This is perfect winger for Arsenal to buy as backup to both Saka and Martinelli

Arsenal could definitely use some reinforcements in their attack to improve their chances of scoring goals. Reports suggest that Arsenal may consider signing a winger instead of a striker. This winger may need to have quite an impact on this team, as a striker swoop would have been overlooked.

That said, it would be fantastic if he (the winger) could play on both the right and left wings. Certainly, as far as Arteta’s project is concerned, they don’t really need a backup for Bukayo Saka. They just need a player who can come in and really push our star boy and Martinelli to new heights. He should be able to start a decent number of games and make a lasting impact on the team.

If we always seek alternatives to what we have as a team, we’ll never progress. We should focus on making some big signings in order to strengthen our team and increase our chances of success.

Right now, if I had to pick one player, it would be Nico Williams from Athletico Bilbao. He was named as Man of the Match as Spain beat Italy the other day.

The Spaniard is a speedy player who can perform on both the left and right sides. He’s definitely the solution to improving Arsenal next season. Williams for around £47 million (his release clause) could give Saka some well-deserved breaks on the right wing while also occasionally allowing Gabriel Martinelli to rest or occasionally feature in the No. 9 role, a role he is expected to grow into.

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  1. Williams is a rising young LW in Spain, so he’d most likely not want to play second fiddle to Saka or Martinelli

    His release clause fee might be affordable for a 21-year-old Spanish international, but he’d likely ask for a huge salary to guarantee a regular place in our starting line-up

    I don’t think Martinelli will be trained for the CF role, unless he’s improved his hold-up play. It would be better to sign a bigger CF instead of relying on our diminutive strikers

    1. He will be a starter in RW, Martineli can be moved central and Jesus or Trossard whoever gets a good offer can be sold on, improves the age of the squad and fixes left wing.
      Yes, he will ask for 250-300k, but we paid that for Havertz, thinking we got a midfielder.

      1. It’d be great if we sign Williams, but Martinelli could still improve his performance on the left wing and Jesus can play there too

  2. yes I like the player, has been excellent in the Euro’s

    walks in to left wing, much more of a weakness for us last season than striker

    and Onana was impressive too, the guy is a giant, defensive screen security, ball playing was fine too

    with the lack strikers that fit Arteta system might be tempted to go all in for Williams and Simons for a dynamic forward line and midfield, backed up by Onana brick wall in front of back four

    first I have heard of Martinelli being groomed to be striker – his finishing is way off and can’t ever remember him scoring a header

    if anything Saka is far more clinical, but already have Trossard for the small man option

  3. If William is not interested in playing for us, we should let him go where his heart is. Definitely we a good striker, we shouldn’t try to convert either Saka or Martinelli into striker. Also, I would like to see Onana in Arsenal colour soon

  4. Hi!! Arsenal making big mistake. They are planing to invest huge amount to buy some player. I would like to suggest arteta and edu to bring only 3 player to win English league, FA cup, and champions league. Those three players are Amadou Onana from Everton, Bruno Guimares from Newcastle, and Vitor Roque from Barcelona. These 3 player will be good for Arsenal to win this year English League, FA Cup and champions league. Arsenal shouldn’t waste big amount for striker position. Arsenal can take vitor roque from Barcelona for striker position. Amadou Onana will be good partner for Declan rice. Bruno Guimares is a good attacking midfield player and will be good partner for attacking midfield position. Arsenal can play 4-1-3-2 offensive format or 4-1-4-1 defensive format or 3-2-4-1 attacking format.

  5. Tbh, he’s ahead of Martinelli so I don’t think he would be a backup on the left wing
    If we wanna be champions we gotta be ruthless

    1. Personally, I don’t think (at his best) he is better than Martinelli. Plus his attitude and wage demands will be a problem. He wants a Barcelona move.

      1. Where have you heard he has an attitude problem ? Seems every African player has one yet there is nothing regarding it on google. Just him standing up against racism!!!!!

      2. Sorry, wrong player is regarded to attitude. I have him mixed with someone else, the rest is ok. He will have high wage demands.

        1. I like Martinelli, but imo he is a very one dimensional winger, opposite of Nico. Nico has a good left foot, from which he can cross very well, which Martinelli has not. Nico got more tricks, whereas Martinelli mostly uses a switch of pace. That’s why I think Nico is better at the moment than Martinelli

    2. The title, which, I am sure has nothing to do with the author, is nothing like what the author is saying. I thought the same but the article doesnt ever say that.

      1. Ive just read the article again and it says about 3 times he can play both wings and cover both Saka and Martinelli. How is that not clear in the title?

        1. The article doesnt once mention back up. In fact, it tries to say, we need quality players like Williams. I doubt also, if the writer is ambitious, he wouldn’t be asking us to sign “back ups”

  6. Nico if not on par or more than saka …so don’t use the word backup to saka and martinelli

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