This is the perfect Man City striker that Arsenal should buy this summer

In an earlier article today, Yash Bisht suggested a whole host of Premier League strikers that would improve Arsenal if they arrived in the summer.

But, in my opinion, he has left out one perfect option…

Arsenal Must Consider Gabriel Jesus by AI

It is clear that Arsenal need a new striker. Aubameyang is simply best playing on the left and Lacazette is washed up physically while also being an average finisher. The latter will be sold this summer window and Arsenal will be looking to get a new striker in.

Arteta’s system makes it quite clear what type of striker is needed. Good hold-up play, good physically, good at pressing, can come inside to link, play others in and stretch the opposition backline with well-timed runs in behind. Any CF that can do these to a high level. Gabriel Jesus is a perfect fit for the role, although there are more probabilities in Isak, Edouard, Watkins, Abraham, Calvert-Lewin etc. The only problem with Gabriel Jesus is the fact that he is not a very good finisher. He has reliably underperformed his xG in four consecutive seasons. He just doesn’t score as much as he should be.

However, Arsenal’s attack these days virtually employs two inside forwards with the caveat that one is usually holding width or coming deep at any time. Jesus’ poor nose for a finish is not going to be too much of an issue as the goal burden will not be on him only. Let’s not forget that he has hit 17 Premier League goals in one season at 22 years of age and 37 goal contributions overall. You can say that this is because he plays for Pep Guardiola but he still underperformed his xG that same season. This means that Jesus goalscoring potential is massive and can definitely get better. Given that he is just 23 years old and not yet in his prime, he is due to have an explosion in class and ability in the coming seasons. There is no better time to take advantage of City’s new forward pursuit than now. Whether it is Halaand or Messi, City will be making a significant investment this season and would like to balance the sheet.

Mikel Arteta will be familiar with Jesus’ game, ability and may be able to convince him to come take the starting spot at Arsenal. The rumours are that Man City would want 90 million euros for him but that’s just a rumour and a silly price tag. Negotiations will bring that down to affordable range after Lacazette’s sale. Also, Pep and the City committee might want to do Arteta a favour because of the relationship they have between themselves.

Only 23 and Premier League experienced, Jesus would be superior to almost any other option for Arsenal in terms of reliability, availability, ability and cost. He can be tempted by London life, a starting spot, as well as the other Brazilians in the squad. It makes too much sense for us not to have a go for him.

He is about to hit his prime, falling out of favour fast, versatile on the wings, professional with a good injury record, already complete in most facets of CF play and familiar with Arteta’s positional play. He gives everything on the pitch all of the time and is ready to do the dirty work to such an extent that he has been made an example to Aguero.

Gabriel also does not make much of a noise when he’s out of the squad and has a superb injury record. He is one of those rare Brazilians like our very own Martinelli. Professional, intense and hardworking. Speaking of which, if Arteta sees Martinelli as a CF then getting in Jesus will be even more appealing as he could learn faster and better with a fellow Brazilian in Jesus and later replace him longterm. Martinelli has the same potential to be complete and even be a better finisher.

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  1. Pat
    He not prolific enough for scoring
    Presses hard which I love and runs his socks off but pound for pound i will take Martinelli all day long
    He has the potential to be great for us
    whilst we all want to start now because he has given us a taster of what he is capable off I agree with MA handling of him
    Ease him back very slowly but next year when he is fully fit and ready to go
    We will unleash a world beater
    Desire, heart and ability

  2. Haaland is what we want but the chances of that happening are the same as Antony martial hitting the target next to none!

  3. Why not try Moller, Martinelli and Balogun first? If they fail at CF position like Nketiah, we could always look for a new one

    Besides, Jesus’ price tag will be too high for us, since his contract will only expire in 2023. I prefer we try a cheaper option like Isak or Edouard

      1. Mahrez is already 30 years old and his contract will only expire in 2023 as well. If we sell Pepe, maybe Omari Hutchinson could be Saka’s competitor


    Firstly, he would not want to. Secondly, he will not be for sale. Thirdly, we could never afford him.

    Frankly, it was a foolish suggestion with ZERO chance of ever happening and you ought to know that but clearly don’t. Sigh!

  5. Real quality players are never going to choose Arsenal and why would they join a club with no ambition to challenge for the prem league nowhere near qualifying for champions league and a very below average manager and don’t be surprised when the likes of Saka,Tierney, Martinelli, Smith Rowe, all move on to challenge for the big honours as staying at Arsenal they prob won’t even play in a champions league game let alone challenge for a tittle and i wouldn’t blame them 1 bit!!

    1. Yet we signed Partey last summer, and he was convinced to come by that very below average manager.

      We talk like shit sometimes

  6. Kind of off topic as not suggesting hes the solution but…..
    Has anyone seen the Mintpelier V Rennes game?
    Steph Mavididi scoring twice winning a penalty running the.opposition ragged all game, he looked a beast!
    Another we let get away? Gnabry esque?

  7. I have said this before, but let’s try again. Aguero is available on a FREE in the summer. He is 32. If we gave him a 2 year contract, with a club option for a third year, we might get him to join. He might just make the difference. He knows the system Arteta plays. Just a thought.

    1. I suggested this too. But he should be given 1+1 contract based on performance.

      Suarez is on a contract like that (every 10 goals 1 extra million), and so isI Mkhitaryan. Thats why they are playing so well at their age.

  8. I live the guy but an injury prone ar the end of his career Aguero?
    Sounds like another Willian deal. Large longish contract for his age and could spend most of it injured or wrapped up in.cotton.wool to avoid him breaking.

  9. Had to read the article twice to believe what had been written.
    Never read so much codswallop in my life! Totally disrespects our current players and recommends Gabriel who wouldn’t come to us, who we couldn’t afford, who isn’t for sale anyway, and “is not a very good finisher”. Sheesh, you couldn’t make this stuff up…….oh, but he did.

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