Tottenham getting £10m because they were knocked out in the group stages.

However, and this is where it gets complicated, while those values are dependent on how far the teams got in this season’s competition, they are not considered prize money – the increased money is simply given for playing more games.

Leicester banked a further £17m for their exploits on the pitch, again the most of any English team.

Each team that reached the group stage was awarded just under £11m for participation. Teams are then given a further £1.3m for every group win, and £400,000 for every group stage draw.

That means that Arsenal, who were unbeaten in the group stages, actually earned more than Leicester for the first part of this season, a little over £7m, with Leicester picking up £6m and Tottenham £3.5m. Manchester City earned £1.7m for getting through their play-off, and then a further £4.2m from the group, taking them up to a similar total to Leicester.

The three English teams to make it to the last 16 were each awarded a further £5m, with Leicester then bagging another £4.2m for getting to the quarter-final.

That means the Premier League champions took a total of £16.7m in prize money, ahead of Arsenal (£12.2m), City (£11m) and Spurs (£3.5m).

Combined with the TV money and participation awards that means Leicester banked a total of £66m, with Arsenal earning £53m, City £41m and Spurs only £35m.

So if Arsenal have lost a potential 50m in earnings, surely that will have a big effect on our transfer fund for the summer, but it also gives us an idea of how much Wenger has earned the club by being in the Top Four every year until now….



  1. Janssen says:

    Going to miss out on that money is going to hurt, the owners pocket, Arsenal’s value (who cares?), and most importantly Arsenals’s budget.

    Hard to believe Wenger when he says the lack of CL money will not effect this coming summer’s transfer plans. Unless of course, the transfer plans were hugely unambitious. We should probably file that statement together with “I believe Sanchez will stay :-)”

  2. Danish Gooner says:

    Listen,if you manage to reach the semis of the Europe league and especially the final your drop in earning money wont be that bad but if he treats the Europe League with disdain like he does with the carling cup or whatever it is called these days we will suffer money wise.

    1. stubill says:

      There is a massive difference in the prize money, it’s too long winded to put on here, so see this;

  3. John0711 says:

    i think its going to be dark days at the club

  4. Kedar Damle says:

    This year it is 50M but it doesn’t mean that last 2 years it 50M only… Every Prize Money and TV rights money gets increased because of Normal rete of Inflation in Economy…. I have example to Back my Statement… In 2003 Real Madrid bought Beckham from Man Utd for 25M which highest transfer amount that time and now if look at the transfer then average player also cost for 30 to 35M easily… So it very difficult to know how much we have earned from every year making Champions League but yes certainly we must have earned lot because we were 500M debt ridden club when we moved to Emirates Stadium and now we are debt free entity so there is good possibility that we have earn lot from Champions League qualifications and also from Highbury real estate projects as well…. I think Wenger has certainly done a great job with this club by making 4-5M Amounts of transfer in market over the past 10-12 years and employing likes Denilson and Diaby and Eboue but now certainly he has to accept that fans wants winnings… They are irritated by listening that Arsenal plays good football attractive football, they have good quality players but they just can’t compete for titles…. Fans are now irritated by seeing fall of their team every year in the month of February and March…. So ultimately Wenger has to go… He had a great chance of leaving club in 2014 when he won FA Cup after winning trophy after 10 trophy less seasons…. He also had amazing chance too end his Arsenal career on in 2015 when he repeats his success of FA Cup by winning 2nd time in row but he decided to stay and didn’t escape protest against him…

  5. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Lol I suggested that Arsenal would stand to lose around £40 million a few weeks ago, yet the know it alls on here thumbed me down, stating that it was more in the region of £5 million ????

    Anyways, like I said before, with that kind of money at stake, you would expect to see a big improvement from Wenger and the team in our remaining games. The Wenger trophy may be invisible but it’s worth a hell of a lot of Money! And Money is what Arsenal fc is all about. So again, I’m expecting to see some tricks and flicks in the fight for champions league ??????

  6. Uzi Ozil says:

    Do the owners care about the money? Yes

    Do the owners care about the fans? No

  7. ArseOverTit says:

    Money money money. Show me the money!

    There will be little difference in terms of our succ as or not on the field so why worry?

  8. citrenoogeht says:

    £50m is a considerable amount of money to miss out on. However, what I find equally concerning is the unknown amount it will cost us for being a less attractive prospect for the targeted new players. It stands to reason that the top players may need additional monetary incentives to entice them to a club without any champion’s league football.

  9. ger burke says:

    i am absolutely thrilled about arsenal missing out on that amount. i just wish it was so much more. money is the only thing that wenger and the board are concerned about, so this will be the biggest kick in their asses yet. this will be the start of the boards discontent .

  10. Frank says:

    I hope that the owner and the board lose money. They disconnected and isolated themselves from the fans. I hope they continue to lose money and we slide even further down the table if it means Kroenke sells and there is unity in the club again.

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