This is the formation Arsenal need right now

Formation change for arsenal which will bring out the best by Waleed

I’m writing this post for one reason only and that’s cause of the love I have for Arsenal football club. I believe a formation change to 3-5-2 will bring out the best in our players and need somebody to get this message to Arsene Wenger as I love the philosophy he wants to play with. I quote “we are an attacking team” is what he said, and to play to the players strength is to play 3-5-2 . As I will lay it out now.

Bellerin Mustafi Monreal
Wilshere Ramsey
Nelson Ozil Miki
Auba Laca

We will have cover in each department with Kscielny, Kolasinac, Xhaka, Welbeck, of who will all make an impact with the 3-5-2 system. Ozil will get the free role with Wilshere and Ramsey close enough to him to play their ticki tacki game, and either of them to make those breaking runs. Nelson will be a handful on the right hand side and Laca and Auba in the team running off each other they will pull in defenders out of position to give our midfielders more chance to run in clear. Miki will do what I saw in the first game providing assists like he can’t stop. We will be the threat we were 15 years back and our defence will be made to watch the game even with teams that come out and park the bus we’ll find a way to unlock them time and time again. It will suit us much better then the 3-4-3 as our single striker is easily marked, but with two upfront we will be so much better.



  1. McLovin says:

    This is the formation we need:

    Any – Any – Any – Any

    As long as:
    Manager: Anyone else but Wenger

    1. Ray says:

      Just what I was thinking! Well said..

    2. Shortboygooner says:

      We know what we need. A agressive ball einner like kante matic or wanyama. And 2 new CBs. We can all see it clear as day.

      Working with what we have I say 4 2 3 1. We seem to destroy teams in that formation. At this stage I would seriously consider dropping kos to the bench and letring holding and chambers battle for a spot next to mustafi. Kos is old tbh and should be sold at the end of the season. Xaka also needs to be dropped as he is just poor. My starting like up would be.

      Ainsley holding mustafi kolas
      Ramsey/wilshire elneny
      Iwobi ozil HMK

      We do well in this formation and everyone is in correct positions. I think it only began to fail last season due to wenger. Against smaller teams we can attack with ramsey and against the bigger teams we hold a bit more with wilshire who can be a deep laying play maker. The prem is nearly lost so lets throw caution to the wind and practice for next season. Europa and cab cup are the only chances of silverware

    3. Skills1000 says:

      Well Said. Manager should be Luis Enrique

  2. Grandad says:

    With respect ,your selection has little hope of being successful for a number of reasons.Firstly, the back three lacks height and could not cope with set pieces.Neither Ramsay nor Wilshere are ball winners and without possession how can your 5 attack minded players function?On a more positive note I,m delighted to see Xhaka does not feature

    1. chris says:

      Xhaka will keep on being selected. If not, Wenger has to admit he has been wrong …. and he cannot do that. Has anyone got enough money to employ Wenger somewhere else. Tesco perhaps ??

    2. jhud says:

      You’ve hit one of the major problems on the head. Who are the ball winning players at Arsenal? We’re totally lacking and that’s one of our major problems. No disruptors in the team.

  3. Ray says:

    Just wondering which football management academy you graduated from Waleed?

    And, why you think Arsene Wenger will listen to you when he won’t listen to the tens of millions of people who seem to have better ideas and tactics than him?

  4. Kedar Damle says:

    Lol… Ramsey and Wilshere as Wing Back????
    That too inverted???
    What a joke..
    Mkhitaryan should play on right… He played on right against Everton and its not surprise he destroyed defense..
    Against Spurs he played on left and then he was destroyed by Trippier and Dembele..

    1. Winnie says:

      I did notice Mikhi on the left was a a bit lost .. I thought he did well on the right v Everton … would rather have Ramsey in the side .. he does force the issue a bit … xhaka doesn’t do it for me

  5. McLovin says:

    LOL, somebody said called our midfielder Elnobody, which he unfortunately is. He’s got no qualities to play for Arsenal, except for hunger. He’s another Arteta (sideways passer).

    1. Sony says:

      I can not agree with this. In his last year Arteta was terrible, but he had very good run for us. On Elneny however i agree completly.

  6. Break-on-through says:

    You don’t understand the basics. Three back with two attacking midfielders protecting them. That’s nonsense. The three CB formation has five defenders when defending, and one or two midfielders in front of them at the least. It’s not a thing to do so you can pick any forward you like, it’s not there to shoehorn people in for you. It’s a strategy.

  7. Shortboygooner says:

    @admin what is the latest with the thumbs up and thumbs down button ????????

  8. ThirdManJW says:

    Wenger tried a different formation, and after initial success, we were back to square one as the opposition realised that the tactics/system was still the same. It doesn’t matter what formation Wenger uses, or how much we spend on quality players, nothing will change until there is a new philosophy. To get a new philosophy, you need a new manager.

    I find it astonishing that fans still think along the lines of ‘we need a new defence’, or ‘lets change the formation’, or ‘new signings need time’. It’s like groundhog day EVERY SEASON! The problem IS WENGER!!!!!! Every single problem at this club comes from the same source, so any discussion on how to improve is, and has been proven to be fruitless, until that source is dealt with.

    1. Tatek Girma says:

      @ThirdManJW, You are right. The root cause of Arsenal’s problem is Arsene Wenger him self. He already lost his magic and he is no more a good manager but a good father.

  9. Beaveraldinho says:

    I think the formation is correct but the personal are way off. You need players with huge engines to play as the left and right midfielders. Maybe you could get away with just one of them against smaller teams. A back three with Bellerin and Kolasinac on the wings means you could play Wilshere and Ramsey together as the third defender eases their defensive burden. Ahead of them you could have any three of Ozil Mkhi Auba and Laca. As mentioned above, you could fit all four in against the smaller teams by playing Mkhi left or right.

  10. barryglik says:

    We need to mix things up
    Throw in a few surprises.
    What can go wrong?
    Kroenke Ben Stokes. Anthony Joshua. Wenger
    Nigel Farage. Piers Morgan. Rob Gronkowsk.
    Lewis Hamilton. Donald Trump. Prince Harry.

    1. H&S says:

      Right and left back look shite..

  11. khitb77 says:

    I’d opt for:

    Bellerin Mustafi Koscielny Monreal
    Ramsey Elneny Wilshere
    Ozil Mkhitaryan

    Our real problems come from our lack of defensive discipline. We regularly have a far superior group of players on the pitch to our opponents but a lack of discipline costs us every single game.

    I think Elneny can do the job of just shielding the back four, he doesn’t have ideas that he’s Messi and will just sit back and sacrifice himself in an offensive capacity.

    But we are weak from crosses, neither Koscielny or Mustafi are big imposing centre backs and are regularly beaten in the air. Until we can perform major surgery on our squad we are stuck with what we have.

    If we could actually get our centre backs to talk to one another and with Elneny sometimes acting as a third centre back (when our fullbacks push on) we could make sure we always have three players back, so one of our other weaknesses – conceding on the counter attack could be reduced substantially.

    Without the defensive duties holding them back Ramsey and Wilshere could form a good understanding. If in the summer we upgraded Elneny with a real, top quality defensive midfielder then great.

    One problem this formation has is lack of width, it does rely on fullbacks getting forward, but both Bellerin and Monreal can do that well.

    Ultimately, I think we need in this order – a new manager, a new board and owner, a new defensive midfielder, two new centre backs and a new goalkeeper. Time will tell how many of those (if any) we get in the summer.

  12. Yusuf says:

    no matter what formation or players we use, as long as AW is still the manager, we should not expect good result… the main problem is why will the opposing team want it more than us, hungry and show better commitment than us. nobody should be accountable for this other than the manager. he won’t see this and it won’t stop till he leaves

  13. Mobella says:

    Please Waleed, nobody need to read any tactics or formation suggestions from you or any other writer if it can not influence what happen on the match day. What we need first is change of coach. If you like suggest 10-0-0 or 5-0-5 arsenal will keep messing up under Wenger.

  14. Gooner Craig says:

    Bellerin Chambers/Holding Mustafi Kolasinac
    Wilshere/Ramsey Mhkitaryan
    Ozil Lacazette

    GK: let Ospina challenge for the gloves.
    CB: give Chambers and Holding a chance instead of throwing them in randomly. Also let’s Kos the Boss get some rest on that achilles.
    DM: help us Maitland-Niles, you’re our only hope lol young boy is quick, fresh and hungry. How much worse can he be than Elneny or Xhaka? ??
    CM: we all know Jack and Rambo won’t stay fit for a whole season, so let them rotate alongside Mhki, all creating havoc.
    AM: Ozil has more freedom and is closer to goal, with less defensive responsibility. Laca played the Alexis position a few times when he first came, shoehorn him into the team lol #COYG

  15. Ignasi says:

    This is a joke article right?

    Every single team in the PL will destroy us with that personnel and formation.

  16. Ignasi says:

    Essentially a tactically disciplined and natural organiser needs to be in CDM with either Ramsey or Wilshere. Preferably Wilshere. If we have Wilshere and Ramsey in the centre we will be butchered, especially by teams in the top 10.



    1. ALBERTOGUNNER says:

      Europa league

  18. Carmelo pace says:

    An 3 -5-2- formation have always been my favourite formation and i am goining to select my eleven for the rest of the season which am surew will surprise may of youin goal macey — holding –chambers–greek lad–the back 3–5 in the middle–maitland-niles–mikitarian–ozil–jack–nelson–front 2 aubamaing–lacasette,as you can see a very young side with a bright future

  19. Elliot says:

    1-9-1 might help us in defense

  20. Waleed adams says:

    Guys don’t hate please. We went on into the champions league finals with to midfelders In front of our defense which wasn’t ball winners in wishere and fabregas, but ball players and yes we didn’t win but gave barca a very tough game. If it wasn’t for fabregas getting suspended then n injured whilst even going into the return leg at camp nou we could’ve gone on to win. And both wilshere and ramsey do put in their fair amount of tackles. Yes we need a defensive brick but until we get 1 we can go with them. Wenger must go for Arturo Vidal and with the formation which will I say bring back our invincibles . And no this article was not a joke anything but n to single out 1 thing Ramsey n wilshere won’t be wingbacks but sweepers

  21. Chris says:

    One of the worst suggested formations I think I’ve ever seen. Let’s break it down:

    Mustafi as central CB in a back 3 means he is our main ball player from defence…he can’t play the ball. Mustafi over Kos anyway is pure madness.

    Bellerin as part of a back 3 – he isn’t and has never been a central player (which a back 3 requires) and is not as defensive as he would need to be to play this role. This would destroy the few positives about his game and you’d see him being drawn wide and leaving HUGE gaps for the opposition to exploit.

    Of our back 5 players there is only 1 who is aerially capable. This completely weakens us from set pieces and more importantly, from goal kicks. We’d literally have the issue any time the ball could be launched forward that we were likely to lose first and second ball. With a narrow defence as it is, that would leave gaps in from the flanks to exploit us time and again.

    A forward 5 is virtually unplayable. BUT this is only good if they can get and retain the ball. They wouldn’t. You’d see Mkhi and Nelson drawn back into wing back roles to support our flailing defence and then you’d be looking at getting the ball forward to only a forward 3. That would still be dangerous as all hell BUT for the fact that they’d be narrow and the opposition can afford to leave players deeper because we have such a weakened defensive unit and holes to exploit.

    In short – you have focused from the attack back. You HAVE to build from the back forwards. Look at Man City. Ederson was the key piece they were missing that took them from Top 4 to run away champions. The ball playing from the back and total possession football they can play in any area of the park is what lets them win. Your strategy forgoes defensive strength and ball playing channels in order to front load the top. It would, inevitably, topple over against strategically minded teams or those who get lucky with an early goal.

    Also – it doesn’t benefit us to have additional strikers if the opposition camp on their box. Laca and Auba function best with space to run into. A counterattack formation would be our most deadly bu,t as most teams seek draws against us, is virtually impossible to implement. Thus formations which allow us to draw players wide or out onto our defence are FAR more effectual for our current team.

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