This is NOT the answer to Arsenal’s defensive problems!!

I know that Nacho Monreal has not been exactly brilliant in his current Arsenal role of covering for the injured French international defender Laurent Koscielny in the centre of our defence, but apart from Calum Chambers or one the academy players, the Spaniard is the only option the Gunners have at the minute.

And although the England international Kieran Gibbs has established himself as the first choice left back when he is fit, Monreal is a very good second choice, so I really fail to see why Arsene Wenger would be looking to sign another left back, as a Daily Star report suggests.

The player in question is the 21-year old Tyrone Mings, currently doing very well in the Championship for Ipswich Town under Mick McCarthy. The young defender, thought to be valued at around £10 million, is versatile to a certain extent and has played at right back as well as left, but he is not a central defender and we already have Debuchy, Chambers and Bellerin as right back options.

In fact, the only thing this particular Arsenal transfer rumour has going for it is that we could afford to sign Mings in January. But I’m sure that Wenger is looking for a centre back and an experienced one at that. With West Ham’s Winston Reid and Aston Villa’s Ron Vlaar coming to the end of their contracts, surely one of these Premier League experienced defenders would be just as cheap if not cheaper and a much better transfer option for us in January. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. OMG… This site is a joke sometimes, so many people are so ill mannered it’s unbelievable. Insulting and Calling names to whoever has a different opinion to them.. Do even some of you have a life? My goodness, just because some fans are prepared to give Wenger to the end of the season does not mean we deserve all name callings.. So bad mannered, sometime you feel sorry to have these type of people as Arsenal fans..

    They are so passionate about certain aspects of the team and club and they will go to the end of the earth to assure/prove you they are right. This player is the reason the team is doing bad, this player is the reason this player is playing bad blah blah. But try to give a different opinion too and they call you all sorts…Wenger is this, Wenger is that, old this old that, c*nt this c*nt that, French this French that blah blah….

    Why can’t everyone have an opinion? Just because the majority of you have convinced yourself and are in unison about 99% of everything does not make your opinion more valid to the rest… smh…

    It was much better in the George Graham era, you would go to Highbury and have a nice time, real grown up debates with fellow fans.. Now it’s just ill mannered individuals thinking that to solve any clashing opinions is to abuse, insult or swear at the one another.. smh.

    Wenger, what have your done to these people? You turned them into spoilt brats who have a sense of entitlement. Think he is now the Victim of his own success, it’s his fault that he made us an attractive club which in turn attracted 90% of the current WOB… I am so frustrated with him as any other Arsenal fan but then I always look back and ask myself, where were these people that are calling him disrespectful names under the sun before he made Arsenal an attraction to him???

    I am not trying to patronize anyone but I think it’s getting over the top, grown ass men throwing abuse, swearing at other fans just because they have different opinions on certain matters. You don’t dare have your opinions that is different from them. Everyone has to accept agree with their take on things, but don’t dare have your own opinion..

    GROW UP. My goodness… We never had this kind of fans during George Graham and Bruce Rioch times. No manners at all just insulting whoever does not agree with them. Is this a dictatorship?

    Smh. So Sad…

    1. Welcome to the internet mate, you cant really compare the two periods…don’t worry these fans you speak of most likely wouldn’t have these types of conversations in real life.

      1. Put the Wenger [top four trophy] in danger and I bet you’ll see the tactical genius in Wenger, hell, even Mourinho will not beat Wenger to a top four finish lol. My question now is why then can’t he show the same fighting spirit when it comes to the title race? But then you realize what docile board we have, they don’t set enough fire up Wenger’s arse, I mean Abrahamovic sacked the ‘untouchable’ Mourinho for crying out loud and brought him back on his own terms, now even Mourinho knows he can’t rest on laurels. Motivation is terribly lacking from the top down.

    2. Most of the comments here are simply good banter, perhaps the language has evolved since your day to something you are uncomfortable with, doesn’t make it abusive.

      Arsenal fans don’t have a sense of entitlement as you put it, we see a manager who makes mistakes every transfer window and every game, we all know them, pointless to list them.

      We would have no problem holding our heads high if we went down fighting to a better team but we have a manager who can’t motivate players, a number of lazy players and some players not good enough to play for Arsenal.
      What loss or draw this season or last could we hold our heads high after a gladiatorial battle on the pitch? Not one.
      No sense of entitlement here, just the desire to see our highly paid team and manager play with the same intensity we support with and to get results!

  2. We’ll need to spend about £25m in January to get a holding midfielder and a backup centre back, we’d be looking at around £30-40m if we want another first choice centre back instead of a backup. I’m not really sure how big our budget is though..

  3. OT:when a builder has all the material he needs to build a house but you dont it moving up,you have to start asking questions,why doesnt he bring a helping hand?this is what happening to wenger

  4. Welbeck and Sanchez are really forming an amazing pairing. Welbeck might not even get 10 goals for us, but if he can be that hardworking striker, who creates opportunities for others, then I’m okay with that.

    The Ox is turning into a real gem. Someone commented that Sanchez is having a positive impact on the Ox and I think that’s true. Would like to Walcott and the Ox bombing on either side of the pitch. Have the two consistently played together before even?

    Wenger is on the verge of creating a title winning team. But he seems to be holding back for some reason ): I think we could have had a winning team if we had moved quickly for Schneiderlin and managed to sign a Nastasic. Heck, even Squillaci would have been useful to us at this moment (I’m quite serious). Wenger really needs to get his acts together because he doesn’t really have much time left. How would he feel after he retires, knowing if he had pushed a little bit harder he could have got Suarez, Higuain, Carvalho, Reus et al? Very bad I believe.

    1. Wenger already won 3 Premierships
      the desperation is no longer there.
      Now he is commander in chief
      overseeing the stadium build and
      building the sustainable top four franchise model.
      Arsene controls everything, the finances, transfers
      team training, match day, appoints all the staff
      and even appoints the peanut sellers.
      The club has become Arsene F.C.
      For Mr Arsene – All , being truely competitive requires too much
      expenditure with no guarantee of winning anything e.g.
      Chelsea Liverpool Spurs last season and Utd this season.
      As for defenders we might buy.
      Arsene often says ” we coud not find any one” !!!
      What he really means is “we could not find any one we liked
      at half price who is also willing to take a 50% salary cut”.
      Arsene would prefer to buy no one in January.
      I have to agree and would prefer to box on with the squad as is.
      In the summer add to the transfer kitty by selling Mertesacker Podolski
      Campbell Rosicky Diaby Ryo Coquelin Flamini.

      1. Seriously, who in their right mind would buy Mertesacker! Oh, sorry we bought him, didn’t we. Then I repeat, who in their……

  5. Whatever he goes for there’s options…the main issue is the budget allowed…I still want to see how this team is going to perform until december and the market opens but the injuries to Debuchy, Ozïl, Giroud is really hurting us right now couple that with the underperformance of some players and there you go….The meltdown towards the end of games needs to be fixed that is all and a system that exploits our strength to the fullest!! If the budget is good and the will to do it then no issues Carvalho/khedira (cheapest of the bunch)/Wanyama/Scheinderlin for DM and Nastasic/Hummels (if you listen to the rumours)/Schar(cheapest of the bunch)/Laporte for CB…options are there all that matters is the budget and the will to do it that is all. It’s just a matter of choosing who you want.

  6. The truth is arsene wenger can not be trusted with any sort of transfer window or policy. The players we sign are not the players we need. Every pundit or arsenal fan will tell you we lack leadership and winners in the team who will dig you out of a hole. We have not had that since the viera, petit and gilberto days. Why have chelsea been so succesful, big strong and would die for the cause. Arsene you have had enough time!!

  7. We need 2 signings to save our season: top quality CD and DM.
    We need a third signing to get back into title race: either a top striker like Cavani or top winger like Reus.

    Also need quick recovery of Koscielny, Giroud, Debuchy and Ozil

  8. Right now i am just waiting to see who we actually buy, the squad of players is and improvement on last year.
    and i say can do serious damage to any team, so lets see the defensive addition january because thats all i expect

  9. Transfers should have been made in the summer! Simple. How can you get to November with half your defence out injured then start talking about who we should be buying in January to save our fourth place trophy.

    In my eyes the January window is there to make the odd reinforcement or make a purchase to cover a player that may be out long term injured. On that basis we need a lot of players and then some.

    The summer window allows you to buy early, settle the new players in then push on in the league. Since David Dein went this club hasn’t had the ability to do transfer deals properly. I honestly think you could deliver a world class player to the Arsenal board with all the paperwork and agreements on the fee and salary etc in place and tell them all they need to do is sign the contract and they’d somehow cock it up. (Ok a bit extreme I know for those out there that will think i’m being literal) but we are a laughing stock.

    We were told that building The Emirates would allow us to compete with the biggest and best in Europe. But we are nowhere near. I don’t just blame Wenger. He is failing as a manager because he can’t or won’t change, i’m not sure which. But that greedy American and the rest of the board don’t seem to care about the fans and success of the club. We pay some of the highest ticket prices in the world let alone the league. We have negotiated some huge sponsorship deals and I firmly believe the funds are there for players. So why don’t they come? I think it’s partly Arsene’s/The boards reluctance to spend, and I also believe players look at the club currently and think there is no real drive to be more than a fourth place club.

    We need a board that says to the manager, look, our fans pay huge ticket prices so we need to get in big game (not necessarily big name) players than can perform. We need to give these fans the trophies they richly deserve to see this team win. We need to put players on that pitch that want to PLAY for this club and FIGHT for this club. We need to get rid of the dead wood that clog up the injury room taking big salaries (Abou Diaby).

    So I say to all you AKB’s. To all you Arsenal fans that say oh it could be worse and we should stop moaning. Are you happy? Do you happily hand over thousands of pounds a year just for tickets, then more for travel etc? Do you honestly look at the likes of Man City and Chelsea and think oh good for them, they can win the league but who cares we got fourth? Do you leave a match thinking oh well we threw a lead away again but never mind there is always next week? Because if you do then Stan, the rest of the board and Mr Wenger will keep delighting you with their lack of direction, inability to sign and manage quality players and lack of fight.

    We have a magnificent stadium and on the whole magnificent and dedicated fans. So is it so bad that a growing number of us want a board, a manager and a team that can return something to us?

  10. To say Monreal is PL material is an insult to every gooner out there. It is not however the lads fault that he is literally playing out of his league and this goes for quite a few players at AFC.
    Everyone can see that players are not utilised to their strengths, that the formation is one and the same regardless of opponent and that positions like CB and DM have not been solved for almost a decade. When i say everyone can see, i mean of course everyone except for Arsene Wenger.

  11. The issue is, no signings can take place at Arsenal until Jan. We all know this. But the headache now is, how can our title challenge be saved from falling apart. From all indications, Monreal is a wash out at CB and Chambers is not top at RB. With the first choice Debuchy and Koscielny sidelined with problems, then what are the options available on the table for the CB backup. Assuming the boss agreed to start the Gooners desired first choice back four of Bellerin..Chambers..Mertesacker..Gibbs. Pending when Debuchy and Koscielny will be back. The only CB backup options I am seeing available as of now are no other than Ajayi and Hayden. But Hayden is down at the moment. Since the problem is this shaky, why wouldn’t the boss start Bellerin..Chambers..Ajayi..Gibbs for the Man U game? Mertesacker needs time to recover his sharpness. Let the boss give him at least 2 weeks to be training and be starting from the bench. By the way, hasn’t Ajayi the required levels of physic, strength, needed-height, age-maturity, pace, hard-tackling ability, ball-winning, holding-the ball, good aeriel-power, dribbling-skills, stamina, tactical sense, accurate-passing of the ball (short and long) and high level of concentration. If he pocceess these attributes. Why hadn’t the boss been starting him since?

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