This is my Arsenal line-up to face Liverpool – What is yours?

Here’s how I want Arsenal to field up against Liverpool by Yash

With the international break finally over, clubs can now focus on their respective league campaigns.
The going gets immediately tough for Arsenal. First, we travel to Anfield Stadium, a place where we last won in 2012 in the Premier League!

Then we host a tricky game against Newcastle United, who might improve under the highly rated Eddie Howe. Then Mikel Arteta takes his men to Manchester United and Everton.

The next 4-5 games will thus provide a sterner test for the team in Red and White, who’s largely had a favourable run of fixtures in the past two months.

It might be the best time to play Klopp’s Liverpool; Sadio Mane is back in training though

But first up it’s Liverpool and a good start in the match is what the Arsenal faithful would hope for. Arteta needs to get his starting 11 spot on or else risk being down at a place where very few teams find a way out.

Here’s how I would line-up the team:

Aaron Ramsdale starts. There is no doubt that Ramsdale is the best goalkeeper the Gunners have on their books. The Englishman has surprised everyone one not just with his ability to keep the ball out of the net but also his distribution.

The 23-year-old has been exceptional with his passes. That can prove to be an invaluable asset at Anfield, due to Jurgen Klopp’s gegenpress philosophy.

Takehiro Tomiyasu, Ben White, Gabriel and Kieran Tierney start. Now that Tierney has started both the games for Scotland in the international break, he will most likely make a return to the Arsenal team at Anfield.

And what a boost it can prove out to be. The former Celtic man is not just defensively good, but he’s also one of the best crossers in the league.

Despite Nuno Tavares impressing in the Scotsman’s absence, Tierney is a different beast altogether. A back four of Tomiyasu, White, Gabriel and Tierney look solid on paper.

In the midfield, I just hope Thomas Partey is fit and ready to play. His presence can make a massive difference. Although the pivot of Albert Sambi Lokonga and Ainsley Maitland-Niles has been decent, it is not beyond imagination that the duo can struggle in the hostile environment that the Merseyside fans create.

With Xhaka out, Lokonga looks like the safest bet alongside Partey, if he is fit.

In front of them, I would go with the three players who have been excellent in the past two matches, Bukayo Saka, Emile Smith Rowe and Alexander Lacazette.

Fans are naturally looking forward to the massive clash

Saka and Smith Rowe have proved that they can do the defensive part of the game too. Which will be extremely important against the Reds, who will most probably have a greater share of possession.

Having two attacking players behind the ball, who also have the ability to counter-attack or play their way out can prove to be a deciding factor in the match.

I would keep Lacazette where he has played in the last two matches, as a second striker.

The Frenchman is not just a good center forward but he can also link-up and hold the ball up. Thus, I would again like to see his ability as a second striker behind club captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The Gabon international trained at London Colney and is fit to play at the weekend. If Arsenal sit in a low block, his pace can help in hurting the opposition on the break.

The quartet of Saka, Lacazette, Smith Rowe and Aubameyang have enough quality to hurt the 2020 league champions.

Arsenal fans will just hope that everyone turns up for the blockbuster clash. And they have every reason to believe that they will…

Tomiyasu White Gabriel Tierney
Partey Lokonga
Saka Lacazette Smith Rowe

What is your preferred team to face Liverpool? Drop down in the comments below.

Yash Bisht

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  1. Liverpool don’t play with a tall attacker, so I’d replace Tomiyasu with Maitland-Niles to shut Mane or Jota down. I haven’t seen any top EPL winger skin Maitland-Niles yet, so he’ll be perfect to nullify Liverpool’s LW threat

    Lokonga is the best DM option after Xhaka/ Maitland-Niles and his aerial ability isn’t bad, so he’d better play ahead of Elneny. Our main attacking outlet is still the LB, thus we need the one who can cut inside like Tavares:

    …………………………………. Ramsdale
    Maitland-Niles . White . Magalhaes . Tavares
    ……………………….. Partey ………… Lokonga
    Saka …………………….. Lacazette …………. Smith Rowe
    …………………………….. Aubameyang

      1. If I’m not mistaken, Cucurella gave him a torrid time. I’m just worried about Mane’s tricks, so Maitland-Niles will be a safer choice since he is already familiar with Mane’s playing style

    1. Gai, This is OK.
      But I think Tomiyasu/AMN will come in at some point in the game depending on who starts first. I don’t see Pathey playing full 90 minutes he is just returning from injury. My worry is that Lokonga loses the ball sometimes in dangerous area of pitch. Arsenal may not be able to outpress Liverpool in Anfield, I would prefer a conservative approach from Arteta. May be a 3-4-2-1. Seat back, soak the pressure and frustrate Liverpool players.,and when they feel too relaxed and leave space at the back we can use the pace of Auba, Saka and ESR to hurt them. But we need Lonkonga with some long range passes. I see a draw in the game or a slim score line in favour of Liverpool.

      1. Sitting back will be too risky, because Liverpool’s attackers are very good in pressing. I’d prefer we press Liverpool’s defense from time to time with three attackers and try to win the long ball from Alisson/ Van Dijk with our midfielders/ fullbacks

  2. Partey comes in for AMN in the midfield.

    Starting eleven that beats Aston Villa starts for me..


  3. This game is all about physicallity,so to me i need players who will give a 100% workrate,i omit Aubameyang because he mostly gets i solated in big games.


    Tomi. White. Gabriel. Tierney

    Niles. Lokonga. partey

    Saka. Lacazette. Smith Rowe

  4. There are a couple key decisions that will heavily determine how we play the game.

    1. Tierney replace Tavares? Tavares clearly the better attacker, but yet to get truly tested defensively, tough decision for Arteta.

    2. 2 or 3 man midfield? Stick with winning formula, or drop an attacker to field a 3 man midfield. I see pros and cons for either choice.

    3 man midfield (Partey, Lokonga, AMN) keeps us from getting overrun in the midfield and more solid defensively.

    Keeping Auba and Laca in the attack gives us more teeth, but only if we have the ball and not chasing the game, as Liverpool tend to impose on their opponents.

    A true tactical test for Arteta, and whichever he chooses, a win proves him right, and a loss proves him wrong to many fans.

    Personally, Liverpool is a beast, even wounded, and losing the midfield and possession is a recipe for disaster.

    I would have Partey, Sambi, and AMN in the midfield and start only one of Auba or Laca; the other to be subbed on later.

    I would not be outnumbered in the midfield, prefer the defensive reinforcement it provides, and helps provide an outlet against their press when playing from the back.

    Why have Laca or Auba coming back as an outlet when we need them more forward in scoring positions.

    There are pros and cons for either setup, but the extra midfielder allows for more tactical options and retaining possession. We can adjust to the momentum changes by sitting one or 2 back, at at times pushing 2 of the 3 forward in the attack.

    1. Ramsdale
      Tomiyasu White Gabriel Tavares
      Partey Lokonga
      Saka Lacazette or Martinelli, Smith Rowe

      Similar to admin pat but lacazette or Martinelli but Nuno stays at LB for me he’s class and exciting, just hope it’s a good strong team

  5. Jota – Aubameyang
    Mane – Smith
    Oxlade – Lacazette
    Salah – Saka
    Thiago – Lokonga
    Fabinho – Partey
    ? – Tierney
    Van Dijk – Gabriel
    Matip – White
    Arnold – Tomiyasu
    Allison – Ramsdale

    We will need a miracle to win or even draw this match. The superiority in player comparison is so much.
    That miracle will be needed on Sunday. With the team showing determination and effort.

    1. If you need miracles, just watch how WHU drubbed them. All our players (except PEA) may not be stellar names but can stand shoulder to shoulder with their rivals. We did lose the first three games thats because we started with Leno.I’m sensing we will return with three points. First time I’m feeling confidant to play a top 4 team away in say 20 odd years and not hope for luck and the ref to be our 12th man.

  6. …………………………………. Ramsdale
    Tomiyasu . White . Magalhaes . Tavares
    ……………………….. Partey ………… Maitland
    Saka …………………….. Lacazette …………. Smith Rowe
    …………………………….. Martinelli

    I would gladly have Tomiyasu against Mane, tomi’s fast and taller, he’ll probably take lesser steps to catch up with Mane,

    Martinelli would certainly keep Van dijk on his toes,

    Hopefully Arteta picks the right guys and win.

  7. If we can boss the midfield and keep them on the back foot we stand a good chance. A point from this game would be a good result.

  8. I will not change what works for me especially when I’m to attack a Fortress.
    If Partey is not fit, then Maitand’s performance in our last game, wins him a partnership with Sambi.
    Saka, Laca, Smith Rowe and Auba for me any day.

    Tomiyasu White Gabriel Tavares
    Partey/Maitland Sambi
    Saka Lacazette Smith Rowe

  9. Did I really see an article about who Saliba would replace in our team?? Make no mistake about it, Saliba is better than both White and Gabriel. I’m not even joking. As has been proven time and time again individual ability is independent of league or playing level. When Saliba finally gets his chance here he will prove that he is better than both defenders. It doesn’t matter if he plays in the French League. From the eye test alone you can see he possesses a higher natural ability than both. If he is sold it will be another naïve typical Arsenal transfer but would be of no surprise considering what we’ve seen.

    1. Saliba better than White possibly yes but Gabriel not a chance. Gabriel is a rock defensively, pace, composure, leadership, decent ball distribution and insane aerial ability. Plus Saliba isn’t even EPL tested and I’m not talking about the odd Carabao Cup game or Community Shield appearance.

  10. I agree with Durand. We shouldnt be overrun in the midfield and if that happens it will be a recipe for disaster. We should have a 3 man midfield and attack them with pace when we get the opportunity. Remember we are playing at Anfield so safety first. Also I would prefer Tierney instead of Nuno, simply because defensively Tierney is better and has got more experience in the big games.
    Tomiyasu White Gabriel Tierney
    AMN Partey ASL
    Saka Auba ESR

  11. Very much looking forward to our next 6 matches…..we’ve had about as easier run as you could get in the EPL recently (we’ve been playing well and I’m proud of the team so calm down).

    Now comes the real test, and will be very interesting to see if we bounce back from a loss and build a run again which is the true measure of a team on the up.


    1. PJ…..There are no easy runs in the league now ….we played Tottenham, Leicester, Aston Villa, Brighton, a resurgent crystal palace…the fact we won most of these matches doesn’t make them easy…

      1. I agree there are no easy runs but that doesn’t change the fact that some runs are easier than others mate.

        e.g. Brighton/Palace/Villa fixtures would be considered “easier” than the upcoming Liverpool/Newcastle/ManU in my opinion anyway

        Each to their own

  12. Wow…even with our improved performances,I still sense fear with some line ups seen so far…how do we expect to test the strength of our team if we don’t go all out against top teams….mind u the reality in this EPL season is that “any team is beatable”.

    Anyways Liverpool ain’t extraordinary, Brighton , Brentford, westham attacked fearlessly and came out with favorable results…

    I hope arteta doesn’t allow fear influence him to tinker with a winning team full of confidence….. Liverpool players were nobodies till klopp instilled grit and fearlessness into the players to create a great team…arteta is on that path too

    So the lineup should remain the same

    then watch us surprise the world and teach them some lessons…my only worry is the usual drop in tempo during 2nd half of our recent matches….

    We are arsenal not Norwich, Liverpool should be scared of us as well…

    1. I agree the only thing I’d say is that we shouldn’t try and play the offside trap against Liverpool, that will be a recipe for disaster. When out of possession press high but stay goal side of your man!

  13. Let me be the first to say this. I think in the past two months Nuno Tavares has significantly closed the gap on Kieran Tierney. Still have haunting memories of Tierney getting smoked by the Chelsea winger on game 2. Now Mo Salah to come.

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  14. Ramsedel

    Tomiyasu Holding White Gab Travares

    Partey Elleney

    BSaka Smith

    To nullify their threat on the flanks

  15. Ramsdale
    White. Gabriel. Tierney

    Tomi Niles. Partey. Tavares

    ESR. Auba. SAKA

    The above will be my line up.
    Defensively solid and attacking strong.
    This is not a match for Lokonga, he fully dallies in possession alot and would be skinned alive by physically imposing and pressing machines Liverpool have in attack and Midfield.

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