This is my dream for next Arsenal manager – What’s yours?

My favourite choice for next Arsenal manager by Shenel


I know we are not actively looking for a new manager as the board and club seem to be happy sticking it out with Mikel Arteta, but if one experienced manager seems to become available at the end of the season would it really hurt to assess our options? Who would you like to take over from Arteta?


Given that reports from today suggest that Bayern Munich manager Hansi Flick has asked to terminate his contract after his team beat Wolfsburg 3-2, to get closer to another Bundesliga title, despite having two years left on his contract, could we go in for him?


Well if that really is to be believed, would it be the worst move ever if Arsenal went in for him? Of course it wouldn’t, but reports also suggest that he is going to take the vacant German DFB National team job after the Euros once Joachim Low steps down.


Flick has so far won six trophies within 18 months at Bayern, including the Champions League and Bundesliga titles and with stats as good as that against his name, he wouldn’t be such a bad replacement for Arteta now would he.


He masterminded a Bayern Munich treble and completely turned their season around after football became monotone and boring under previous manager Nico Kovac. Flick managed to get all the players on board and create a team spirit that showed constant passion, fight and determination to wanting to be the best that they can be, something in which Arsenal have been inconsistent in doing so far this season, although there have been glimpses.


Now I am not saying Flick would be the right man for the job, because you can never really tell if someone is going to be the right man until they arrive and show what they are capable of.


But given how we gave Arteta a chance, who had zero managing experience and zero trophies to his name before joining Arsenal, Flick who has big experience and a number of trophies to his name surely cannot be as bad as Arteta right? Gooners?


Shenel Osman

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  1. Eddie says:

    Wtf? You realize he had a team billion years superior to ours right? I’m not saying he’s not a very good manager.
    I’m saying I’d rather have someone who knows how to manage a squad the level of ours to the top.
    Julian Nagelsman is the name just like Klopp was the name.

    1. Phil says:

      Yeah Eddie- go all out for Naglesman and show we really want him. Pay whatever compensation is required. This guy is the future, whereas Arteta is just a novice

    2. Ba Elkhirsawy says:

      I would take him without blinking, but he does not seem available.

  2. Sean says:

    Let’s see what happens in the Europa League. Mikel deserves that much as he has had to deal with loads any other older manager would not have liked to do in the likes of chopping & changing the backroom staff, Players and even Higher ups departing.

    A host of changes but an FA Cup win gives him a chance to get this right when he had no right winning g that FA Cup in his 1st 6months as a manager and we were in a real mess when he arrived.

    Yes hasnt been plain sailing but what rebuild is? The signs are there that he has something in him, it’s now down to him to show it and if he wins this Europa League then I’m Sorry but no more of these articles about him being replaced.

    I’m behind him as hes our manager, was our captain and has won already with us as both. Even I get carried away saying Mikel Out but that is just frustration and when you break it down bar a few bad games we have been the leader to our own downfall and silly costly mistakes so Mikel cant be blamed for poor finishing or horrible comical defending from individual errors.

    We need to get behind the team as this Europa League Trophy has never meant so much to this club to win as it does today. Villareal then a Final…. Emery will want to do us over but then again so do we 💪

    Fulham today, another 3points please Arsenal.

    1. Les says:

      All sounds great on paper, you have just forgotten one thing! How would changing manager at the end of the season help? It would undo all the work Arteta has been putting in place. And we would be back to square one again! Artetat needs at least one or two more seasons to show what he can do, then if we are still in the same position, then change manager! But changing manager every time there is a blip in form does the team and the confidence no good!

      1. Phil says:

        But the square one we would end up at is far below where Arteta should have taken this squad of players. Are you willing to risk another season ?

    2. Seroti says:

      Dear writer pls do get your facts right before putting articles up, flick has offer to take the reign of the German team on ground that’s why he his leaving his post as bayern manager not because of anything else.
      Are you also aware that the Arsenal board are saying without champion league there is no money to spend as we would have love to so tell me which big manager of your like would want to manage a team with no summer spending to buy his own players like we use to say?

    3. Eddie says:

      Sean this is a great and very sensible comment 👍👍

      Everyone had agreed he’d need two to three seasons to refix this club as it wasn’t going to be a smooth ride, but as usual impatience crept in and now now they’re renegades to their own promises and word

    4. noble says:

      Thanks so much.
      I don’t know why this site cannot write any good article about Mikel. Many articles here jamming fans together against the Manager. Mikel is our manager, so wake up from those dreams

  3. gotanidea says:

    Hansi Flick’s positional play is great like Guardiola’s and Tuchel’s. He surely had learned a lot from Joachim Low

    I was surprised Tuchel chose a blistering one-touch football tactic when he faced Flick in UCL final last season. Tuchel himself is a master of positional play and might want to surprise Flick with Neymar’s/ Mbappe’s skills, but his tactic didn’t work out

    Arsenal will give Flick stability and less pressure that he’s been longing for, but he seems to have signed a contract with German FA

  4. Reggie says:

    Im happy to see if we win EL and or get into EL, this season. If either are achieved then Arteta gets 3 months next season to show us where he has “improved” as has been muted. If he fails to do either this season then Rafa is the man to get our team and our young guns playing to their potentials. Whatever anyone tells me, so far this season our league campaign has been shocking for the level of players we have and that falls on one man. There have been games when he has got things so right and we have looked worldies but there have been too many games where our football was insipid and he got it so wrong. Hence why we are struggling.

  5. Jim wall says:

    I’d say if he don’t win the EL or at least get top 6 it will be a terrible season,
    I hope I’m wrong but with the players arteta has he should at the very least get into top 6 and I don’t think we will…..

    1. Les says:

      You have not factored in COVID, it has not been a very easy season for most managers. The only ones who will get any success this year (I especially include Moyse in this comment) are the ones who have had a settled squad to pick from. The exception to this is Mourinho, and he appears to be on a suicidal path again. Arteta had an absolute mess to try and sort out, COVID has slowed this down. He needs more time to show us what he can do and what he wants to do. Changing managers every 5 minutes will only make things worse!

      1. Reggie says:

        Factor covid! Whats that all about, you cant use that, its the same for all and was accepted by all teams to play this season out. NO EXCUSE!

  6. Darren says:

    Grow up with your childish article. This isn’t football manager

  7. siamois says:

    Another article that shouldn’t have been posted at least not now!

    1. yiannis says:

      Wrong timing for such an article. In a way it undermines the manager. Also, you better compare apples with apples

  8. Awida says:

    I stil believe arteta is the right man for the job

  9. RW1 says:

    He should have gone back in December when sensible observers could see writing on the wall … tutchel was available has made a palpable difference to Chelsea who were more or less level with us when Lampard was fired … arteta not in same league … still if he wins EL he gets a reprieve … otherwise bielsa sarri Nagelsman are big steps up

  10. Highbury Hero says:


  11. DAYOL Justice simeon says:

    for me I disagree that idea of sacking. because it is doing us more harm.

  12. Ba Elkhirsawy says:

    Flick is superb but he seems difficult to get, this is no video game, but a man is allowed to dream.
    For now, let’s support Arteta to the end of the season.

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