This is my Arsenal team to beat Manchester United – What’s yours?

This is my team to beat Manchester United By Sylvester Kwentua

Hi friends, and so today I tried putting myself into Arteta’s shoes and tried picking the first team players against Manchester United on Thursday. Here is the team I will choose. I am using the 4-3-3 formation.

Defence: In goal will be Aaron Ramsdale! Nothing much to say about him being my goalie for that day, is there?

In a defence line of four players, I will use Tomiyasu on the right flank of the defence, Gabriel and White will retain their spots in the middle, and Tierney would play from the left back position. A lot of people may be shocked I am using Tierney, but I considered the possibility of Ronaldo playing from Manchester United’s right side of their midfield, and Tierney to me will do a better job at limiting Ronaldo’s effect from the wings.

Midfield: In a three man midfield, I will have Smith-Rowe as the main attacking midfielder, and he will be joined by Partey and Sambi. With Partey and Sambi doing the dirty jobs in the midfield, Smith-Rowe will have a lot of freedom to bomb forward constantly and even score a goal.

Attack: In a front three attack, I will choose Martinelli as my center forward and he will be flanked by Saka on the left and Pepe on the right. This formation will surely score goals, if the players are on their best form.

So guys, if you were Arteta, who would you choose for Thursday?

We are Arsenal and proud.


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  1. We have a 15 man squad.
    11 will start 3 of 4 will sub.
    We will play exactly the same as we always do
    If United turn up they should win.

  2. AR

    Take_hero BW Gab KT

    T.P Sambi ( tho niles is tempting me “his energy” in there)

    M.O de bruyne ESR

    NOTE: Pepe can easily replace M.O.
    As much as we all want PEA to get some needed rest, we all know that aint posible with M.A…
    Experiance do decides this typo matches
    GABI can come in and hopefully give good account of himself again

  3. If Saka is available I would keep him where he played in the Newcastle game.. only change I will make from that team is Amn for Asl.. Ode for Smith R.. and Martinelli to start from the left.. but I am happy with any team MA puts out there.. if we perform to half strength Manure is ours.

  4. Defence: In goal will be Aaron Ramsdale! Nothing much to say about him being my goalie for that day, is there?

    LOL Sylvester, my judge when I was getting my coaching badges would take points away for saying “goalie”. He’d say,,,bloody hell hockey fan…that’s NHL. Use “Keeper” moving forward. 🙂

  5. Damn!
    That line-up shouldn’t be considered Please!
    Leaves us way too Open!

    Mine is
    Tomiyasu White Gabriel Tierney
    Partey. AMN (Elneny)
    Lacazette. Aubameyang. ESR
    (Martinelli). (Nketiah)

  6. In this kind of match, I will go with this formation:
    Tomiyasu White Gabriel Tavares
    Partey. AMN
    Saka. Lacazette. ESR

  7. Hate to spoil your party but we are likely to lose. For 10 years now our great weakness has been an inability to take points off the top teams. This is down to lack of character caused by poor man management from the coaches. If we win tonight then we can all look forward to a change of fortune. A big test for MA.

  8. Ramsdale
    Tomiyasu White Gabriel Tierney
    Party Tavarez
    Saka Lacazette Smith-Rowe


    White Holding Gabriel
    Tomiyasu Partey Tavarez Tierney
    Saka Lacazette Smith-Rowe

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